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Thomas Walter  Seeking the Adventure /Photographer/Filmmaker/Proudly Australian 🇦🇺 / Based in Perth - WA / Ywamer

Beach strolls and sunsets

I don't normally shoot canon, but people think you're more pro when you have a 5d in your hands. Also the only photo I could come up with from shooting during the middle of the day, terrible photo conditions.

I am so blessed how God continues to love and Grow me. 23 years on this planet with plenty of amazing times and hard ones as well, but he is so faithful. Looking forward to what's has in store.

Something different but possibly one of my favourite photos from my first trip to Nepal. We where having tea at our contacts house, and I just snapped this quickly on my phone. We where staying in a place called ilam which is in the Far East of Nepal. It is possibly the coldest place I have ever been, I remember waking up in the middle of the night not been able to feel my feet.

I have been trying to be more reflective these days, I find that actually taking to the time to stop and reflect has made me appreciate the moments so much more. It helps me to fully understand what happened and makes me become so much more grateful of the opportunity.

One million dollar views in Nepal, I used to be a carpenter before I picked up the camera, so when hiking through Nepal I always imagine building myself a house with one of the most amazing views.s

Coming to the end of my India trip we where staying in Sikkim and had the day off to explore. Me and a few mate found these epic cliffs with amazing views. While we where there we meet some local kids and a young man who told us his dream of joining the military. What a privilege to live here.

One of the amazing thing of traveling is seeing all of the different types of amazing buildings. Took this while hiking through a place called Sikkim in India.

Another shot while filming in lesmurdie The other day. I need to shoot more as the sun is coming up. You can't beat that soft light.

The call of the ocean. I have spent the majority of my life on Te coast, nothing like spending all day on a boat.
This photo was taken while I was going out to film the arrival of a Ywam ship coming into Mazatlan. It had been sailing down the west coast from the USA and was been used as a mercy ship for Ywam Mazatlan.

Another photo of an hour I will never forget. Flying over the Himalayas and seeing Mount Everest will stay with me forever, thank you @taylorbrant for thinking of this amazing trip.

Hiking is something I hold very close to my heart, it's an escape from the pressures of the "real world" and connects us back to the natural ways of life. There is nothing like having nothing but what you carry on your back and sleeping wherever you stop.
Hiking through Nepal and India stands out as a highlight for me. For 3 months we hiked and met the most amazing, kindest and loving people. They let us sleep on there floors and fed us.
I took this photo as we where hiking through some tea fields in Nepal. I can't remember the exact story of this photo, but I know I was having the time of my life.

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