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Ok. Let’s do this! Off for a midday shoot :)

Definitely only went into the store to get a new sharpener and more makeup wipes. Accidentally also got the new @morphebrushes #3502palette I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this one!

Just did some glasswalking for Dave K’s book reading. Finished by somehow convincing @dlbolk’s mom to staple a $20 to me. #sideshow #glasswalking

Got inspired to toss up a #tbt photo today. This is from 10 (ish?) years ago, back when I used to work the door at Ascension at Club Orpheus, wore see thru clothes, and still had the energy to go out to the club like three times a week 😂 I’m also really blessed to have been friends with @mournahandful for this long 💖 #gothchick #lipservice #pvc #corsets (Also, I still totally wear see thru clothes, just a little less often)

The best walls in Hampden. #lacemeup #corset #pinup #subversive

It’s finally here! @katvondbeauty #KatVonDxDIVINE palette. Background image by @ismonkah #baltimore

Yesterday’s record shopping haul. Scored a sweet smoke gray and red #coloredvinyl 2xLP of @nickcaveofficial #murderballads and some good old local #dchardcore Beefeater House Burning Down. #vinylcollection

Thank you @d_note_ for making these amazing #garbagewitch shirts. I want to live in this thing forever.

Happy V-Day to me. From me. Love... me! I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for the @katvondbeauty #KATVONDXDIVINE collection to be released today. Buying it was the first thing I did when I woke up. Can’t wait to get my #filthy hands on it. #baltimorebabe

Starting with a classic #sazerac while I nosh on my pizza. I might try one of the variations later once my friend gets here. I know I’ll need support to willingly drink anything with Malort in it...

I don’t need flowers or chocolates. All I ever need is my annual wacky/cute #valentine from @leopardprintcoat

So glad I decided to take a walk after lunch. I ended up finding this wonderful little cast iron #devil match holder at @bazaarbaltimore and he’s just perfect for catching the stray bobby pins on my vanity!

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