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robbee barbadas  50% r.r. barbadas w/ @ronabarbadas ▫ ▫ "Crushing w/ r.r. barbadas" on 2-4pm (PST) every 4th Thursday▫

Dublab 2day 2-4PM R.R.BARBADAS 'bout to go spelunk some deep & dark jams & maybe face Puffy Thee Majick 🐉

let me introduce u to my roll model for when I grow up

🔈⬆️.. Ok, 1 last Kauai post.. Major Shoutout to @doomdeath for all the hike advice! Also posting cuz I feel this rooster would make a way better vocalist than that poser parrot from Hatebeak.. CC @ronabarbadas


🎚🔈🗯gotta new r.r. barbadas ep up on SoundCloud & Bandcamp, BOOYAH! Link in bio!

Scooter's Ledge outtake... and yes, I still hate hiking boots #footfetishee

Heading back, I kinda can see why people squat here

At The Gate 🤘(finally) w/ my favorite Mud-Buddy @ronabarbadas, after it being closed for two days due to the Wednesday storm! 1st two miles are crowded, but once ur past the permit checkpoint, I think we saw 6 people at the most the rest of the day. #banhelicoptors

Velociraptor sighting's no Runyon Canyon but it'll do in a jam.

Don't get me wrong, TLC was rad, but they often gave crappy lyrical advice... particularly in regards to hiking @ronabarbadas

Serenity/Apocalypse NOW @ronabarbadas

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