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  I don't belong to the left or the right, I am mine. Question everything - I invite you to open your eyes, ears, and minds.

The US would have done the same to a Chinese spy plane flying near our coast as well. With Syria on the back burner, we are looking for new targets to use our military on. #china#syria#northkorea

So last week we found out #KenHam had sold the land that his attraction was on to a non-profit that he owned to avoid paying #taxes . Well now this is happening. When he sold it to his own non-profit the Ark Encounter lost the tax incentives it had received as a for-profit which is estimated to be about $18 million over 10 years. From the article:

#Williamstown Kentucky officials decided to charge the Ark Encounter a $0.50 “safety fee” for each ticket sold, amounting to $700,000 that the Ark Encounter would owe the city each year. But according to Ham and his organization, they should be exempt from the tax since they are a non-profit ministry.

But as Mehta points out, the Ark Encounter “has legally been a for-profit business in order to receive a number of tax incentives from the city and state. … It’s not a church; it’s a money-making tourist attraction.” Nevertheless, Ham and his cohorts came up with an interesting scheme to avoid the tax (which is to sell it to his own non-profit). But the plan didn’t have its intended effect. On July 18, the #Kentucky Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet sent a letter to the Ark Encounter’s lawyers, informing them that as of July 10, they were “in breach of its Tourism Development Agreement… with the Commonwealth. On July 10, 2017, the Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet… became aware of a quit claim deed transferring the Ark Project land, with all the privileges and appurtenances to the same, from Ark Encounter, LLC, a for profit company, to #CrosswaterCanyon, Inc. a non-profit company,” the letter read. “We believe that your client is aware that they may not be eligible for state tax incentives if the Ark Project is owned by a non-profit legal entity,” the letter continued.

The letter then quoted from the Ark Encounter’s own website where it states the “for-profit LLC structure also allows the Ark Encounter to be eligible for various economic development incentives that would not have been available with a non-profit structure.” The Creationists running #ArkEncounter just screwed themselves out of $18 million over the next decade because they didn’t want to pay a local safety fee worth about 700,000 regran@classyatheist

@Regrann from @berning_media_network - "Strongly insinuating that the GOP nominee, Donald Trump, has nefarious, possibly treasonous allegiances to Moscow has migrated from Clinton-loyal pundits into the principal theme of the Clinton campaign itself. “The depth of Trump’s relationship with the Kremlin is revealing itself by the day,” her website announced yesterday, and vital “questions” must be answered “about Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia.” The Clinton campaign this weekend released a 1-minute video that, over and over, insinuates Trump’s disloyalty in the form of “questions” – complete with menacing pictures of Red Square. Democrats cheered wildly, and really have not stopped cheering, ever since the ex-Acting CIA Director (who, undisclosed by the NYT, now works for a Clinton operative) went to The New York Times to claim “that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”
But this smear tactic extends far beyond Trump. It is now used to vilify anyone perceived to be an impediment to Clinton’s victory. When WikiLeaks published thousands of DNC emails shortly before the Democratic Convention, which ultimately forced the resignation of four top officials, it was instantly asserted that it was The Russians who gave them those emails (even though The Washington Post cited an intelligence official as saying that “the intelligence community . . . has not reached a conclusion about who passed the emails to WikiLeaks” and “We have not drawn any evidentiary connection to any Russian intelligence service and WikiLeaks — none”). Democrats not only treated this evidence-free conspiracy theory as Truth, but – following the Clinton campaign – proceeded to smear WikiLeaks as a Kremlin operation."
#democrats #politics#russia #putin#hillaryclinton#redscare#trump#kremlin#wikileaks#cia

♦️We need to stop meddling in Russia and Syria's battle with ISIS♦️#syria#russia#isis#usafundsterrorists#syrianrebels #mercenaries #stopfundingterrorism#stoparmingterrorists #usa

Translation: We got caught in Syria with our pants down and Russia will spank us if we continue funding "Syrian Rebels". Don't think for a second though that the U.S. has forgotten about Syria... they will likely circle back later and stage more terrorism to blame on Assad. For now, there's more "freedom" and "democracy" to spread elsewhere. #syria#russia#donaldtrump rump#warmachine#assad#stopfundingterrorists#whitehelmets#iran#china#northkorea

♦️ Yup, I stand confident that it's for the better that this terrorist supporting war monger is incapacitated. (And no, this post does not make this a "Pro-Trump" acct.🙄). ♦️#syrianrebelsareterrorists #greatergood#godworksinmysteriousways ? #johnmccain#syria#stoparmingterrorists #whitehelmets#donaldtrump#libya#iran#afghanistan

♦️This. ♦️@Regrann from @suseyblue - Twat's that, you want cannabis, John McCain?
I cant hear you over the sound of living like a fugitive over my meds.
#kindlyfuckoffanddiealready #steppingrazor #bloodclot #totalrepeal #prohibition #cancersucks my #bff died in agony from #leukemia begging for a #joint #sipstea #didyoucare #abolishthedea #dgaf #mccain #donttreadonme #scorpio #steponme #istingback #mmjpatient #cannabiscommunity #refugee only #savage if you try to #kidnap and #enslave me - #regrann

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