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Statement shot...

Well, I never thought I'd say it and actually have a reason besides just being down on myself about it, but I'm quitting YouTube for good. Last year(2016) I remember telling myself if I didn't make it anywhere in 2017 I was going to give up and move on to something else. I never thought the platform I used to share my video would be the reason behind me quitting but it is. For a long time I've wanted to set up an AdSense account which pays you to make YouTube videos with ads coming before the video. Turns out you have to be 18 years old and your YouTube channel has to have atleast 10,000 channel views. Well knowing my luck... I'm 17 years old with only 4,000 channel views. You're probably thinking, "cutler just get the 6,000 views and you're good". Yes I know, if that was the case I'd keep making videos but I'm keeping to my word and if YouTube didn't workout by 12/31/17 I was done and I don't turn 18 for another 11 months. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has watched, shared, likes, laughed, and supported my dream these past 4 years, it means the world to me and I hate to see everything I've done get thrown out the window the way all my dreams did today. I love each and every one of y'all, thank you for everything...

First vlog of summer went up today. Click the link in my bio! #Took9HoursToEdit

TAG GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS! I BROKE MY OWN RECORD!! 115 ft basketball shot, I beat my old record by 3 feet and beat the world record by 5 ft
Make sure you leave some love in the comments! #NoHatersHere. #WorldRecord #DudePerfect @jugglinjosh @dudeperfect @howridiculous @harlemglobetrotters @legendaryshots @brodiesmith21 @nwtrickshots @espn @sportscenter @guinnessworldrecords @nba @stephencurry30 @kingjames @jakepaul @loganpaul @tannerbraungardt @tannerfox @lance210 @romanatwood

Let's make this summer special. No more arguments, no more bringing each other down. We have to come together as a community and rise up as one. Let's go places this summer! #Warriors

Really need this rn....

Working on making merchandise soon. DM me which shirt you'd like and what size for I can get an idea to get everything started. Please leave feedback! Thank you


I can do it too...

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