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The trials of Kenobi

Chapter 1

Grand master Yoda, leader of the Jedi watched over the last of the potential Padawans. Master Qui-gon Jinn stood watching the Padawans, scanning over them. He came to a decision. “Obi-wan Kenobi” ‘Yes! This is my chance!’ Thought Obi-wan as he stared shocked at his best friend Bant, a female Mon Cala. Next to her was Reeft, another human. Garen Muln, who stood to Obi-wan’s left gave a terrified squeak. He slowly made his way through the Padawans with faces filled with awe. As he walked past a certain human, Bruck Chun, he gave a taunting smile. He hated him from the moment he had laid eyes on him. But as hate led to the Dark side, the feeling was only personal. He looked to the front where Yoda stood. Yoda’s words from the choosing ceremony flew around his head. “Believe me when say do I that not for the weak are the trials. Only for the worthy, is this tournament. The force will decide, and final that is"

The Blue shadows 5

An hour later, the group was in the safety of the Naboo army, after Lox tracked down the lab. Nuvo Vindi was sentenced an execution, and the Virus in a bottle decontaminated. The group were in a flash speeder, being escorted to the capital for a reward ceremony. Lox had fallen asleep in Akiosh's arms, and Sanskyl was having a 'victory drink'
As they arrived in the city square, they noticed the cheers. The driver spoke to the three, Lox waking from the noise. They exited the speeder and marveled at the celebrations. Everyone was there, even the disgraced clown Jar Jar. Queen Sosha Soruna came over to the trio, flanked on either side by dignitaries. "You three are the saviors of Naboo, I presume? " she asked
"Well, we're not really saviors but we'll take it!" Sanskyl grinned as he pointed finger guns and winked. "You shall be greatly rewarded, and be immortalized as heroes. Now, you there, the Kel Dor, " she paused as her bodyguard whispered the group's names to her. "Akiosh! What do you desire? "
Akiosh thought for a moment, the replied "I'd like my very own private luxury shuttle, thank you very much seeing as though our previous one crashed "
The Queen turned to Lox and asked him. "Ooh, how about a private laboratory with droid assistants please, your majesty"
And finally, Sans requested "A planet! As big as you want, yer Highnessness", obviously drunk.
“As you wish, young heroes” announced the Queen.
And as they returned home, their wishes were fulfilled. Lox and Akiosh raised children on Sanskyl's personal planet. And they were forevermore immortalized in Naboo's history , as the three unlikely heroes.

The blue shadows 4 “Which means that’s probably a bomb of Blue Shadow!” shouted Sanskyl. “Get it away NOW!” yelled Akiosh through her face mask. Lox grabbed the droid by the neck, and swung it like a Dowutin hammer thrower. He let go, and the droid flew back towards the trees. But the droid was fast, too. It threw the detonator at Akiosh's feet. She looked down, then cursed "Kriff ". The capsule opened its main hatch, and Blue Shadow virus gas spilled out. Akiosh threw her mask away from her face, being able to breathe. "Quick, Lox! Put the mask on! I need you to take some oxygen and transfer it to Sans! " Sanskyl was already on his knees, gasping and shuddering. Lox caught the mask and placed it over his mouth. He inhaled, then grabbed Sanskyl by the shoulders. Their mouths clasped together, Lox passing on the oxygen. Sans' eyes went wide, his body savoring the air. The Virus was still airborne, threatening the oxygen breathers. Suddenly, Lox called out to Akiosh and Sanskyl. "Does anyone have an aerosol can? " Akiosh pulled out a can of spray flower scent. Lox grabbed the flower scent can and unscrewed the spray top. Using a handheld device he reversed the flow of the spray can. Lifting it up, he put the lid back on and pressed down.
The can hissed as it inhaled the virus. Very soon, the virus was gone.

The blue shadows 2

Lox was confused by the fact that only they jumped off the shuttle. “No one else jumped.” “Lox, we had one chance to jump and we were the only people in our carriage, and if anyone else was on the shuttle, they didn’t jump, and that’s their fault.” “But Akiosh I didn’t have time to get my droid.” “Lox, look on the bright side, we are in the middle of Naboo and we are sill alive.” “You are right. We could be trapped in the middle of Dathomir.” Sanskyl shuddered upon hearing this. “Lox, we agreed to stay silent about Dathomir.” “Guys, it will be alright. I can wire up a transmitter, because we might be here for a while before someone finds us.” “Sans, will you come with me to make a fire?” “Akiosh, I know I should be helping, but I don’t have it in me.” Akiosh asked “Sanskyl, how can you worry about so-called beauty sleep at a time like this?” “Akiosh, I just spent 6 hours enjoying a cruise I am not going to let that take away my rest. Or my booze, but that’s gone.” Akiosh turned.“Lox, will you help me?” “Sure.” {cont'd below }

The blue shadows ‘Ladies, gentlemen, and all in between. Shortly the cruise will be coming to an end. Please get ready to depart.’
Aboard the Highliner, Naboo’s finest luxury shuttle, sat two aliens and a human. The male Nautolan identified as Lox. His blue skin was beaded with perspiration as he devoured a MSE droid with a hydrospanner. His Kel Dor significant other Akiosh sat across from him, trying to rest. “Lox, just put that thing down, just enjoy our cruise!” she spread her arms and faked a yawn. “C’mon, Lox I need my beauty sleep!” This statement came from his best friend Sanskyl, a male scruffy-looking human dwelling at the minibar. “If not, at least come have a drink.” He twirled a shot-sized novelty bottle and beckoned Lox. The Nautolan sighed, dropped his tool and joined Sanskyl with Akiosh at the drinks table. He held up a crystal glass of Corellian wine and- “Lox sweetie, why are the doors opening whilst we are moving?” asked Akiosh. The intercom blared “EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EMERGENCY. Ladies and gentleman the shuttle is crashing, please depart from the left side doors.” Sanskyl panicked . “Quick we need to get out now.” “Wait, my droid...” Lox’s voice trailed off as Akiosh yelled “JUMP”!!!!

Meanwhile, Myle was barely holding onto life. The thick rope around his thick Dowutin neck hadn’t choked him yet, but his weight was pulling him downwards. The other victim Jarrick, had died within mere minutes. But Myle had no time to grieve. He needed to cut that rope. Very quickly, as to not let his body pull him down, he dropped his beloved rocket launcher to lose some weight and grabbed a vibro blade from a satchel. He winced, closed his eyes and cut the noose away from his thick neck. He dropped onto the hard ground right next to his launcher. Myle grabbed the gun, stood up walked back to camp, rubbing his sore neck. But unbeknownst to him, Xuxuxe was waiting. And he wasn't happy.
Myle strode into camp, rocket launcher over his shoulder. He stepped into the clearing, in time to see the Zabrak devil swing his blade through the uplink, slicing it in half. “Hey! “ called Myle. The Zabrak looked up, yellow eyes illuminated by the fire. He snarled, then taunted Myle. “How's the neck, Dowutin? “
Myle growled, then lifted his rocket launcher and fired. The missile soared through the air, straight towards Xuxuxe. He lifted his red-bladed lightsaber, but was too slow. The missile landed a direct hit on his head, and the Zabrak became stardust. Myle sprinted off, to the other side of the clearing. He jumped into the bush, and ran, not looking back at his dead friends. The drop ship was still at the rendezvous, as established back on D’qar. Myle literally dove onto the landing pad, out of breath. He was about to climb in the ship and escape Endor, when Pascis' voice commanded him to “WAIT! “
He stopped, and saw Pascis come out of the bush behind him. “Holy suns of Tattooine, you're alive! “ She called.
Myle grumbled. “The same can't be said for the rest of Ice horn squad. Rest in peace, brothers”
Pascis’ face showed sadness for a few seconds, a silent tribute for the fallen. Then, the Ratataki and the Dowutin climbed into the Resistance drop ship, and left Endor, and the first order behind.
(End of story) Now guys, I have heaps more pre written stories planned so I feel like doing a poll. Please vote on my story. Thanks, Eris out

Limping back to the camp, Carrchan, Callistass and Pascis were unpleasantly surprised to find the lightsaber-wielding Zabrak had beat them back. “Ah, the Resistance. I thought I’d just drop in and kill the rest of your friends. And how is your toe, must hurt.” he asked with mock sympathy.
A few minutes later, Samidan’s voice came from the trees. “Just in time, Xuxuxe.” She saw the dark figure holding Carrchan, Pascis and Callistass to their knees. “I could say the same about you.” The Zabrak growled pointing his lightsaber towards Callistass. “This looks fun Xuxuxe,” Samidan said “you should kill the leader first” “Let’s get on with this killing party” Xuxuxe countered. “I wont let you!” Carrchan screamed picking up a rather large minigun. He charged towards him minigun in hand, only to drop it mid run. Xuxuxe proclaimed “I guess not” And so ended the life of Carrchan Tarvod of Ice Horn squad. “No!” shrieked Pascis, lunging away from Xuxuxe, combat-rolling away and striking Samidan in the knees. Samidan fell with a grunt, trying to unholster her blaster. Pascis was too fast for her, and with one swift punch, Samidan was ‘asleep’. “Callistass, quick!” called Pascis. Callistass tried to jump up and run away with Pascis, but fell on his face. The Chiss looked up at Pascis, dirt on his blue face and whispered “Run” before Xuxuxe drove his saber through the man’s spine. Pascis gasped, and before you could say ‘Ewok’ was in the forest.

“Get in position, squad” Carrchan said slowly backing away. And then with a small cry he ran. They weaved and dodged through the trees narrowly avoiding roots and branches. They were gaining distance away from the crazy man until he saw something horrifying. Hanging in the trees, were his two friends, dead. Jarrick and Myle hung by the neck lifeless, Myle hugging his rocket launcher. This little distraction made Carrchan fall over another root. “Kriff, I think I broke a toe!” “The pain, it must be driving you insane” the Zabrak chuckled to a very confused looking Carrchan. “Get back chief!” Yelled Laylkie to Carrchan. She pierced the Zabrak in the back with a sniper rifle, letting everyone else run back to the camp. The Zabrak turned growling, slashing at Laylkie. The Zabrak leapt into the trees, disappearing into the foliage.  Carrchan couldn’t believe he just saw his two best friends and now Laylkie dead, but wondered ‘Where was Samidan?’ He hadn’t seen her since.

“Guys three of our squad have been missing for almost an hour now, we need to send someone to go find them!” Carrchan exclaimed, breaking the silence. “Well if you want find them so much I suggest we all go” Laylkie claims. “Yeah I agree” Callistass responds. “All in favour of going with Carrchan?” Callistass says raising his hand. Laylkie’s and Pascis’ hands shoot up. “Alright. But if I die I need you to locate Myle and Samidan on your own!” Carrchan commanded with determination set in his face, leading the others into the forest. He was quite confident, his Resistance squad leader training had prepared for this. But for all he knew there could be a Sith lord or something- “Ahhh” Callistass screamed as he tripped over a root. “What the hell is wrong with you?” He cursed at the root, dusting off his camo. Carrchan turned and helped Callistass up. “Rebel scum, get out of my forest.” Carrchan slowly turned around, and looked up to where a large, Zabrak man stood swinging a deadly looking lightsaber in his hands.

The dangers of Endor part 1 “C’mon guys, it’s all clear.” Carrchan Tarvod, the bearded Resistance squad leader peered around a tree. “Roger that, Carrchan” Samidan the blonde-haired spy replied. “Well, this looks pleasant” Callistass murmured, brushing a curly strand out of his blue Chiss face. They all walked into a large clearing of the dense Endor forest, in the middle of the cold night. “C’mon let’s just set up our camp now” Myle the hulking Dowutin weapons expert asserted. “You know we’re not actually camping, we’re staking out the area for Imperials” Jarrick explained slowly, as if he were talking to a Bantha. “Yeah, yeah, let’s just set up the camp now” Myle replied, and Pascis, a female Rattataki chuckled. ~~==~~ An hour later, The Ice Horn squad stood around a fire setting up a mobile uplink. The cool night air washed over them, the fire not helping with Endor’s freezing night climate. “Wait guys, where’s Myle?” Callistass quietly asked looking around. “He’s just over there cleaning his rocket launcher, as usual” Laylkie the female Mirilan replied gesturing where she last saw Myle, near the dark looming forest. “He’s not there”. “Well where’d he go?” Jarrick questioned worriedly. “Nevermind, I’ll go find him” he stated confidently walking over to the eerily quiet forest. The remaining Resistance of Ice Horn squad sat in silence waiting for Jarrick to re-appear. “I’ll go see where they are” Samidan muttered. She knew this was the perfect time to “disappear” and alert the First Order of the Rebel’s presence. “Karabast!” she screamed embarrassedly as she tripped over a root. And so as she walked into the forest there were only four Resistance troops left.

OK I'm back. And I'm scared. The rebellion are trying to blow this thing up! Not rescue me, it's like they don't care! I need to get out of here.  I'm in the hangar Bay, and there’s a large amount of TIE fighters here. Earlier, an officer came to check on us and let's just say, he had a little accident. I didn’t know how uncomfortable the Imperial outfits were, I’m as stiff as a damn board!  I need to find a ship and get out. I just need to get on one and-kriff! The rebels are firing into the reactor!  I need to go go go. Luckily they missed, or I would be killed by own comrades. How ironic would that be? But it's not personal. They just don't care. Uh oh, I've been spotted. An even stiffer-looking Imperial captain is coming for me. “Get away from that fighter!” “How about no, I need to evacuate now! “ “Grand Moff Tarkin says we stay! “ “Screw Tarkin! Victory to the rebellion! “

Ughhh my head. That idiotic commander can't be serious. I need to get- No!  The rebellion just scored a hit on the reactor!  If I can just…
Tie fighter…
Come… Back…

No, don't go home yet… rebels… ‘commence firing in 5… 4… 3… 2…’ Victory to the rebellion… ---
-(End of story, thanks r4)-

~~~Day LXXVIII~~~
Update: Secret log of Green Leader Echo Sullivan.
They’re coming back. I knew it. The death star’s scanners found the Rebel Base, but the Rebels are fighting back. They are sending a squadron of x and y-wings, according to my fellow inmates. Apparently he can feel the force, but I think it’s slightly bantha dung. Just a hunch.I haven’t seen any rebels so far, but I’m still holding onto hope of a rescue mission. ~An hour later~
What’s going on…? The death star’s systems have hacked their comms, so they can hear the Rebel’s transmissions. The good thing is, it goes two ways so the Rebels can hear the Death star as well. The standard callsign routine happens. Then Red leader orders to “Lock s-foils in attack position.” as the Rebel Squadron does so, the Death star releases their TIE fighters.The Rebellion are closing in on the station when- Gotta go! The prison officer’s here being all paranoid, be back soon.

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