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Not a story post unfortunately but something better!
It's been ONE YEAR since i started this account, and since then I've posted many stories you guys have loved. Thanks everyone for getting me here especially @the_jedi_holobooks who accepted my 'application'
Thanks again everyone

MEANWHILE "Have you never heard of an ejector seat? " asked the first Jedi, as he stepped out of the shadows. The Jedi's anti oxygen mask was barely holding together. The Kel Dor spoke again, but to the Jedi beside him. "Can you believe that? This guy doesn't know what an ejector seat is." He chuckled raspily, mocking Embo's apparent lack of knowledge. Jas Emari stared in disbelief. She turned to Embo, who was as amazed as her. "Holy Kriff, Embo! Don't you know who that is? That's Plo Koon! "
The Jedi that allegedly died fifty years ago in Order 66? Then who are the other guys? " Embo replied in Kyuzo.
The two remaining Jedi, faces lit by the glow of their lightsabers, stepped forward. The Green skinned Nautolan, known as Kit Fisto, wore a large metal apparatus around his midsection, holding his stomach closed. He spoke in a tight, quiet voice. "Leave now, and you live."
The last Jedi, Mace Windu, pointed the tip of his lightsaber at Embo's face. "The last fifty or so years we've been here, we haven't had any visitors, and we don't plan on having any more. Listen to the Nautolan and get out before I cut that stupid hat in half. "
A voice came from behind the Jedi. "Well that's a real damn shame"
Mace felt an arm wrap around his neck and a blaster pointed at his head.
A mandalorian-accented voice spoke again "You killed my father, you son of a-"
He stopped mid-sentence, as a distant rumble of an explosion was heard. Everyone in the cave heard it at the same time, and all looked around, puzzled.
Another rumble was heard, this time much closer.
Boba released the old man, and ran out the room. The Nautolan looked at Mace, puzzled. "You know him? " he asked.
Mace replied, "many decades ago, in the arena on Geonosis. His father was a bounty Hunter, the template for the clone troopers. Unfortunately, I had to decapitate him in self defense. He obviously still remembers me."
Jas cut into the conversation, asking “If he holds such a grudge against you, then why did he literally just leave you here? He could have killed you, but he heard an explosion and scarpered.” (continued below)

Part 4

Cad Bane gripped onto the rock face as a violent wave crashed into the cliff. He gritted his teeth and continued climbing. He was almost there, he was certain. Cad hoped he would arrive before his competitors, therefore securing his prize and an instant victory. As he ascended, the cliff became smoother, and more treacherous. That was a sign, the Jedi would make sure his hideout was difficult to access. Cad remembered back to when the mysterious cloaked figure had explained to him and all the other bounty hunters that they needed to kill the lone Jedi. He was prepared to take out the Jedi, cad was far more trained and in his prime. As a foamy white wave smashed into the cliff below him, he looked up and saw an extremely narrow ledge, barely enough for him to stand on with two feet. His instincts and experience told him that it was surely an entry point. Quickly, he closed the distance and grabbed a thermal charge from his belt. He stood on the ledge, placed the charge on the supposed door, and as he set the charge to 2 seconds. As the charge dinged to signify detonation, he leaped off the ledge and activated his rocket boots. The charge exploded, sending rock shrapnel flying out. He hovered about twenty feet away from the gaping, smouldering hole in the cliff, waiting for it to clear. As he awaited, he grabbed his pistol in one hand, and the stolen lightsaber in the other. (continued below)

The great Bounty race part 3

Jas Emari could hear her own heart beat as she explored the dark, ancient cave. She had made it there before anyone else in the competition, or so she thought. She was relying on natural light to show her their way, as not to draw attention to herself. But attention had come, as she could suddenly hear another, more steady heartbeat. But Jas could hear something else, a faint whistling noise. She turned and faced the mouth of the cave, from which a metallic, disc-like object spun towards her head! She jumped out of the way, rolled across the hard ground and picked up the object to shield herself from her attacker, now shooting at her. The attacker then advanced, using his species' natural ability to jump onto the wall and run along it, until he was close enough to jump at Jas. Startled, Jas tried to use the object to block the assailant, but he grabbed the shield and landed next to Jas. He placed it on his head, and Jas suddenly recognized the silhouette. She gasped in disbelief, "Oh my gods, Auntie Sugi told me so much about you!"
The man spoke in Kyuzo. "You knew Sugi? Well, it would be a shame to kill her relatives"
Jas sighed with relief. She stood up and stared her Aunt Sugi's partner Embo in his golden eyes. "What say we go kill this Jedi? " she asked. Embo held up a small device, that faintly but rhythmically beeped. The screen of the device displayed 90. (Continued below)


Dengar's crudely bandaged hand hovered near his hip. The wind whistled around him as he stood on a cliff at the First Jedi Temple. His task was to hunt down and kill a legendary exiled Jedi master. But the problem was, that was everyone else's task as well. And that lead to arguments; and an inevitable standoff. See, the “legendary” Guavian death gang had arrived there before Dengar; so that threw a large spanner in the works. Especially when Bala-Tik, the gang's leader, decided to fight back. They both stood there on the cliff, staring intensely at each other, whilst a random gang member counted down from twenty. "Yer goin doen today, Dengar." drawled Bala-Tik in his heavy accent, ready to draw his blaster. Dengar growled back, "I don't think so" and called out "Do it now!". On cue, a particular Trandoshan bounty Hunter known as Bossk leaped out from behind a crumbling wall. He flew through the air towards Bala-Tik, hissing a native battle cry.
As Bossk made contact with Bala-Tik, Dengar performed a combat roll and shot a Guavian in the head. He then proceeded to mow down the rest of the gang, as a lucky few ducked behind cover. Dengar looked over at Bossk, whilst he hid behind a conveniently-placed statue. Bossk was wrestling with Bala Tik, hissing and growling. Bala Tik tried to grab a pistol from his holster, but Bossk simply snarled and bit Bala Tik's hand clean off. Bala Tik screamed in pain, clutching the bleeding stump, and managed to kick Bossk into a pile of rubble. Dengar sighed with frustration, and with a half-assed effort, threw a thermal detonator at the rest of the death gang. He aimed his blaster at Bala Tik's head, and grumbled "Leave now and you can keep your other hand". Bala Tik moaned in pain, and dropped to the ground in defeat, as his gang was blown to pieces by Dengar's detonator. {To be continued}

Hey guys, unfortunately my droid broke down, so I had to fix him; hope you don't mind the wait ==============
The great bounty race

The modified twin-pod cloud car zoomed under a low hanging outcrop. The ship dove low and skimmed the surface of the choppy ocean. The pilot of the vehicle was none other than the famed bounty Hunter Zuckuss. A voice came from the gunner’s pod; it belonged to Zuckuss’ partner 4-LOM. “Status, Zuckuss. How close are we to the ruins?” Zuckuss checked the console in front of him, and typed in the coordinates. “The temple will be in range in about seven min-” Zuckuss was cut off by a laser bolt striking the back of his pod. The cloud car started spinning off course, coming dangerously close ​to the ocean. Zuckuss screamed into his comm.
He could hear 4-LOM’s robotic joints whirring around in the second pod, probably aiming his cannon at their attacker. “Target locked on! Our friend identifies as the IG-4000, and it's pilot is IG-88,” announced 4-LOM, “Shall I open fire?”
Zuckuss turned the ship around, facing their grey, triangular opponent.
“On my go. Ready…” replied Zuckuss. “Do it-” But he was once again interrupted by a blaster shot. The strange thing was, 4-LOM hadn't fired, nor had they been hit. Suddenly, the IG-4000 exploded, but not before IG-88 ejected himself. A Kaleesh-style pirate barge flew through the flames, the crew being none other than that of the Crimson Corsair’s. First Mate Quiggold stood on the bow, waving his rifle in the air and whooping.
{Continued below }

Chapter 4 “Guide me!” whispered Obi-Wan, channelling his force powers.  He could only see a meter around him in the gloom. His saber flickered and then, he heard it, the rasping breath of a large Kaleesh Sith. Already, Obi-wan started to feel panicked. He focused on very happy memories, the day Master Jinn visited them, the first time he beat Bruck in a duel. “Come at me!” yelled Obi-Wan. The forest had been so dark and gloomy that when the red lightsaber blade appeared it temporarily blinded him. The silver mist then faded slowly away, pathetically. The Sith was quite close by now and coming fast, making it harder for Obi-wan to think of happy thoughts. “Come on Kenobi!” shouted the crowd. Nothing. Come on, thought Obi-Wan. If you fail this, it’s the AgriCorps for you. The Sith was making his effect as it strode through the growing dark mist. You’ll never make it, ever. The Sith was only meters away. Ever… No, when Master Jinn chose me, he knew there was going to be something special about me. He believes in me, I know it. I will do this and I will win. Do it for my friends. Now!! “YAARRRGGGHH!!!” bellowed Obi-Wan. A tornado of energy erupted from Obi-Wan’ thrust-out hand. It surged full on to the closing in Sith. “AAAAAARRRRGRGHH!!!” screamed Obi-Wan. The wave flattened trees, the ground shaking. The Kaleesh must have been at least twenty feet away, but the force took him down with ease.
{read below}

Chapter 3

Obi-wan fiddled with his braid nervously. It was the day of the first tournament. Yoda came in to the chamber with a small bag in his ageing hands. “Contestants gather around!” said Yoda. “In this bag, have I the simulated climate globe that fight you in, the creatures will. Decide your fate, the force will. Ladies first! Miss Moreau, take your climate from the bag, will you.” Aceline Moreau, a Bith reached into the bag and pulled out a sun-filled meadow globe. She sighed with relief. “Liam Nilsson!” Yoda held the small bag now containing only two climates to the muscly Duros. Liam pulled out a rocky, snowy outcrop, the snow didn’t look too deep. He nodded not showing any emotion and pocketed his globe. “Obi-Wan! Lucky last!” chuckled Yoda. Not so lucky, thought Obi-Wan. He pulled out a very dark and thick forest. The hardest. Oh, great, must run in the family, thought Obi-Wan. The population in the chamber slowly decreased until Obi-wan was left by himself with sweaty palms and trembling fingers. I can use the force, but under so much pressure? Well, at least Master Jinn might be worried about me and realise just how much he needs me. Thought Obi-Wan. “Obi-wan Kenobi?”
(Cont'd below)

Chapter 2

Obi-Wan was ecstatic. “Kenobi!” Obi-wan turned around at the sound of his name. Three 17 year olds came sprinting down the hall towards a very flustered Obi-wan Kenobi. “I did it! Master Jinn chose me!” cheered Obi-Wan. There was a pause. “And?” said Bant. “And what?” asked Obi-Wan. “What did they tell you?” inquired Garen impatiently. “Just to prepare for the first task by this riddle” said Obi-wan pulling out a piece of paper out of his robe pocket and holding it out to his friends. 'I live in the lightest places but I am as dark as death, I smell the Light out from a mile away, I am loyal guardian but a killer underneath, Unleash the brightness to take me away, But when I make my move I am there to stay.' They all read it and after a moment, Reeft said in a strangled sort of whisper: “A S-Sith… it has to be” “How?” said Obi-Wan. “‘Dark as death … We smell the Light side out’” explained Reeft hurriedly.“It can’t be!” exclaimed Bant, ripping the paper out of Reeft’s hands.  Bant’s face dropped as she scanned the paper again. “I hope it’s not a real Sith, Kenobi”

The trials of Kenobi

Chapter 1

Grand master Yoda, leader of the Jedi watched over the last of the potential Padawans. Master Qui-gon Jinn stood watching the Padawans, scanning over them. He came to a decision. “Obi-wan Kenobi” ‘Yes! This is my chance!’ Thought Obi-wan as he stared shocked at his best friend Bant, a female Mon Cala. Next to her was Reeft, another human. Garen Muln, who stood to Obi-wan’s left gave a terrified squeak. He slowly made his way through the Padawans with faces filled with awe. As he walked past a certain human, Bruck Chun, he gave a taunting smile. He hated him from the moment he had laid eyes on him. But as hate led to the Dark side, the feeling was only personal. He looked to the front where Yoda stood. Yoda’s words from the choosing ceremony flew around his head. “Believe me when say do I that not for the weak are the trials. Only for the worthy, is this tournament. The force will decide, and final that is"

The Blue shadows 5

An hour later, the group was in the safety of the Naboo army, after Lox tracked down the lab. Nuvo Vindi was sentenced an execution, and the Virus in a bottle decontaminated. The group were in a flash speeder, being escorted to the capital for a reward ceremony. Lox had fallen asleep in Akiosh's arms, and Sanskyl was having a 'victory drink'
As they arrived in the city square, they noticed the cheers. The driver spoke to the three, Lox waking from the noise. They exited the speeder and marveled at the celebrations. Everyone was there, even the disgraced clown Jar Jar. Queen Sosha Soruna came over to the trio, flanked on either side by dignitaries. "You three are the saviors of Naboo, I presume? " she asked
"Well, we're not really saviors but we'll take it!" Sanskyl grinned as he pointed finger guns and winked. "You shall be greatly rewarded, and be immortalized as heroes. Now, you there, the Kel Dor, " she paused as her bodyguard whispered the group's names to her. "Akiosh! What do you desire? "
Akiosh thought for a moment, the replied "I'd like my very own private luxury shuttle, thank you very much seeing as though our previous one crashed "
The Queen turned to Lox and asked him. "Ooh, how about a private laboratory with droid assistants please, your majesty"
And finally, Sans requested "A planet! As big as you want, yer Highnessness", obviously drunk.
“As you wish, young heroes” announced the Queen.
And as they returned home, their wishes were fulfilled. Lox and Akiosh raised children on Sanskyl's personal planet. And they were forevermore immortalized in Naboo's history , as the three unlikely heroes.

The blue shadows 4 “Which means that’s probably a bomb of Blue Shadow!” shouted Sanskyl. “Get it away NOW!” yelled Akiosh through her face mask. Lox grabbed the droid by the neck, and swung it like a Dowutin hammer thrower. He let go, and the droid flew back towards the trees. But the droid was fast, too. It threw the detonator at Akiosh's feet. She looked down, then cursed "Kriff ". The capsule opened its main hatch, and Blue Shadow virus gas spilled out. Akiosh threw her mask away from her face, being able to breathe. "Quick, Lox! Put the mask on! I need you to take some oxygen and transfer it to Sans! " Sanskyl was already on his knees, gasping and shuddering. Lox caught the mask and placed it over his mouth. He inhaled, then grabbed Sanskyl by the shoulders. Their mouths clasped together, Lox passing on the oxygen. Sans' eyes went wide, his body savoring the air. The Virus was still airborne, threatening the oxygen breathers. Suddenly, Lox called out to Akiosh and Sanskyl. "Does anyone have an aerosol can? " Akiosh pulled out a can of spray flower scent. Lox grabbed the flower scent can and unscrewed the spray top. Using a handheld device he reversed the flow of the spray can. Lifting it up, he put the lid back on and pressed down.
The can hissed as it inhaled the virus. Very soon, the virus was gone.

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