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Chris Jones  Natural Heavyweight Bodybuilder/Powerlifter USAPL 264 & unlimited class 2016USAPL National Bench Champ 2 American records 5 Texas state records

Let the arm gains begin! Well as soon as I get to the gym that is... Lol #23'shereicome #armsbiggerthanmyfriends

Finishing up a nasty back day with some pull ups till failure. 4 sets. #gaintrain

Lil deadlift session Sunday morning.. Back on the grind again.. My buddy @wil84tx didn't want no part of deadlift Sunday! Lmao. Just 4x8 with 585. #800thegoal. #gaintrain #allnattybro sorry for the quality he recorded it with a potato apparently...

Nice back pump with @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City. N.O EXTREME had the blood flowing strong. 150lbs 4x20 dumbbell rows. #gaintrain

Man bench Monday! This was about 3 weeks ago. Was testing the waters.. 545 for a single. #gaintrain #allnattybro

Well ended up taking 2nd at IPF WORLDS. Actually tied for 1st place but my opponent was 1lb lighter than me so he beat me.. We both missed our last attempts (542lbs for me) so we ended at 530lbs tied up. Thanks for all the support from @benbindseil and @rocksdiscount. Best supps in SA! Thanks to my best friends, family, and all my followers who constantly push me to the limit and have my back no matter what. #illbebacknextyear

Yes sir! Shit just got real.. Can't wait to hit that stage. #benchWorlds #ain'tleavinwithoutatrophy

Arm day! #gaintrain

Nasty shoulder pump with my buddy @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City. N.O EXTREME ain't no joke. Hit him up with any supplement questions you may have. #allnattybro #theswoelife #gaintrain #22's

Nasty arm pump with @crysstlpearll. Triceps were smoked after this last set. #gaintrain #allnattybro #rocksdiscountvitamins

If this nasty fatigue exercise doesn't get your shoulders pumped I don't know what will. At times I do this in the beginning of my workouts and then train regularly which puts alot of stress on a muscle group. This is what makes your body want to grow. Your body doesn't necessarily have to get bigger in order to become stronger, it just has to recruit/activate more motor units for the movement and there you go.. Got a Lil stronger and didn't gain an inch. 4x10 Lateral raises, front raises, upright rows, and shoulder press. #trapcity #gaintrain #liftforgrowth #rocksdiscountvitamins

Solid shoulder day with @benbindseil. 4x15 front raises.. Swing by rocks in Universal City for the best supps in SA. #gaintrain #allnattybro

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