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Chris Jones  Natural Heavyweight Bodybuilder/Powerlifter USPA 275 class B.S Exercise Physiology 5 Texas state records (usapl) '16 usapl bench nationals 1st

5x10 pause reps with 365.. Crazy pump afterwards. Killed chest tonight with @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City. Hit him up with any questions you may have, he'll set you up with the best supps in SA.. #gaintrain #alwaysimproving

Great back pump last night! Just some bent over rows. 3xfailure. #liftlikeUmeanit #tugboat #gaintrain

Killin arms with all those Thanksgiving gains locked and loaded.. Pump was stupid especially after taking N.O EXTREME I got from my buddy @benbindseil from@rocksdiscount in the Universal City area.. #gaintrain #legarms #23'shereicome

Great chest day 4x3 @515lbs. Went pretty fast which surprised me. Thanks @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City for keeping me from smashing myself. Lol. #gaintrain #allnattybro

Crazy leg day last night with my buddy@benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City. 5x3@635lbs. Followed by 495 5x2 speed squats and then 405lbs 5x2 pause squats .. #legday #cantwalk #tugboat The new pre-workout IMPACT by AllMax was intense. Check it out.

Another solid arm day in the books.. Sitting around 280lbs feeling #thickerthanabowlofoatmeal and as strong as I've felt in a while.. Coming for those 23's!!#gaintrain #allnattybro #theswoelife

Haven't jumped in a while (280lbs) so I figured I'd see if I still could get up there a Lil bit. Lol. Great shoulder day with my buddy @benbindseil from@rocksdiscount in the Universal City area. Go visit the best supp store in SA. #gaintrain #alwaysimproving

Deadlift Saturday! Ben doing alot of heavy sets because of my program.. So today I decided to do some volume. 4x10 @585lbs.. #gaintrain #alwaysimproving

Right at 283lbs.. Feeling pretty good. Started a new creatine from Redcon1 called Tango. Tastes amazing and is definitely keeping the muscles full. Stop by and see my buddy @benbindseil at @rocksdiscount in the Universal City area and ask him about it yourself! #theswoelife #gaintrain

Thanks to @storypoet for the dope design.. It feels good to inspire people to be there best. Literally the only reason why I post and push myself in and out of the gym to always improve. #neversatisfied #gaintrain #theswoelife

Happy Pumpday! May your gains be plentiful and your pumps everlasting! #alwaysimproving

Great leg workout tonight... Hitting some single leg, leg press. 4x20.. Nasty pump. #gaintrain #alwaysimproving

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