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Chris Jones  Natural Heavyweight Bodybuilder/Powerlifter USPA 275 class B.S Exercise Physiology NSCA- CSCS '16 usapl national bench champion

Great shoulder day with my buddy @texasthor210.. Attack by Kodiak from @rocksdiscount had me awake and read to go this morning! Some heavy Lateral raises 4x10 with 60 lbs #gaintrain #allnattybro #theswoelife

Not too bad for 281lbs.. Sitting around 12-13%bf last time I checked. Cardio 3xweek at 400cals helps. Will stay at this weight since I can still do whatever I need to do without dying or being out of breath. Lmao. Feeling real dense and the strength is great also. Getting alot of questions on how I eat to stay on the leaner side of the permabulk so I'll let you guys know what I do on a daily basis to stay this way. #gaintrain #alwaysimproving

Backs feelin pretty thick tonight.. Close grip Lat pull downs are one of my favorites. #gaintrain #thickerthanabowlofoatmeal

Man bench Monday! 565 for a solid single! Thanks to @benbindseil and @rocksdiscount for the best supps in SA. Helping me grow slowly but surely.. Felt real good. Maybe a 570 bench in there somewhere. #gaintrain #allnattybro #welcometotheswoe

Me and @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City area killed chest tonight! 4x3 with 495lbs.. Felt really good. Shootin for a 560+ bench soon.. The grind continues. #gaintrain

Finished off shoulder day with a Lil superset. 4x10 (50lbs) Lateral raises/front raises. Last set of the night and it burned like hell.. Lol. Excuse the faces.. Just means it's working.. #gaintrain

Bicep workout from Friday I'd thought I'd share.. Probably one of my favorites. Since the Lil weight gain my muscles feel full and I feel more solid. Strength has increased a bit but nothing to crazy. We'll see how it goes. Not doing a meet til sometime in October so I got time. #gaintrain #welcometotheswoe

Stupid tricep pump! Just some rope extensions 4x10 to start the workout... 23's coming soon! Thanks to @rocksdiscount for the crazy pump I got with Kodiak Attack! #gaintrain #legarms

Feelin thick as hell sitting around 278lbs.. Still got some separation back there lol... Now to just work on the conditioning.. Solid back day last night. #gaintrain #allnattybro #theswoelife

Great shoulder day with @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City. Shoulder press 1x10 with 120lbs then 3x10 with 140lb dumbbells.. This was the last set. Almost got them all. Thanks for the spot bro. #gaintrain #allnattybro

Late night flex Friday! These cable hammer curls are becoming one of my favorite bicep exercises. 4x12 felt real good... #23'shereicome #gaintrain . Pump was great, still using the stack I mentioned before (arginine,beta-alanine,and citrulline malate) #twiceadaywillmakethepumpstay hit up my buddy @benbindseil from @rocksdiscount in Universal City to get more info on this #swoestack lol

#tbt to when I was 22yrs old (8yrs ago) and @sean_sarantos and I were killin it in the gym till 2am cuz we had nothing else to do. Was around 230lbs here. #goodtimes #alwaysbeenaboutmygains

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