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Simren | SKJ | Photography ©

Favorite self portrait. Favorite capture ever. This picture represents... so much. Something I've learned is that No one will ever love You the way you love yourself. no one will ever be with you, stick and stand by you, cherish you, heal you, wipe your tears, take care of you, the way you do with yourself. So much strength, and liberation is in this picture. Be your own protector, your own best friend, soul mate and sister. You are You, the most beautiful You. #happywomansday :) and and anddd I love Jesus // I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my Lord, my soul knows it very well - Psalm 139:14

you're my forever poem


me trying to run away from life responsibilities

wiLd one


2:37 A.M
imperfect but in Your eyes made perfect †


When you meet people, some of them open new doors for you. Places you never thought you would've gone, you travel too. and you find beautiful treasures and precious ways of life, you never ever thought you would live. Surround yourself with people who do that. Who open different sides of you, who challenge that Part of you to open. And I miss Kirti. Every day we would go out visiting new places as Us, but at night.. as we slept in the same bed, we would giggle and laugh and become children again.. and I could hear that precious melody one hears in sisterhood, trust. Faith. Love. And most of all, a Shoulder by your side. I miss that. I miss you.

When I took this picture, I thought of the word Grand. And then I thought about the words we think of when we view ourselves in photographs


me for you

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