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Trevor Shirley  -Kinesiology Science Major -Achieve Health Through Strength with me #HealthThroughStrength -Apply below

Still working on this OLY thing. Maybe one day I’ll be able to balance it in the right spot 😂. Between school, work and my laptop crapping out for good(thanks to having to take it to class and all the rain I’m assuming) I’ve been struggling on making more videos so I’ll try and get the next fix your hip post with just some pictures for now.

Mood when it’s the first day of spring break and it’s raining.😅 I am using this as an excuse to get up slow and take my time making breakfast today and enjoying the sound of the rain before I have to go to work. Rain is one of the best sounds to me, literally have an app on my phone to play rain to help me fall asleep for like 3 years now.
What do you like to do on rainy days? Are you extra productive or extra lazy? 😂

No but seriously have any of you ever had trouble ‘activating’ one of your glutes so you go and do a bunch of single leg stuff to try and even it out and your strong one is still more sore the next day? Well this video is for you!
This is Bulgarian split squat and the warm ups I do to make sure it’s actually working right. See a lot of times if one of your hip flexors is tighter it will pull your hips out of alignment when doing something like this. Also if you have uneven core strength your body will naturally shift the weight to the stronger side.
If you’re working your right leg, drop your left hip down to just a little, or at least aim for parallel with the ground. You will notice one side you already do this on and the other side(the one you always have a hard time balancing on) will feel a little funky at first.
Don’t believe me? Video yourself from behind and watch those hips.
Try it out and let me know if it help!

Had to summon my inner @bridgeford242 for sumo pulls today.
I missed this weight months ago due to a dip on the way up so you could call it a form pr. This is also my first time pulling sumo in about 6 since I’ve been working on Olympic lifting and what not as my main focus and only deadlifted above 355 like 2 times since then. All I’ve been doing is ‘high bar’ squats and conventional deadlifting for oly. There was no peak leading up to this I just wanted to do it and it felt pretty good.
I say that because you see a lot on insta about people doing “the big 3” competition style all the time and as a newbie think that’s what you should do. Still considering myself as a beginner in this sport and something my first powerlifting coach beat into my head is that unless you are about to compete, WORK ON GENERAL STRENGTH FIRST.
You can spend the first few years in a Strength sport just working on general strength while learning techniques and it’s probably the most overlooked part of training because it’s not what you see elite level athletes posting. I’ve been there though where it was me and my buddy doing a 5x5 hitting all the lifts twice a week adding 5-10lbs ever week but that will only get you so far.
If you’re a beginner and have some questions feel free to email or DM me a question, if you want a step up from linear periodization(5-10lb increases) and would like a 1 on 1 coaching email me and we can get to work.

So this is my lame bathroom selfie announcement post.
I am declaring a new chapter in my life in and finally moving forward with a dream I’ve had for a long time and putting off because I was waiting for something to make me feel ‘ready’. This is it.
Online Fitness/Strength coaching.
This is your opportunity if you followed me because we are friends but don’t care about fitness stuff to unfollow so I’m not blowing your feed up. If you do decide to stay along for the ride and support my adventure I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️. I also want to thank all of the mentors I’ve had over the past 8 years in and out of the gym, you guys rock. I’m gonna be working to bring you guys informational content about different parts of the body from a structural and function standpoint (aka Kinesiology) to help the general population understand the body better. I’m not claiming I know everything about anything but I’ll do my best to provide evidence backed information when I can, and gym proven methods where there’s no studies.
I cant wait to grow and get better with everyone! Have a great day!

If you think long arms suck for benching, you should try Olympic lifting 😂😂

Since I haven’t posted in forever, call it #thickbackthursday

2018, the year of the mullet PC: @baebealex

Booty made another appearance, need to work on my 'candid' poses #booty🍑

I stand next to people working out cause I believe I can absorb their gainz. And so I can have nice booty shots like this. #booty #squats #dmmeforonlinebootycoaching #jk

Even though I was pissed about how bench was going, this banana was able to make me smile #tanktopthursday #brohawk #benchday

The 🔑 to gains right here. @baebealex never letting me have an undocumented nap

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