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I’ve been relatively silent about blue mind for the first 50 days of this 100 days of blue. I have found it difficult to share what I’m experiencing, because these 50 days have been some of the most emotionally powerful and revealing days of my life. In these 50 days I have travelled across the world, cultivated an appreciation for water in genuine souls at home and abroad, saw heart-meltingly beautiful reefs, reconnected with family, felt love for strangers and new friends like never before, fought against inner demons I didn’t know I had, stood up for myself and others in ways I didn't know I could, found a direction I didn’t know I needed, and truly discovered the secret to inner stability and balance of the mind: water. Without water constantly bringing me back to a blue mind state, I doubt I could have grown this much in this amount of time. I still have so much to learn, and such a journey ahead of me. But I know I'm on the right track.
I'm so thankful for the rivers, lakes, beaches, and open seas I'm able to access. And I will devote my life to making sure they remain healthy, because they have done the same for me.
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The at risk environment is not a publicity stunt. Our “new” discovery that we should respect our planet is not a photo op.
This is real and this is important. We are hurting our environment and we are harming ourselves.

I want to applaud the corporations that are making small changes, because they truly are making an effort. But the small effort is not a solution. And our fanfare and laudations are not yet deserved.

Sylvia Earle once said the undeniable fact: "No water, no life. No blue, no green." But one thing that corporations and policy makers seem to be forgetting is: No environment, no economy. No green, no green.

I will support the small changes, but I demand bigger changes faster.
I want to thank everyone who is taking on the burden personally, and making their lives more difficult by refusing single use plastic. Thank you for fighting so hard for something that should be made easy by those in a position of power. Keep fighting. But fight louder. Demand that alternatives are made. Shame companies that don't make an effort. And push corporations to make real change, not just take a publicity stunt.
There is no reason our drinks, our food, our toys, our clothes, our everything, should be surrounded by, or made from a material that suffocates our planet.

Yes, a massive overhaul of our single use, disposable society will be hard. But if we don't fight hard for the one thing we truly need to survive, our planet, what will we fight for?
Environment over ease. 
Environment over economy. 
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I'm so thrilled to hear about Seattle banning straws and plastic utensils. What a great example for the rest of us. Big congratulations and thank you to @lonelywhale and @adriangrenier on this incredible feat. You guys are fighting the fight in such a beautiful way, and I cannot wait to see how the movement grows exponentially. 💙 •••
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A utensil in your hand for a few minutes may last in the ocean forever.
Every choice we make has an impact on this world. Let's make the right ones.
Photo by: @yuvalpenhas •••
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One thing I am certain of is water brings us together. The universal awe and appreciation of water, either consciously or unconsciously, is unifying. I'm so thankful to the Red Sea for bringing my cousin and I closer together. Can't wait to continue to dive with you @melanielidman 💙
Photo by @a.happy.99

Wow. What an adventure. I'm still at a loss for words to describe the life changing experiences I had in Israel and Egypt, both above and below the water.
From sharing the healing power of water with 20 of my new favorite people, to removing a plastic bottle from one of the most beautiful reefs I've ever seen, to sobbing while 100 feet down in the Blue Hole, there is no doubt in my mind that water is the source of life, creation, and love.
Reflections on this beautiful journey and all I've learned are sure to come. But for now, thank you to all who love me for who I am enough to let me live this beautiful life. If you need the same from me, let me know. I'm here. 💙

I'm not going to lie, I teared up a little when I came across this coral. I spend my life fighting for these beautiful animals, and yet I've never seen one so old, thriving, and healthy before. I can only imagine the disturbances and changes this beauty has seen and weathered, but my heart breaks for the severe hardships that are sure to come. We must fight for these incredible creatures, so that sights like this can remain common for generations to come. We must make changes in our life, and fight the systems in place that put our ocean at risk.
Stay strong, little guys. We support you. •••
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Went on the best dive of my life today. The blue hole in Sinai is 360 degrees of pure jaw-dropping beauty. From the teenie dancing fish, to the sunlight streaming 100 feet down, to the blue drop below, to the thriving wall of coral, everything was spectacular.
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Some of my favorite moments in life are the transitional ones. The space in time when you're sad to leave one adventure, and excited for the next. Beauty in the future and the past, and complete contentedness in the present. Embracing that moment currently as I leave what can only be described as a life changing experience in Israel and head for a dive trip in Egypt. Let's go. 💙

Hey Marlin, where's Nemo?
Happy Father's Day, y'all. 📷: Ocean Traveler
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There are few things I will wake up before 5am for. A dive at a recently opened site is one of those. But the sunrise over the Jordan mountains isn't bad either.

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