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Nishi Munshi  God ☝️ - Erin Coles on ‘Halfway There’ - world premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2018! --Abrams Artists Agency & Marque Ent. (TWITTER: @Nishi_Munshi)


She gives me these looks like “bro are you forreal right now”. Omy Munshi does NOT like her jackets. She is over it. Like was over it yesterday. #doglove #dogappreciation #Munshis #munshiswithfruit

The word is out! Excited to share with you all. ❤️ Thank you @cbstvstudios @cbstv for the opportunity. Let’s have some fun & make magic! ✨😊 It takes a village to nurture & cultivate an artist. I’m so grateful for mine. My team goes hard @abramsartists & the woman who has stood as my rock from the beginning of my journey as an actor @soulla8 (aka world’s most amazing manager & human) @deadline THANK YOU 🙏🏼 for the great press release. It’s a unique show I’m truly excited to be a part of. A new kind of family story. Article in link 👇🏼 http://deadline.com/2018/02/pandas-in-new-york-nishi-munshi-cast-cbs-comedy-pilot-1202300213/ #comedyPilot #multicam #actor #fun #laughs #werk #getummmms #LookMAAweInTheNewsPaper 👀😂

Shoutout to every fan & well-wisher who enjoys & appreciates the characters I play. I see all of your messages! As artists & entertainers, if we’ve entertained you or you connect w/ the characters we play...it’s the greatest feeling. (That means I’m doing my job right 😉) Much ❤️ for everyone’s kindness & support always. #appreciateYOU @baradhan93 @cwtheoriginals

For anyone looking to find spiritual guidance & understanding. I highly recommend this book I just finished. ‘Journey To Self-Realization’ & ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ both by Paramhansa Yogananda. #spiritualreading #spiritual #guidance #meditation #self-reflection #simpleliving #simplelivinghighthinking 🙏🏼😊

I have been getting messages from other people who are trying this self challenge. I am proud of you! I have never felt better in my life. After I complete one set of 100 days, I start again. MY NEXT CHALLENGE: Coffee & fasting one day a week on OJ. **For those of you who are taking on these challenges, I am SO proud of you. You can do it! (Be kind & patient w/ yourselves. If you slip up, just start again!) #betterminds #betterbodies #100daychallenge

YO! Check out @rashiddarden speak on #channel4news #channel4 on the IMPORTANCE of #BlackPanther (This is what I think) This is BEAUTIFUL. I wish the same for Indian people some day. The thought that lighter skin, lighter eyes are ONLY beautiful. The misconception that western culture is the only right culture amongst Indian communities in America and in India. The beautiful thought of what a culture is and the potential of what it could be (even in a fictional comic-book world) without being touched by white European colonization for many into a place of self-hatred & denial of self. I appreciate and respect ALL the rich, wonderful cultures of the world. Thank you for paving the way #blackpanther The ignorant standard by which all people of color have been trained to strive for is and will indeed shift.

Had a casting director I really respect tell me she binge watched @rsseries “Relationship Status”. If you haven’t already, go to @go90 and catch all the Episodes! #stylehaul There’s a pretty amazing cast & go support these actors in their other projects. They’re OOBER talented. (Go90 has some great content so check it out!) #rsseries #go90 @stylehaul @khleothomas @mouzammakkar @brantdaugherty @michaelmgalante @bdavv @nicholasgrava @mouzammakkar @iamamypham @emmabell @_katiechristian_ @leskidman @shalyse_mua @meendawg @suziyoonessi @kristengutoskie @thetoddcohen @miloanthonyventimiglia

I’ve been getting a lot of messages on how I dropped between 15-20 lbs recently & if I had any food recommendations for vegetarians who are staying away from dairy & eggs for the most part. I’ll post some from time to time! 1. Sweet Potato (great after workouts especially weight lifting) 2. Egg plant 3. Brush on olive oil w/ garlic powder, Himalayan salt, crushed black pepper 4. Put it in the oven for 20-25 minutes on 375 degrees! #healthychoices #veggies #eatbetter #homesnacks

When you want a little cheat day sweet treat. #cookingtherapy #foodie #enjoy #yummie #butifyoudontlikebananasThisaintforyou

Have you gotten your tickets to see #50shadesfreed yet?! Go watch @brantdaugherty as “Sawyer” in the film. Working w/ him on @rsseries I learned how much discipline he has & how hard he works every single day. His grounded nature & sense of humor ain’t half bad either. Much respect sir. No lie, I’d forget my own lines watching him 😂 I mean can you blame me? 😏 GO WATCH this talented man shine! In theaters now! #ActorAppreciation #getitDude #Proud #keepShining

WATCH & SUPPORT @mouzammakkar on #Champions @nbcchampions premiering MARCH 8th Thursday 8:30/7:30c I had the opportunity to work w/ this lovely lady on #relationshipstatus @rsseries & not only is she STUNNING, but most importantly a talented & well-trained actress. (She’s also a sweet & humble human being) From the incredibly creative mind of @mindykaling This should be hilarious! #ActorAppreciation #KeepShining #LightItUp #GetIt #werk

I LOVE YOU ALL THOUGH! 💕❤️😘 And I love seeing so many people celebrating the beautiful love they share. #love #butItsPilotSeason #10hourdayAlready #happylady #kisses #hugs #RememberWhenWeUsedToPassOutLike50ValentinesCardsInGradeSchool? #IHaveLikeACoupleHundredValentinesForSure

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