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One of the things I love about The Refuge (our church) is that even when we have a storm and have an injured child so we can't go to the building, we can still be part of the church by joining our brothers and sisters online! #therefuge #bethechurch #jesus

What I'm doing right now. Taking pictures of my friend Scott presenting in a meeting ;) #officelife

Christmas in Clubhouse Rock! #therefugenet #christmas #jesus

Ok, it's not a real sexy picture - but it captures that we have new toys! Yes, FIVE cameras. Which was good because we lost one just as worship started. All good. #production #church #theRefugeNet #ilovemychurch

My friend and pastor @nwsmith is rocking us with a message straight outta the heart of God. Be sure to check it out at or in the Refuge App, available in the App Store or Google Play store. #jesus #rockthechurch #bethechurch🙏💒 #nathanrockstoo #therefugenet

Nothing going on here - Just Pastor Teri calling the church out. #therefuge

Watching @nwsmith as he breaks down our relationship with God, Israel and the return of Christ. Yup, lots of content!! Good job Pastor Nathan!

How many times have we missed the promises of God because we could not contain our tongues? #ImTakingGround #therefuge

What is required to take ground? #ImTakingGround #therefuge

You can't take the land till God takes the lead. #TakingGround #therefuge

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