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Compound moves get the work done! Tryi this Squat and row combo to target your glutes and upper back. Add more weight as you progress.

Everyone requires space and peacefulness at times. We are taught to ennoble activity and hustle. No wonder we are exhausted. Silence is the medicine that is often needed.

Your glutes and lower abdominals will be burning after this exercise. I used it in my Tabata class last week and I felt it the next day. Try it Tabata style 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds then repeat on the other leg.

This is a great exercise to work on shoulder strength while engaging your core and even obliques. Try 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for a total of 8 rounds. You will feel the burn!

The practice of yoga does not require extreme strength, but it does require ongoing practice. You are strong and so more capable than you realize.

Elevate yourself to target your upper body strength, glutes and lower abdominals. Repeat eight times and then switch sides for one set.

Engage the earth and ride the breath up into the heart space when you "root to rise". This pose always feels like a blossoming flower when the heart reaches up and energy rises into the sternum. So engage the heart space and press the back of your heart forward until you can feel some arch in your thoracic/upper back. Send the breathe there as you move.

Put a foam roller on a decline bench for this lower abdominal exercise. Aim for​ 8 repetitions rest for 10 seconds and go again 3 - 5 rounds.

This exercise will target your balance, upper body strength and lower abdominals. Repeat eight times and then switch sides for one set.

Life has so many distractions that draw us away from our deep self. We are so conditioned to like speed that it is often difficult to move at an intentional lower motion. But it is possible to retrain ourselves to commit to a slower rate. This is where we will find our inner self.

If you have eight minutes you can do this cardio ladder boxing exercise. Punch one drop down to the ground and step it back into a plank position. Punch 2 drop again, punch 3 drop again, and keep going for 8 minutes and see how far you can go with your punches. It is a great anaerobic exercise to get your heart pumping. Try it next time you're at the gym.

Need to work on lower abdominal strength? This exercise will target not only upper body strength but lower abdominals as well. Repeat 12 times and switch legs for one set.

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