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These are just a couple of exercises I do when teaching Pilates. Try them out!

Stuck in the house? Try these couch exercises to work your core, legs and glutes.

We just have no idea what we are capable of.
Don't allow your mind to be the limiting factor in your growth, in your creativity, in your strength and your openness.
Celebrate ever millimeter of growth.

Use a D ring attached to a low cable for this oblique abdominal exercise that will also strengthen your glutes and quads. Repeat 12 repetitions and switch sides for one set. Add more weight as you progress.

Happy New Year everybody! Time to get on to those New Year's resolutions. Working my glutes then getting a nice stretch with my skateboard. Let me know if you're able to try these exercises.

Elevate yourself onto a step with several risers for this banded glute exercise. Stay low throughout the exercise as you stretch the band back towards the back of the step. Aim for 12 repetitions and switch legs for one set.

Try adding a bosu ball to challenge your core while working your obliques.

Here is a simple exercise that you can do that targets obliques while building core strength. Try it to Tabata style, 20 seconds as many as you can do then rest for 10 seconds and go again for 8 rounds.

Take a break from Christmas wrapping and try this exercise! Leave me a comment if you were able to take time out to do it!

Elevate yourself to work on upper body strength while targeting glutes and core.

You’re chest and obliques will be sore the next day if you do this exercise four minutes one one side and then switch sides for another four minutes.

Here's a great exercise to develop abdominal and core strength. It is quite a challenge and take some practice. If you don't have a glider you can use a towel 4 paper plates.

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