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1991 “Carmine” MJ PE! One of my most priced pieces.... Never got this Shoe as a kid, my good friend Dana and I would draw the AJ VI’s in our Jr. High School Science Class. Such a Classic Piece Of MJ History!! #The_Perfect_Pair

Honey Nut Cheeri-O’s... #The_Perfect_Pair

Still Walkin’ Like 🦆🦆🦆.... #The_Perfect_Pair

And It Continues! #The_Perfect_Pair

Let’s Keep Duckin’ On Em’! #The_Perfect_Pair

Write This Down... 📝 #The_Perfect_Pair #Facts #FactsOnly

Since AirMax Month Is Over, Don’t Think I Ever Saw These...🧐 #The_Perfect_Pair

Something different for the “culture” ... Happy Friday Folks!! Enjoy the weekend-! 🏁💯🤙🏾 #The_Perfect_Pair

In 40yrs Of Life, this journey has been the hardest to overcome! And we honestly will never be the same permanently changed both of our lives in a blink of an eye! April 5th 2017 we’re driving to Lake Havasu for the Annual Boat Show, when we got onto the I-40 East bound freeway we both noticed a digital sign that said Caution very high wind advisory. I’ve seen this sign at least 100plus times traveling with my dogs, for dogs shows all over the US. Never did I think in a million years that “wind” could truly push you off the road. Well guess what I was shown that it can happen and it did happen! To this day I still scratch my head with amazement of how and why??? As a man we always try and find the reasons why?! Honestly what did we do to deserve these type of injuries! Were my very first thoughts, and the answer is we didn’t do anything. As my wife and I are both be mediflight to different hospitals( I thought this is it ) because of the seriousness of my wife’s injuries she had to get to the closest Trauma Center ASAP!! Where they had to preform a Miracle on Her Neck and Back by the grace of God she can walk, talk, breathe, stand, and do 80% of what she did before the wreck truly a Miracle!!! Don’t get me wrong she’s a fighter too!!!! Everything in this Life happens for reasons, I’m a firm believer in this. This wreck showed me I had more medical conditions than just 5 fractured vertebrae’s, broken ribs and puncture lung! I had other issues that showed up and I’m still dealing with these health issues they found in the hospital a year ago today! When all of this Happened I called a good friend of mine in Oklahoma @catsassracing Carlton said something to me on the phone that day that will stick with me for the rest of my life, he said “Kenny with all that ink you got do any of them say STFD?” I said STFD?! No sir they don’t. Carlton said “Well that should be your next tattoo” I was still dumbfounded with all of this, and that’s when he said “Kenny it means Slow The Fuck Down”! And a big light bulb came on in my head... again EVERYTHING happens for a reason!! 🙏🏾 #PerfectPairStrong #WeSurvived #STFD #ThanksForAllTheSupport 🤙🏾

Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Easter!! #The_Perfect_Pair

Happy Easter Sunday!! #HeHasRisen #EasterSUNday #2018

Just a few 💎’s! 😏 #The_Perfect_Pair

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