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Vazquez  Progress is progress 👻Snapchat👻:Iron_Mike323 "Chasing the pump "💪-Vazquez "when you entertain a clown you join a circus"😶-Kevin gates

Did the run for the fallen in memory of PFC. Lee, PFC Lee was serving as the radio telephone operator with the 3d platoon, Company B. As lead element for the company, the 3d platoon received intense surprise hostile fire from a force of North Vietnamese Army regulars in well-concealed bunkers. With 50 percent casualties, the platoon maneuvered to a position of cover to treat their wounded and reorganize, while Pfc. Lee moved through the heavy enemy fire giving lifesaving first aid to his wounded comrades. During the subsequent assault on the enemy defensive positions, Pfc. Lee continuously kept close radio contact with the company commander, relaying precise and understandable orders to his platoon leader. While advancing with the front rank toward the objective, Pfc. Lee observed 4 North Vietnamese soldiers with automatic weapons and a rocket launcher Lying in wait for the lead element of the platoon. As the element moved forward, unaware of the concealed danger, Pfc. Lee immediately and with utter disregard for his own personal safety, passed his radio to another soldier and charged through the murderous fire. Without hesitation he continued his assault, overrunning the enemy position, killing all occupants and capturing 4 automatic weapons and a rocket launcher. Pfc. Lee continued his 1-man assault on the second position through a heavy barrage of enemy automatic weapons fire. Grievously wounded, he continued to press the attack, crawling forward into a firing position and delivering accurate covering fire to enable his platoon to maneuver and destroy the position. Not until the position was overrun did Pfc. Lee falter in his steady volume of fire and succumb to his wounds. Pfc. Lee's heroic actions saved the lives of the lead element and were instrumental in the destruction of the key position of the enemy defense. Pfc. Lee's gallantry at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit on himself, the 502d Infantry, and the U.S. Army. #runforthefallen

Ya boii hit me with that fresh cut @amoscpr.jr

Eclipse seen it in Clarksville #1 spot in the world 🌎 to see it

Gatta teach this Lame padawan how to Gym

The end of Leg day, legs were done so it was a little difficult to keep that L shape. Need to lose a little more to really show them abs #PostBdayWorkout♌

Monday Pump day -📷 @ogulunaek #FlexFuel blurrpic

Weekend Meal Prep complete

All Black cause R.I.P to Suttons single life 😂 @jake_englerth It was a nice wedding though I'm happy for them .

Chilling with the homie #RKO

Charger Company, 2-502D INF. Photo taken 04 August, 2017.

I hate berets

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