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Jesus  Alex β€’ 16 β€’ Australia β€’ Regret β€’


Thank you, 8Γ¦ πŸ’˜πŸ‘…πŸ’˜
His edits are amazing c:
~ Admin

Alright everypony. Due to being busy and sick with Instagram in general (all the hate and attention-seeking), I've decided to declare official inactivity. I'm not leaving, I may come on now and again. This account has been going for over a year and I love you all; even if you're a ghost follower πŸ’–!
Thank you to all my best friends (irl and on IG) who helped me get through it all :-)
And to the haters, I admit that the MLP fanbase is pretty crazy, but that's no reason to diss people. They work really hard at what they love uvu
So this is goodbye, for now. If you guys wanna talk or anything, my Kik is Jugdish103 or Jugglez103 for roleplaying
I love you all (even though I only have around twenty active followers nowadays) and I wish you the best πŸ’πŸ˜Š
(I'm not leaving because of depression or hate; I think this account had a good run and I have other interests now :3)
Bye :-) and *yay* to all you guys have done for me! πŸ’˜
~ Alex

BROny 😏
Happy new year!
~ Flutters
P.S. It'd be great if you could comment a memory of 2013 :-) I'll start! I made friends with @ritrit101 @austiii and a lot of other bæs 🌚
#brony #mylittlepony #crossover #homestuck #hiatusstuck

Have a happy New Years, my butterflies (βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— )
~ Flutters
#(βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— ) #mlp #mlpfim #fluttershy #flutters #fanart

A little Homestuck x MLP art for you Homestucks out there 🌚
~ Flutts
#youregoingtoloveme #grandgallopinggala #mlp #mlpfim #eridan #eridanampora #fluttershy #crossover #mlpxhomestuck #eridansemptyquadrants

So, I got this for Christmas.
O yeah, hai "everypony"
Yeah, Instagram, woo.
I kinda came back on for this post to say that I don't use this as much (obviously) and prefer to use Tumblr now.
Also, I don't feel like I gave you guys a proper goodbye so.
I might log in now and again to post something, but I'm pretty much declaring myself inactive now.
Thanks for the fun times and memories, guys, and I hope you have a happy new year!! <3
~ Admin
P.S. If you want to contact me, my Kik is Jugdish103 and my Tumblr is fangirling-inside-the-tardis.tumblr.com
Thanks for reading this uber long post and have a fabulous new year πŸ‘‹πŸ˜Š
P.P.S. Special shoutout to @_deadhors3 @austiii and @trinketlace I love you all and thanks for supporting me! 😘

*no this is not suggestive 🌚*
Well, I'm having a filling done tomorrow. We all know what that means, right? Yeah. Giant, hurty needle :c
Better than a root canal I guess.
~ The admin who is scared of needles
#cavity #anaesthesiac #yaygiantneedle #scaredofneedles #violentbrushing #suggestive #toothbrush #colgate #cavityfilling #ouchies #mlp #mlpfim #fluttershy

Cute! Off to school I go!
~ Admin
#mylittlepony #mlpfim #mlp #flutts #fluttershy #flutters #cute

I made this on Minecraft for #charlie hehe :) the old days..
(( last post for the night. Off to watch some random anime πŸ‹))
~ Flutts
#minecraft #pixelart #supposedtosaycharlietheunicornnotliethecorn #rainbowmane #unicorn #rainbowmanedunicorn #minecraftpixelart #minecraftpixelartist #bigpixelart #thistookages #hashtagabuse

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