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Chinedu Obuekwe Chukwuezugo  Head of operations @socialprefecttours There are no men like me Happiness is a major 🔑 Precious🖤

Happy birthday darling!!! God bless you ❤️❤️❤️ stay “hot and fresh”... I mean beautiful 🤣

You can’t have a peace sign without the middle finger ✌️🖕🏿
📷: @obuekweralu

Happy birthday to a real one ❤️MORE LIFE

My camp experience (in reverse order)

So the first and second episodes of let’s talk about on Davina’s diaries are out on YouTube!! The show is hosted by the beautiful and elegant and co hosted by myself and the eccentric and lovely Annabelle. Head down to my bio and click on the link to the first episode then link to the second or head down to YouTube and search. Thank you and enjoy ❤️

It’s sunny out in Oyo

Sunday Best ❤️

TDB of Lagos!! My real gee of life. You're an inspiration bro. You also make me laugh. Happy birthday bro. You're young and achieving. Keep it up!

Happy Birthday Obeks!! Sorry its coming late

Happy Birthday!!!!! Keep being nice 😂😂. Have a good one "dear"

A rare photo of two of the world's greatest men and a clearer view of me receiving the wings award for @socialprefect

Yes yes, I know y'all are tired of me posting but honestly this is the most important and this is the last ( unless need arises) I promise. I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to all the members of my family who helped make these past four years possible. To my parents; my father for always paying my school fees and giving me all the financial support I need, for all his words of advice which helped shape me into a man, to my mother for her countless sacrifices and prayers, for her over concern, to her going the extra mile. To my sister who was always there when I needed her support, to my elder brother for all the brotherly advice and endless support and even to my junior brother for being there in my times of need. Honestly you guys rock. To all my uncles, aunties and cousins and my last living grandparent. I want to really appreciate my late grandma who just passed last year. She taught me most things that helped me in school. Also to my girlfriend you are a real one, stayed with me in my down times. Thanks to my exes too 😁 i wont lie you helped too. To all my OGs, friends, lecturers and well wishers thank you again.
Congratulations Chinedu Obuekwe Mass communication 2nd class hons Upper division

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