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Chinedu Obuekwe Chukwuezugo  Head of operations @socialprefecttours The next big thing Happiness is a major 🔑 Precious❤

Priye!!!! Happy birthday dear, you're such an amazing person. Stay beautiful and keeping smiling, you have a nice smile. Obeks loves you

Oh my #$!*!@ words can't describe how excited I am right now
My brother's official journey to greatness is taking a very bold step. Congratulations @mztabahlo I know this movie is going to be amazing. Feels good seeing you rolling with the stars, that's where you belong man😊 can't wait for you to blow uncontrollably
Join me as we anticipate #theislandthemovie
@mztabahlo @mztabahlo @mztabahlo

Throwback to all the amazing memories I've had because of you @socialprefect
You're my role model. The things you've achieved at your age, people can only dream of. I only have one sister and I couldn't have wished for another if I had the chance to. I love you sister 💕 keep being the best. There are few people with the zeal and strong will like you in the world

The winning squad 🔥🔥 #cucsadinner2018

So i bagged some trophies yesterday during our dinner 🏆 this one’s for you mummy and daddy😂 all glory to God .. #cucsadinner2018

Look into our eyes and tell us what you see, 👀 if you look closely i bet you'll see love ❤

Defense done and dusted!!!! I’m really grateful to God for guiding me all through this journey.. It’s been a long ride. I have to testify because it’s been tough. I had to change my topic in November mber. When i hadn’t gone far, my laptop charger spoilt and I couldn’t get a new charger for weeks and I didn’t find anyone with my type of charger to borrow. When I bought charger, my laptop battery damaged and all the sockets in my room stopped working. It was really tough for me and even on my defense morning I wasn’t fully finished and I wanted to give up but I finished and defended and they made only few corrections to my work. Some people may think I’m overreacting but I am really grateful to God for His Grace. At least from my defense I can say that by God’s grace A is in the bag 😬 thanks to all my friends and family that supported me all through also. For all the support and advise I received from them and to my amazing course mates. loading!! I also want to thank my amazing supervisor @suleimanuusaini he’s the best !!!

This one will be feeling like Elvis Presley sha. My own personal Elvis ❤❤❤❤ @__sometimeinjuly

Texas way 💪💪

Update!!! Guess who's now a teenager.., my best friend in the entire world... All the memories we've had together and you're already becoming a man, growing tall, having deep voice, becoming a lady's man (like me😏). Growing up with you was legit amazing. A young man with so much talent. God bless you abundantly brother. I love you.

Happy birthday to my beloved dad.. Thank you for giving me life. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done in my life. I pray for Gods endless blessings on your life. I love you dad. Happy birthday to uncle Ambu your twin too

Happy mother's day

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