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Bananas in your cereal is always a good idea😜.. Happy Tuesday folks xx

Grilled eggplant🍆 + fresh mozzarella🇮🇹 + tomato🍅 on whole wheat brick oven hero🥖 with balsamic glaze + extra virgin olive oil👌🏼.. I always get my bread completely scooped and gutted out so that I’m not overly stuffed and sick when I’m done🐽. It also leaves room for more fill-ins🧀🥑🥓. Anddd it will save you around 100 calories- if that’s your thing🤷🏻‍♀️.. I’m a big Sammie fan. I love turkey & provolone, ham & swiss, roast beef & american, veggies & fresh mozz (obviously), blt’s, pb&j, fluffer-nutters- I mean shall I continue??🙈🙈.. I could never pick one favorite-What’s your go-to sandwich combo??

It’s all about that cheese pull🙌🏼🤤.. Swipe left to see my @ginosvillamonte spinach pinwheel in full action💚💚

Let’s be clear. It was ALL of his Reese’s peanut butter cups. And they were INCREDIBLE🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Got soooo many responses to my story featuring @fromthegroundupsnacks pretzels, that I decided to break em open today🥨.. They are very similar in taste to their cauliflower cheese crackers (minus the cheesiness)🧀.. If you haven’t had @fromthegroundupsnacks products yet, I’d best describe them as little crunchy cauliflower crusts🧐.. I’m definitely a fan, and my tot is too, as he is currently munching on his own plate of pretzels🍽.. Get yours in @wholefoods or on @amazon or check out the @fromthegroundupsnacks page for more buying locations🛒.. Happy eating friends xx

Post workout eats.. Egg whites + spinach + mushroom + tomato.. I wasn’t starving for anything heavy but was definitely craving something warm.. This definitely hit the spot!.. BTW- Anyone else love ketchup and mustard mixed together? Or is that weird and uncommon??🥴

@kodiakcakes power flapjacks smothered in @greekcreamcheese, @traderjoes pumpkin butter & cinnamon- Soo Deliciouss😛.. Each serving contains 14g of muscle-building/belly-filling protein for THREE pancakes🥞.. My third one was thieved by my two year old, but I did end up making another to replace it when I was done with these😉.. I’m not huge on prepackaged foods but if the ingredients and sodium levels check out, I’m okay with it👌🏼.. Plus this morning I was pretty hungry and lazy- not the best combo- but hey I’m glad I was prepared🤓.. Do you have a convenient go-to frozen meal that you can’t live without?? Please share! And have a happy Sunday my friends xx

Idk about you guys, but if I have a big lunch, it completely throws off my appetite for dinner😰.. And thus, this yogurt bowl which was nutritious, delicious and a perfectly satisfying before bed nosh🥣.. Pretty much just a crumbled almond butter @perfectbar over a container of vanilla @oikosprotein triple zero greek yogurt🥄.. That’s it!..Yeah it’s “Saturday Night” but there are no rules- yogurt for dinner, cupcakes for breakfast & what ever you want in between🧁.. YOLO! This is your heyday, make sure you’re in control of it! Good night friends xx

Impromptu lunch date with my hubby.. When was the last time we sat down to a meal just the two of us on the fly?!.. Definitely a nice treat after the gym and before errands!

Analyze That on HBO & Oreo Cheesecake on my couch.. 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️

Dinner wrap🌯

Latergram of today’s snack on the go: @drinkorgain chocolate peanut butter plant based protein bar🍫.. This guy was superrrrrrr chocolatey🥰 with pockets of creamy peanut butter, as well as chunks of crunchy peanuts🥜.. Flavor was 10/10 and being made with wholesome organic ingredients goes beyond rating imo🙌🏼.. Are you a fan of these newly popular clean bars? I definitely recommend them and am looking forward to exploring the other flavors- Stay tuned xx

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