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Whatever the question, coffee is the answer as we round the end of the week☕️☕️.. I mean it’s not that bad, the birds are chirping, which is a welcoming tone to the day (maybe spring is making an appearance??🌸). I definitely did not have my best night’s sleep last night- just too many thoughts in my head💭. Not necessarily all negative either- in fact, some exciting- but just SO many things going on right now🤷🏻‍♀️. I’ve had a few personal challenges lately but also so many blessings and positive changes in the making that it’s hard to ever allow myself to fall into a rut🙅🏻‍♀️. I always have faith in the universe and Gd’s plan, which helps me rest easy without anxiety as my mind plays through all the things😏. Remember you cannot control every circumstance, but you can control how you let it affect you!! I hope YOU are ALL well rested and have a great Friday! Weekends here. TGIF. Let’s do this👊🏼

Craving a GIANT salad for dinner & so that’s what it was😍😍.. Arugula, artichoke heart, black olives and grilled chicken tossed in lemon & evoo👌🏼

#ToastThursday.. @potatorolls whole wheat potato bread, toasted and spread with @boarshead_official chocolate hummus + @driscollsberry organic strawberries.. Spread the love- it’s almost the weekend.. ❤️🙏🏼🍫🍓

Half grilled veggie wrap (extra toasty), greek salad and also the other half of my son’s spinach roll (in the story).. Awesome cheesyyy dinner👌🏼

Ever warm your yogurt bowl?? Game changer🙌🏼.. @siggisdairy no sugar added cinnamon banana whole milk yogurt + @dolepics banana with @mccormickspice cinnamon sprinkles + @eatnuttzo crunchy power fuel + @kizeconcepts peanut butter raw energy bar + (of course) ground pink himilayan salt. Glorious😍.. To think there was a time I ate pungent fat free yogurt or counted and measured all things is absolutely absurd. Living a life where you’re scared of food- one of life’s biggest pleasures bc you need to be “perfect” for a modeling gig is a joke! Yeah I’ve gained weight since starting Intuitive Eating almost a year and a half ago, but I’ve also gained freedom and a life. I don’t stress going out to eat and I no longer order my food high and dry with a double vegetable instead of potato- unless of course that’s what I want! I have refound my love for baked potatoes and bananas and warm bread and butter and all things carbs🥖🥨🍠🍌. I’ve also regained some regularity in my cycle- which is HUGE for me. If you’re irregular ladies, that’s your body’s way of telling you something is off and it is not normal. Your body needs ALL the foods for hormonal health- especially carbs and fats in addition to nutritious vegetables and protein🍳🥑🥜. Do not jeopardize your health and/or sanity to look good in a bathing suit. Your body will find its natural happy place on its own. It’s a lot smarter than we sometimes give it credit for. Give love and you will get love. Guaranteed. Just say no to diets. End of rant. Happy Wednesday instafam xx

Creamy glazed donut ice cream.. Swirls of chocolate frosting.. Tons of rainbow sprinkles.. AWESOME🍩🍩.. #OddsInYourFlavor #TeamEnightened #AlwaysAndForever

First thing I’m eating today & it’s beyond delicious! Whole wheat wrap with grilled veggies + fresh mozz and a size of steamed spinach.. #Cheesy #Perfection

Making some pbj for the little man this morning using @nuttzo crunchy power fuel + @smuckersbrand natural raspberry on lightly toasted pita.. Let’s see how it goes. Will be up in the story!

Midday pick me upper during a crazy day🍫☕️. I had one of which I’m sure will be “many” scares as a mom of a boy, when my son fell on his head earlier today🤕.. He was cleared by his doctor and has been in good spirits but I will definitely continue to monitor him throughout the night🙏🏼.. This mom business is no joke. Its definitely the hardest job I’ve ever had to do- yet at the same time, more rewarding than could ever be imagined❤️.. I’m so grateful for my son and will be sure to give an extra prayer for my gratitude tonight✨.. Hope you all had a productive and happy day. Goodnight instafam xx

Dilled salmon with salad and baked potato andddd tzatziki sauce of course.. #MeatlessMonday #Dinner

Vanilla overnight protein oats with banana and raspberries, a heaping spoonful of @kalotsuperfood Blueberry-vanilla cashew butter + sprinkles of pink himilayan salt (obviously).. I’m not usually into fruity foods but lately I’ve been craving them, so I’ll embrace it while it lasts! This bowl was really refreshing, satisfying and I lovedddd the cashew butter!.. Definitely looking forward to repeating this breakfast again soon (tap for other ingredients used). For now, it’s coffee & then off to work.. Happy rainy Monday friends☔️💦

Grilled chx + grilled eggplant + grilled portobello mushroom over mixed salad 🥗.. We were out of the house most of the day and so I ate a lot of packaged food (chips, nuts, dried fruit)😝. It got the job done but my body was definitely craving something fresh for dinner. The guys had pizza and chicken parm, which would usually be appealing to me too but my palate just wasn’t feeling it🤷🏻‍♀️.. It’s a process and it’s not always so easy and cut and dry but I can’t recommend #IntuitiveEating enough- especially if you’re sick of dieting or counting or obsessing over food😑.. Anyway hope you all enjoy your evening. I’m off to watch Trolls with the baby before shower and bed. Goodnight friends xx

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