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The_Medicine_Tree  🌿A Minneapolis Community APOTHeCaRY offering herbal goods and education💖3706 34th st. E., 55406 •open Monday thru Saturday 10am to 6 pm•

Meet "Tilia" our new shop mascot! Tilia believes strongly that herbal medicine is the People's medicine. They believe that purchasing lovingly handcrafted herbal goods and artisan gifts are a beautiful way to support community. Tilia enjoys long walks in the woods, drinking wild-crafted teas + herbal beverages, and harvesting the abundant herbs that grow just outside their door with these new Amsha baskets that we just received in the shop! Come on by and meet Tilia and see all of the new goodies we are stocking everyday!
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🌾N O U R I S H🌾
I am feeling proud today that I have been right on top of my daily nourishing herbal infusions lately! This one here is Oatstraw. Nourishing herbal infusions were made popular by Susun Weed~ our wild and witchy herbal elder of the Catskill Mountains. These herbal preparations are easy to make (simply putting about a cup of dried herb in a quart jar, and filling it up to the top with boiling water. Cap and let steep anywhere from 4-10 hours. voila!) Long-steeped water based preparations such as these have the ability to pull out an astounding amount of bio-available vitamins and minerals ~ as well as the full flavor and magic of our most nutrient dense plant allies. It is important to only make nourishing herbal infusions from NOURISHING herbs~ Red Clover, Comfrey, Nettle, Linden, Oatstraw, Rosehip, Mallow, and Hibiscus. It is important NOT to use strongly aromatic herbs such as peppermint as it can be very irritating to the kidneys. .
So Cheers to my beautiful body who holds me and carries me through life, here's to all of you working hard at self-care everyday~ finding the balance and following the protocols, and here's to Susun for reminding us of the importance of nourishing wisely.
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This is how I entertain the baby when ya'll aren't here. 😜💁🏼🤷🏼‍♀️💃🏽 #cancan #killinit #mondaze #sotired #letmeentertainyou #goingcuckoo #herbshop #herbalistanddancer #shhh

Come join us N E X T. S A T U R D A Y. For our Vernal Equinox Open House 🏡🐣🍃🌱We will have some delightful spring Herbal beverages, henna design, tarot readings, 20% off retail, various demos and mini consults throughout the day as well as yummy spring inspired snacks! 🌷🌔💫Please! Join us!
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Hunka hunka cocoa love! Bulk cocoa butter is now back in stock! Certified fair trade + organic. $20/lb. Oh! The smells! Mmm... #herbshop #herbal #apothecary #theobromacacao #cacaomedicine #cacaolove

( • ) ( • ) B O S O M • N E C T A R🍼
This is my nightly tea nowadays. A supportive blend for adequate and rich lactation. Crafted with organic Milky oat seed,, Blessed Thistle herb, Fennel, Fenugreek and Anise seed, Marshmallow + Licorice Roots, and wild-harvested local Nettles and Raspberry leaf.
@This blend most supports adequate lactation when it is paired with nourishing herbal infusions of Nettles, Oatstraw, and Linden, as well as plenty of water and healthy fats, leafy greens, and grass fed meats.
#bosomnectar #lactation #mamamilk #yum #boobs #love #feedingwithlove

Join us tomorrow night from 6:30 to 8pm for our monthly Herbal Conversations: Osha. Each month join us for a free event facilitated by Sacha (Sarah Huenecke) where we journey through plant meditation and share with each other our findings. It's amazing how much we can know about plant medicine simply by asking the plant itself!
Come experience community, knowledge sharing, and plant meditation with us. .
#plant #medicine #love #osha ##meditation #community

✨Y A Y✨
Happy to have a fresh order of @brownbearherbs delightful herbal cigs back in the shop! Their energy is at once grounding, opening, and comforting. I love how they are a nicotine-free AND guilt-free way to indulge in the act of meeting earth with air and fire. /
/Smoking has always been a way for me to connect with myself and calm anxiety~ anxiety that stretches back to my childhood. My father was (and still is) a smoker, and I remember being a young child and feeling so comforted by the scent of smoke. This stayed with me and I grew up loving the smell and smoking on my own at an early age. It took until my last pregnancy that I was finally tired of the habit and was lucky to drop it without issue. I absolutely acknowledge tobacco as a big teacher and healer, but it is no longer my medicine, (at least for now). I am grateful to have these herbal smokes as an alternative when I am out with friends or needing to have that ceremony of breathing in earth 🌏 meets air 🌬meets fire. 🔥
#brownbearherbs #herbalsmokes #herbalcigs #ceremony #earth #air #fire #elementalbeing #embodyelements #ihaveanewphotoeditingappcanyatell #herbshop #love

Good Morning and Happy Monday! An array of retro colored glass potion bottles for you! We also have Elderberries back in stock as well as many other bulk herbs that have been out of stock for the last week or so. Come say "hi"! #herbshop #community #apothecary #herbalism #herbalmedicine #love #potion #bottles #collection

Working the shop this morning with the baby and the three year old! This oughta be interesting! There is something in me that feels it is so important to share the experience of working in the shop together. Ryder, my oldest, was working the shop with me on Monday because of the snow day, and I explained to him how in the old days, children had no choice but to come to work with their parents and learn the trade. I explained that the "family business" was passed down, not out of pride (though there is certainly that too!) or ego, but out of sheer necessity. Our ancestors didn't have the luxury of daycare or nannies~ they just brought the kids along and the kids HAD to help. There was no other choice. This value is important for me to pass down. My great grandparents owned a grocery store here in south Minneapolis (where Marla's Caribbean Restaurant is now,) which if you know me, is SO close to where I live now!!!) They lived above the store (which was a very common thing to do, and I have learned was brought over from old Europe). I'm sure my grandmother grew up working and playing at the store, and it feels very beautiful and appropriate to pass that down to my children.
#motherhood #imournthelossofthevillageeveryday #ittakesavillage #butitsjustme #werk #hustle #thatmamahustle #ancestors vi#honoryourancestors #talktoyourancestors

There is still time to embark on this plant healing path with an open-hearted and loving guide! (That would be me!) Each year's Herban Roots Apprenticeship is even better than the last. This is a fantastic opportunity to study plant identification, wild medicine making, organ systems and their corresponding materia medica, consitutions, seeing clients and so much more, in a focused and loving group atmosphere!
Interested? We still have a few spots left! If you would like more information, please email moonmamajess@gmail.com

For previous students~ Please share wildly! Your reviews mean so much to me and others you recommend the course to.

#herbshop #herbalmedicine #herbalism #plantpath #herballearning #apothecary

Lovely new shipment of @onewillow_apothecaries essences just arrived! We have been absolutely swooning over their sweet yet potent earth alchemy + flower essences! Each comes with an educational + thorough description card to take home. We have also displayed our girl @blushinglakes ' mystical magic wands right along with them to keep the vibes even higher! .
Open tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am to 6pm. Come see!

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