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The_Medicine_Tree  🌿Minneapolis Community Apothecary~full herbal pharmacy of both western and TCM herbs, herbal goods and education💖3706 E. 34th st~Monday-Saturday 10-6

Free herb clinic tonight from 5-8pm! All are welcome!
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Good Morning ☀️ and Happy Saturday!
We are FINALLY restocked with Sisters of the Valley 🌈 full spectrum 🌈 CBD oil!
This hemp-infused plant oil is completely Womxn-owned and crafted reverently according to the moon cycles in Merced, California. We are proud to be the only stockist of this superior hemp product in the midwest! 🌿
Excited to now be offering 1/2 oz sample size options of their CBD as well. Come check it out at our lovely shop today from 10-6. ✨❤️🌈🌿❤️🌈🌿❤️🌈🌿✨ #hemplove #witchshop #sistersofcbd #cbdoil #minneapolis #plantlove #apothecary #herbalmedicine

🕸🔮T H E. M E D I C I N E. T R E E🔮🕸
H E R B 🌿W I T C H💫S P O T L I G H T🕯

A Blessed Samhain to All! Gather around as I introduce you to the mysterious and magnetic Heather Sage!

Whenever I spend even a smidgen of time with Heather I am surprised and delighted of a new perspective or talent she has hidden up her sleeve. I know you all are, (or will be, as well!)
Heather Sage is passionate about receiving and sharing the teachings of plants on a somatic level. How does interacting with this plant inform and facilitate sensation and embodiment? How can the lessons and abilities of our plant kin be integrated into our human experience of being? She loves to swim and explore in the confluence of inner and outer ecology, to dance in the edges where science, tradition, intuition, and sensation meet. Heather graduated from the Advanced Clinical Herbalist training at the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine in 2017 and continues to draw from diverse studies in yoga, myofascial bodywork, emotional integration, tantra, breathwork, dance, and creative arts to inform her work with clients. She is writing a novel during National Novel Writing Month (November!) and it will mostly be fueled by dates dipped in ghee.
We are intrigued and excited to see the ways in which Heather Sage and The Medicine Tree will together weave the wondrous web of plant connection and community healing.
Thank you Heather Sage, we love you! ❤️ #witchshop #apothecary #somaticherbalism #magicalhumans #themedicinetree #communityherbalism #herbwitch

🌿🕸M E D I C I N E 🌿T R E E🕸🌿
✨W I T C H 💫S P O T L I G H T🕯

Hey Community! ~~~ Meet Gina!
Our vivacious and compassionate shop Witch on Saturdays and Monday mornings! Gina is a dedicated mother and a true-blue friend. She is ignited about keeping lands wild! Protecting native plant habitats & raising more awareness around the importance of a diverse ecology for plants, pollinators & people alike.

As an herbalist & medicine maker, Gina is continually driven to help facilitate people in finding their own connection and path to plants, and she does it well!
Thank you for being a part of our Medicine Tree family, Gina! We love you!
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🕸Medicine Tree Witch Spotlight🕸

This week of Samhain we will be introducing you to one of our herb-shop witches everyday! Today we will start by introducing you to Sarah.

Hey, Instagram! Meet Sarah!
Sarah Damlo is a skilled homeopath and herbalist and is our main shop Witch on Monday afternoons from 2-6 and all day Friday. Sarah is passionate about mothering, and offering her creativity through cooking, baking, and making plant medicines. She finds deep, fulfilling empowerment through working and being with the plants and the life-long learning that comes with the study of plant medicines.
Sarah graduated from Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in 2017, has taken our community herbalist apprenticeship program, and also has a background in visual arts. We are SO grateful to have Sarah as a part of our Medicine Tree family, and we know you'll appreciate her kind-hearted nature as well!
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Class tonight! We can't wait to play with medicinal mushroom brews, fresh Elderberries, and recently wild-harvested Usnea, and you! I'm making one last spot available if you'd like to join us. Call the shop at (612) 751-5200. See you there!

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Class tonight! Stocking Your Autumnal Apothecary: Remedies + Recipes for the cold and flu season.
In this class we will discuss the energetics of upper respiratory infections, the proper way to use herbs and other natural remedies to shorted the duration and severity of colds and flus, PLUS we will be making *tons* of remedies to bring home and stock our own autumnal apothecaries!! 🍂🔥🌿🍂🔥✨ There are still a couple spots left! Join us!

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We are spending the morning processing ALL the Hawthorn medicines! Hawthorn berry brandy, Hawthorn berry honey, Hawthorn berry elixir, Hawthorn berry + leaf + flower tincture, and Hawthorn + Rosehip + Schisandra berry solid extract! Whew! 🍒
Do you love and/or work with Hawthorn medicine? What's your favorite preparation? 🍒
We were dispensing many extracts last night in the free clinic with Hawthorn in them. We love using Hawthorn as an energetic balm to slather on a raw, grieving heart, as an ally for those who are experiencing heartbreak of all kinds. Hawthorn's tart flavor and astringent impression make it a cooling and tonifying plant medicine that has an affinity for the physical heart muscle, making it a wonderful accompaniment to any heart-healthy regimen. 🍒
Packed full of B vitamins, vitamin C, and incredibly high in bioflavonoids, makes Hawthorn a safe, food-like choice for many~ which are our favorite kind of plant of plant medicines! 🌿


Hawthorn is a magical, sacred tree in the Celtic tradition and is commonly associated with the faery realm. It is said that if you sleep under the Hawthorn tree when the veil is thin, (commonly during Beltane or Samhain,) the fae-folk will steal you away to their realm never to return! ✨

Hawthorn has been written about by many herbalists throughout history and some of our favorite accounts are from Asia Suler @onewillow_apothecaries in her class: Herbs for the Otherworld (a timely read, for sure!) a plant walk video from jim mcdonald, and an materia medica musing from Robin Rose Bennett in her book The Gift of the Healing Herbs~ and that's just a few off the top of my head!
Any personal journeys, favorite materia medicas, or other musings on Hawthorn that you'd like to share? Please do so in the comments below! OR stop by to experience the magic and mystery of Hawthorn yourself with one of our fantastic Hawthorn preparations in store! You'll be glad you did. ❤️✨🍒 #hawthorn #crataegus #heartmedicine #love #plantlove #medicinemaker #plantmedicine #foodismedicine #hawthornlove #herbalist

🍄🍫Reishi Hot Cacao is in the crock-pot and ready to serve! In-joy one here in one of our vintage mugs and chat about plants with us! 🌱🍄✨🍫🍂 #herbaldrinks #apothecary #community #herbalism #mushroomcocoa #therealdeal #hotcacao #reishimushroom #reishicacao #vitality #nourish

Here is our upcoming events schedule for October!

• 🍂Stocking Your Autumnal Apothecary: Remedies + Recipes🍂Friday October 19th 6-8pm

Explore remedies + recipes for cold + flu, upper respiratory infections, and fevers. Make things to take home and stock your own apothecary for the cold moons. •

🍄Stocking Your Autumnal Apothecary: Immunity🍄 Friday October 26th 6-8pm

Come explore adaptive and innate immunity with community herbalist Jessie Belden. We will discuss how-to effectively craft your own mushroom medicines. With samples and goodies to take home to stock your own apothecaries for the upcoming cold moons. •

🎃S P O O K Y Medicines🎃 Saturday October 27th 11am to 12:30 pm

Come join community herbalist Jessie Belden in discussing a collection of spooky medicines: Devil's Club, Witch Hazel, and Ghost Pipe! Make a spooky Medicine and stay after class for warm herbal drinks and community Halloween celebration!

Now that the weather is cooler, it's the perfect time to cozy up in the classroom!

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Excited to announce that its THAT time of year once again! Autumn is when the apprentices graduate and those who so choose, move on from the program to apprenticing in the FREE herbal clinic! 🌿.
Free clinics run every Monday night from 5pm to 8pm beginning October 8th!!

How they work: show up anytime from 5-7:30 pm! Clinics are first come, first serve. You may certainly call ahead and let us know that you plan to come, but we do not reserve spaces. You will fill out a short "freedom of care" form and then a student herbalist and I will sit together as you go through your story and main concerns. We will use tongue assessment and our expert questioning skills to come up with appropriate remedies for you and then we will formulate herbal medicines on the spot and you will be on your merry way! We will then call you the next week or you're free to come in for a short follow up! That's it! 🌿.
YOU help a student learn the craft so long to learn, and WE supply you with handcrafted herbal medicines! WIN/WIN! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 PLEASE! SPREAD THE WORD! 🗣🎤📡 #herbalmedicine #freeclinic #communityherbalism #supportcommunityherbalists #radicalherbalism #madewithlove #herbalstudents #studentsoflife #planthealers

REALLY excited about our new storefront signage! My daughter Juniper said, "Mom! It's a real store now!" Come on by and check out a REAL herb shop! We have new botanical dye kits from @northerndyer and a fresh shipment of Kava Kava + CBD Chocolates just arrived!
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