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I knew you wouldn’t be happy about me getting a new arm but…KINETIC ENERGY!! Imagine what I could do with that. I was talking about FIGHTING, Steve. For once, there was no innuendo whatsoever! What did I tell you about you having a fetish? Yeah, yeah…Let’s not talk about that again. *wink* Anyway, I’m fully aware it’s not like having a new haircut, but Shuri insisted it was gonna be like an average surgery. A risk for my brain? Please. How many times did I go under the knife this year because of injuries I got on the field? Exactly. And I’m still here. So, you know, undergoing such a procedure in WAKANDA, the most advanced country in the world… Steve, your eyes are screaming “What if you don’t wake up?”, but really, you don’t have to worry. Yes, I’m not gonna lie, I’m really tempted.  I’m already perfect as I am? Steve, even Bugatti Veyrons are required to have their shock absorbers or their brake pads checked and replaced. It’s not my fault if even perfection needs a little tweaking sometimes! Damn, 9:54am already!! Can you go faster please? I’m meeting Clint in 6 minutes. It’s our weekly Donut Day, no way I’m gonna be late. (Photo: Sam, who is invited to Donut Day too, of course.) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4

“I didn’t stop by only to say “hi”, I wanted to show you my new creation. I know: “WOW” indeed. This is a new prototype I have been working on this last month. It’s my little side project, I needed to relax and put my mind on something simple for a change. It’s 100% vibranium and like the suit I designed for my brother, it uses kinetic energy. You’re gonna have a BLAST, literally. Lasers…? Why someone would even *want* lasers when they can have kinetic energy! Are you even listening to what I’m saying?! Focus! Where was I? Ah yes…Matte black. Gold interlaced. I can change the color, but I think it’s the kind of “aesthetic” you secretly enjoy even if you don’t seem like the show-off type. Tsss, please! I saw you lurking at the gold and black version of my brother’s suit last time you dropped by my lab. You could buy the state of New York with your current arm, now you can add Texas and California to the list. Yeah, yeah, T’Challa’s work was “not bad”, I know, but it could be greatly improved. I helped him with a couple of stuff at the time, but believe me, if I were fully involved in the project, your arm would have been pretty different and closer to the model I’m showing you now. Don’t judge me! I have to let T’Challa enjoy himself from time to time, it’s good for his king ego. I am an awesome sister, no need to tell me. Jokes aside, getting rid of all the programming Hydra put in your brain was already taking a good part of my time, I couldn’t afford some additional “mecha design” to my already busy schedule. If you are interested in this new arm, you’ll just have to travel to Wakanda. Three-four days will be more than enough. No, no, the procedure won’t be as heavy as the one you had in 2016. Everything is already Wakandan technology in your shoulder so it would be like…changing a wheel. *laugh* Yeah, sure, I can add a star somewhere if you want to! I have several models ready, I *knew* you would ask me something like that!” #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4 #shuri #blackpanther #wakanda #letitiawright

Alright, guys. There’s someone important I want to introduce to you. I casually dropped her name around a month ago, but I think it’s time for a proper introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, BEHOLD, Princess Shuri of Wakanda, one of the most gifted, if not THE most gifted scientist in the world…coming back from Disneyland, apparently. What? It’s the 21st century, Princesses can have fun like you and me! Well, only “you” actually because “me” and Disneyland… Anyway. Yeah, I have the privilege to count the coolest princess in the world as a friend. Kate Middlewho, exactly. I wish I could have told you about this exceptional person, her kindness and her generosity, a long time ago but…WHAT?! Excuse me?! No, come oooOOOoOon! You insisted you wanted to stay under the radar so I mentioned you as little as possible and now you are accusing me of what…? Acting as the typical white guy and erasing the amazing black woman from the story? Please! You were the one who requested I shouldn’t talk about Wakanda too much, you even blew a fuse when I posted pics at my Instagram about a year ago. *laugh* But things have changed now, right? You guys are all over the place! No more hiding! Oh yes, your brother’s speech at the U.N will go down in history, for sure. I couldn’t stop laughing when T’Challa activated his Kimoyo beads and the Secretary-General almost fell off his chair and…Alright. I’m sure you are not here to talk about the good old days. So, Princess, what brings you here? (PS: No, it’s not my sweater, it’s Steve’s. Do you see me buying something like this? I grabbed the first thing I found this morning because I was late!) (Mod note: I had to change the timeline about Wakanda coming to light. It’s coming far latter into the story compared to the movies. Once again, the MCU will be the death of me 😶) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4 #shuri #blackpanther #wakanda #letitiawright

« F.R.I.D.A.Y? Code Red. Crimson. Scarlet. BURGUNDY. Level 10. I want a cleaning team ASAP in the meeting room at the compound. Everything has to be impeccable. The table. The chairs (PARTICULARLY MINE). The floor. The ceiling. Yeah, even the ceiling, you never know. The team we use in case of a biohazard contamination? EXCELLENT IDEA MY DEAR! And prepare a disinfection unit for me too, just in case. *SIGH* I swear to god…They are going to kill me. One day, my arc reactor is gonna stop, just like that and it’s gonna be because of these two. Or Parker. This kid is probably first in line for my upcoming heart attack.” (Photo: Pepper) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4 #rdj #ironman #robertdowneyjr

I can’t believe it, you’re still in denial about your fetish! Dude, cooooome on admit it! I mean, I could tell the Internet about all the kinky stuff I do to you with my arm, but yeah, I get it, you are gonna blow my head off if I do. You could totally blow something else right now if you want….Damn, Stevie, it’s…it’s just a joke and I’ve heard you say FAR WORSE to the team. Ok, I recognize it’s not my most tasteful one, but I think you should be used to it by now! Jeeeesus. I haven’t seen you THIS red since that time I posted this pic of us in bed recording a video or when we had s*x in the conference room of the compou..Ok. Right. People don’t need to know that. I’m keeping my mouth shut. *laugh* WOW! You’re two shades of red darker, now! What about that! Hmm…Come here, I need you for a scientific experiment: let’s see if your cheeks can turn EVEN redder… (Photo: my camera on the kitchen table) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4

However, do you know who’s the number one fan of what makes me the coolest Avenger? Bingo! When we are home, alone, Steve spends his time holding my hand, kissing the tip of my fingers, putting them on his face…I’m not gonna lie, it’s extremely pleasant and distracting: my new arm is so sensitive and close to an actual arm made of flesh and blood that I have no problem feeling Steve’s fingers move against mine, the heat of his skin, even his pulse…while being completely immune when hitting a concrete wall or crushing an alien in half. Man, Wakandan technology is a blessing. Anyway, beyond the “fetish appeal” I know it’s a way for him to show me he loves me as I am and that my “little particularity” doesn’t make any difference to him. I’ll never thank him enough for that. Yeah, I’m a “tough guy” and all, but these small acts of love are sometimes what I need when I have, rarely, moments of insecurity. What? You want me to tell my followers that you don’t have a fetish with my arm? PLEASE! You TOTALLY do Captain, don’t deny it! 1) It’s true and 2) it’s the 21st century, even America’s favorite superhero, whom the country still pictures as a blushing virgin with no s*x life, is allowed to be kinky. Your kink is to have 24 hours of actual silence in this house? That’s the biggest lie I’ve heard this week and that includes Barton pretending he wasn’t hungry the other day when we passed that Burger King on Fulton Street! #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4

What also makes me feel better about my arm, and makes me realize that everything changed, is people’s reaction to it, especially kids. When we have to evacuate a battlefield, children often ask to go “with the robot-man with the cool arm, pleeease”. My presence is apparently reassuring for some obscure reason, not to mention it makes the children immediately comfortable when I tell them that they can ask me all the questions if they want to. Yes, yes, they are practically ALWAYS the same questions, but I really don’t mind when I see the smile on their faces: “Does it rust?” (Thank god no, it wouldn’t be very convenient to take a shower), “Is there like…a real arm inside?” (Hmmm…Technically, a whole part of my shoulder, including the muscles and the bones is contained in the metal structure, but I don’t think that 5 year olds need to know about these kind of details…), “Does your mom help you put it on every morning?” (I’m a big boy now, I can do it on my own, but when I’m sick I ask my boyfriend or my friends to help me because there’s no shame in asking for support even when you are a strong superhero), “Do you know The Falcon? Is he nice? ^^”(Ok, nothing to do with my arm, but kids often ask me about Sam so I have to lie and say that the guy is actually super “nice” and “funny” or whatever 😜). Anyway, long story short, my arm makes me the coolest Avenger, I don’t make the rules. Yes, it *totally* does, you are ALL freaking jealous, even you Steve. Pfffff…Do you want to talk about this little girl who kicked you in the knees and ran away because she was afraid of your beard? Thank you. And my “Awesomeness Points” blow up when I show pics of Fräulein Rambo hugging her pink polka dots blanket. The Iron Man suit is more popular? Stop it, Stark! It’s embarrassing, even for you! You can’t compete, just admit your defeat and move on! #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4 #rdj #robertdowneyjr

I started to gradually accept my arm the moment I stopped seeing it as an instrument of death designed by Nazis with delusions of grandeur and began to understand I had the opportunity to use it to defend the ones in need and really make a difference. It didn’t happen overnight of course: when I looked at my arm, I couldn’t help reliving the murders of all the innocents this metal monstrosity slaughtered, but, you know, life doesn’t always offer you a second chance so instead of throwing myself a permanent pity party and crying on Steve’s very muscular and manly shoulder, I moved my a**, got in the field again and tried to do what was right. Fate decided I would never be an ordinary guy, with an ordinary life and an ordinary job so here I am, always ready to fight whatever crap is threatening Earth this week. In addition, as I already told you when we ran Number Three of this list, I love my work and I don’t see myself doing anything else. Yeah, yeah, my depressed and full of PTSD a** still has moments of self-doubt, but it’s NOTHING compared to what it was 5-6 years ago. What made the situation even better and reconcile me even more with what is a bit of my “trademark” now, was when T’Challa replaced my original arm after it was destroyed during the big 2016 “Civil War”; not all the pain linked to the various Hydra procedures vanished, but it was lighter and infinitely stronger than the former model. With one blow I destroyed two walls of the lab when T’Challa’s team was bringing the last adjustments. Alright, to be completely honest with you, it’s not exactly T’Challa ALONE who took care of the whole process, but we’ll get back to that later, I promise, because I really want to give credit where credit is due.😉 #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4 #rdj #robertdowneyjr #tonystark #tomholland #spiderman #pepperpotts #gwynethpaltrow

So…my arm. It took me some time to accept it and I’m sure you’re surprised to even see it on this list. NGL, for a long time, I had a love/hate relationship with it. Ok, more like a hate/hate relationship. Yeah, yeah, it looks cool as f**k and “chicks dig it” like Wade loves to say, but keep in mind that in the beginning nobody asked for my opinion. I was with Steve on a mission, fell from that damn train and next thing I knew, I was in a Hydra facility with scientists treating me like a guinea pig. Yes, I remember it. I remember everything. That’s one of the side effects of the serum, it enhances my memories, same for Steve. Anyway, for months doctors experimented on my arm, tweaking it, adding metal parts, removing muscle, digging into nerves and bones…What? You seriously thought that Hydra designed their most powerful weapon in a lab, equipped me with it and…tadaa, behold The Winter Soldier? Not even close! Those long procedures are the reason why I have so many scars near my shoulder and I can tell you that what you saw from them at this Instagram is NOTHING compared to what it was before Wakandans took care of me. The pain was excruciating, not only during the surgeries that were done without any kind of anesthetics, but ALL THE F**KING TIME, even long after they were done with me. No, no, the fact that I was brainwashed didn’t change a thing, unfortunately, I could still feel pain, as if I were a spectator outside of my own body, aware of every sensation, every touch. The situation got even worse when I escaped Hydra because I was fully conscious, so I just…I learned to live with it, taking pain killers, legal and illegal (mostly useless, even morphine and don’t get me started on weed), doing my best to forget about it. I couldn’t ask for help either as I had Hydra and the biggest intelligence agencies on my tail. I preferred laying low in my little Bucharest flat than going back to the fridge even if it meant laying on my back for hours, biting a piece of wood so that the neighbors couldn’t hear me scream during a flare. #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #infinitywar #avengers4

Alright, now that we are back on Earth, literally, time to resume the “Hulk’s Feel Good List”. Where were we? Steve, check. My friends, check…My job, food and vacation, check. Ah! Here we are! NUMBER SIX: my arm. Rambo, I said my ARM, not my CAT, you are *not* on the list, remember! Ouch…we already talked about this young lady, NOT THE HAIR! Yeah, go ahead, whine, sing me the song of your people. Nya nya nya nya. I’m used to it! If you hadn’t started messing with the flower pots I wouldn’t have had to bathe you. Actions, consequences. I didn’t like it either! Nobody liked it! Steve, instead of taking pictures and laughing like a hysterical hyena, help me a bit, will you! (Photo: Steve) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4 #rdj #robertdowneyjr #cat

“The Prodigal Son has a couple of minutes to Skype with mom and dad before going drunk on space cocktails? Splendid! So, it’s the big day, Rogers! What’s your age again? 14, 15? When I see your matureness sometimes, I wonder. Hey, you are surrounded! The “Galaxy Super Has-Beens” are with you? Personally, I prefer spending my birthday alone. Do you know why? So that I can have my cake and eat it too. No, it wasn’t a “Dad’s Joke”, Pepper, absolutely NOT. It’s FUNNY and don’t forget that I’m naturally funny because my whole life is a joke. Anyway, happy birthday, old sport. Be careful, puberty will hit you soon! By the way, is Barnes with you? Fantastic, keep him with you in space and…ARE YOU GOING TO SHUT UP BACK THERE?! Yeah, it’s “Captain America”, he saw you. Congrats Ned, we are all happy that “Sempai noticed you” or something. And what are you even DOING here?!! Did you become an Avenger overnight? No? So how do you manage to be CONSTANTLY around? You’re like Vision, you pass through walls or what? For the love of god next time bring me with you Rogers. I’d rather deal with Quill than to be in this constant hell of a kindergarten!” #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4 #rdj #robertdowneyjr #tonystark #tomholland #spiderman #pepperpotts #gwynethpaltrow

Time for the cake…and A'askvariian drinks (No, Thor my friend, we didn’t forget)! I know, I know, it’s not my best creation, it’s rather simple, but I did the best I could with what I could find on the ship and it’s not so bad considering I even had to use ingredients I had NO IDEA what the hell they could be! Don’t give me that look, I trusted Quill, who was my faithful assistant on the project. However, I started to have some pretty serious doubts when he told me that it was perfectly normal for the flour to be pink because “of coooourse flour is pink, Barnes!! Aren’t you supposed to be the chef at home or something? You don’t KNOW that?!” I *think* the poor boy doesn’t have a lot of memories from his time on Earth. Anyway, I’m convinced this damn cake is gonna accomplish what Thanos couldn’t and kill us all, but you know what, it’s perfectly fine by me because at the end of the day, Steve is delighted! Mentis confirmed, so no doubt about it! What the hell is the girl wearing? “Super trendy Midgardian fashion”, present from Thor. It’s always great to have friends who bring you presents from the other side of the galaxy, even if it’s not your birthday. (Photo: Kraglin) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers4 #thor #chrishemsworth #gotg #chispratt #zoesaldana

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