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Bucky Barnes  Bucky Barnes' Instagram. My life with Steve, mainly, and tons of other stuff. Don't call me James.

No, No…I didn’t want to say “stupid”, I’m sorry. I’m horrible sometimes, I didn’t even realize and I tend to forget you’re a cat and that you don’t understand sarcasm. Or maybe…you do? Anyway, you’re not stupid. A BIT of a pain in the a** occasionally, but certainly not stupid. Come here, give me a kiss. Theeere! And you aren’t a guest either, of course. You’re home. It would be amazing if you could understand that it’s you living at MY place and not the other way around, but I guess I’ll just have to accept the situation as it is. “A woman’s will is God’s will” after all! However, the more I think about it the more I realize you aren’t just a fur ball hanging around the house and knocking off every item she comes across: you’re the BEST cover I’ve ever had. I mean, the whole intelligence community is spying on me on Instagram (hey Hydra, how’s it going? KGB, DGSE, MI6, Mossad, hope you’re doing fine as well), they think I went soft because of my “cute boyfriend” and my “cute cat” and my “cute birthday parties”!! HA! HA! HA! Well, that’s what the guy who tried to ice me during a mission the other day told me anyway. True story. I’m not the one who went back home with two broken arms. And this a-hole can thank Stevie for that: I was about to break his legs as well, but Cap told me to stop so…What do you want me to say! You can do something nice for the love of your life from time to time, I guess. WAIT A MINUTE. Maybe I AM getting soft….if you don’t count the Hydra agent I shot directly in the chest with the Benelli. But he asked for it, he had a grenade in his hand and he didn’t drop it even after I POLITELY requested to put it on the floor. People are pigs these days, I swear! When I started in the business, we had principles, SOME respect and… (Photo: Steve) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3 #cat #cats

Ok, before starting this list, we’re gonna clear up a couple of things: she is NOT gonna be included, not even as an honorary mention. She’s already the queen of the house, she does whatever the f**k she wants, she’s even more manipulative than Nat and me combined so if I add her to the list of the 10 most important things in my life her head is not gonna fit through the door anymore. Yeah, you’re spoiled enough as it is without thinking you are super important. You’re not, you are just a guest here, you stupid little fur ball! (Photo: Steve) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3 #cat #cats

“You gave Barnes a “to do list”? HA! HA! But…YOU ARE A F**KING GENIUS! He’s gonna be busy going through his list, talking about his life like a granny in a rocking chair and he won’t spend his time hanging out in the lab. You maybe found the ULTIMATE way to get rid of him after all. Not to mention that, without the tin can around, it will leave you more time to listen to me! I’ve wanted to tell you about something for a long time by the way, I need your opinion. Ok, try to picture the scene: Winter 2006. Pepper threw this AMAZING Christmas party just for me. I was too blind to realize she was the woman of my life, even if deep down, it was obvious. *cough cough* Well, not THAT obvious or else I wouldn’t have ended the evening with a “Victoria’s Secret” model.  Olga…? Tanya…? Mina…? Something with “a” – Keep your head still Doc, it’s gonna mess with the results. Just let me know if you feel like turning green – Yeah, what was I saying? AMANDA, the fashion model! Thank you F.R.I.D.A.Y! An amazing woman who loved life as much as I did and who…” (Photo: Rhodey)  #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3 #starbucks #tonystark #rdj #robertdowneyjr #brucebanner #hulk #markruffalo

I received an email from Bruce today, I can’t say I’m surprised: Banner has never been the communicative type and when he has something to say, all we get is a cryptic one-line text before finally having Vision dropping by to tell us what it’s ACTUALLY about. What’s in the email? Bruce is giving me a sort of list. Let me read that to you …hmmm…Where is it? Ah there! “I hope you’re doing better after the last mission (well, I can almost move my right hand now, there’s some improvement)…Blah blah blah…I’m sorry for dropping a wall on you in the heat of battle (sh*t happens Brucie, no big deal)…Blah blah blah…Sorry about Steve as well…(we’ve always wanted to die together like Romeo and Juliet and you almost fulfilled that dream, we’re cool..)…” - More rambling, EVEN MORE RAMBLING. Oh Jesus…Get to the point. Steve, you’re not helping. AH! Here it is! - “…and as a friend and your secondary shrink, a role I’m fully embracing now, mostly because I realized I didn’t have a choice in the matter, I think it would be a great idea, instead of going through old memories like you did at the beginning of each previous year, to list the 10 most important and positive things about your life. This list will give you the opportunity to…Blah² blah² blah²”. Long story short, Bruce wants me to share with you the 10 things I love about my life. Not a bad idea and it won’t turn this Instagram into a pity party like when I was telling you about the events of 2016. Challenge accepted Doc, I’ll start next week, stay tuned! (Pic: Miss Camera and her faithful assistant, Mister Tripod)  #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3 #cat #cats

And my birthday wouldn’t be my birthday without a little “present from me to me”! Unlike the Nike sneakers I bought last year, this one only cost me $30. I found it in a garage sale. It’s almost a museum piece and I’m sure the seller, a grumpy grandma with glasses almost as big as her face, had NO idea this thing actually cost BUTTLOADS of money. I tried to offer more because I happen to be an honest man, but she wouldn’t have it! “Go away with that stinky old garbage and give me my 30 bucks!!” Alright Ma’am! I’m leaving! *laugh* Anyway, this jacket isn’t just ANY jacket: it dates back to WW2 and I’m pretty sure it belonged to a soldier. It was common during the war to have a representation of Cap on military jackets or even on planes and cars. Yup, believe it or not, my boyfriend was a freaking pin-up! Steve was an instrument of propaganda, but also a symbol of courage so it wasn’t rare to see people in the army proudly sporting these kind of items. You had tons of knock offs produced after the war because young people wanted to “look cool”, but mine is the real deal, I’m sure of it. Well, whoever you were Sir, I’ll be sure to honor your jacket. *sigh* Jesus. I can already hear Steve whining and saying “Buck?! BUCK!!! You CAN’T wear a jacket with my face on it!! I mean…WHO wears clothing with their boyfriend on it?! Nobody does that!!” Well *I* do! It’s not my fault my BF is famous after all! But you know, I’m used to these kind of rants anyway: Stevie criticizes EVERYTHING I buy for myself for my b-day. Like my Benelli M4 Super 90, the one with the TTI M4 Upgrade Package. “Do you really think you need *another* shotgun?” Please! Shotguns are like grenade launchers, you never have too many of them, everybody likes them and they always bring some fun to the party, so stop complaining. You bought color pencils the other day, you already have TONS of them. Did I say “Do you really need more color pencils when you already have 10 boxes that haven’t even been opened?” No, I let you enjoy what you like because I’m a sweetheart, unlike you. I’m the kind and sensitive one of the duo, but people fail to see that, unfortunately…*sigh* (Photo: Nat)  #stucky #sebastianstan

And…another pic from my birthday! Ok, it’s not exactly a “pic”. It’s a watercolor by Steve: Rambo and I in the corridor, one of the only spots in the house that still has our ugly granny wallpaper. We’ve been a bit busy with work these last two months so we didn’t have time to take care of home decoration like we did at the end of December. Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of this monstrosity soon. *laugh* OH MY GOD! Look at “Mademoiselle Rambo”. She looks PISSED. She doesn’t really like it when I hold her like this, but hey…PAYBACK! She drove me nuts last night by nibbling on my toes, scratching my metal arm, giving me head butts, purring right into my ear, bumping Steve’s stuff off the cupboard and jumping on my chest. So yeah, she deserved this *very short* humiliation. Oh please! Stop it with the “but she just wanted your attentioooooooon!!”. She ALWAYS wants my attention, but even super soldiers need to sleep from time to time, you know! I’m not Vision! Plus, I’m not doing everything I can to overcome nightmares and insomnia to have 6 pounds of fur ruining my nights. The balloons? Wade! The guy can be a real pain in the a** sometimes, but he always does the sweetest things and knows how to find the right present for his friends. Thanks dude, I love them! (Mod note - Texts on the balloons: “Happy f**king whatever”, “You’re so old your birth certificate says EXPIRED on it”, “I’ve seen stale raisins with less wrinkles”, “This party is sh*it”. These balloons really exist, you can find them by typing “passive aggressive balloons” on Google ♥ ) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3 #cat #cats

Hey, long time no see! Hope you’re doing well after this rather long break, with a couple of Instagram stories here and there. Me? Same old, same old, you know…Killing bad guys with my boyfriend all over the world and in outer space, saving the day with my cool superhero pals, trying to teach the cat not to scratch my leather jacket or nibble on my shoe laces. Life. But today I took a day off (not from the cat, though. You can NEVER take a day off from your cat, trust me) because it’s my birthday. Not gonna lie, I was spoiled rotten. No, Steve didn’t get me Rambo again, but I got books and cigars (even if smoking at home is getting more and more complicated because I don’t want to poison Miss R.). However, I don’t know the reason why, Steve decided to bake my birthday cake this year. Don’t get me wrong, I DO appreciate the love, it’s REALLY sweet, but…huh…let’s just say that he’s as good at cooking as Barton is at photography.*laugh* Ok, I’m exaggerating. He’s fine with the everyday stuff, but pastry? It’s a completely different story. Steve? Stevie…? You are COVERED in strawberry cream. You look like Babe. No, not like “a babe”. Babe. The little pig. You’re pink and dirty from head to toe and…is it normal that the cake is slanting on the side? No. NO, the cake isn’t wonky “because of the cat”. Yes, EXACTLY: “It’s wonky because of Cap”. Thanks Sam. You see, the Falcon has spoken! Case closed! *sigh* Alright, alright. I apologize. I’m not a good boyfriend: you’re putting all your heart into it and all I’m doing is laughing at you. I’m sure the cake will be delicious! (Update: IT WASN’T. Only Thor enjoyed it because it reminded him of an Asgardian lizard he used to eat as a kid when he had picnics with his family) #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3

Want to read "The Life of Bucky Barnes" like a book while you’re lying comfortably in your bed? Or you missed what happened at this account in 2017 and you want to catch up? Then “The Life of Bucky Barnes PDF VOLUME 3 ” is made for you! Click the link in the description and download our PDF that hold all the artworks from January 5th 2017 to January 1st 2018. Two other PDF's (Volume ONE: 2014-2015 and Volume TWO: 2016) are also available. We hope you will enjoy this third volume. Thank you for taking the time to download it and for supporting this account. 😊 See you on March 10th (three Instagram stories will be posted in January and February, though!) Happy New Year! Petite-Madame (art and captions) and Winterbucko (beta reader). 🌈💓 #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3 #starbucks #christmas #xmas

“Hi, it’s Steve. I’m afraid that Buck is not available today. According to him, he’s “dead as if it was 1943”. Yup…he maybe drank a bit more than he normally would and as you can see, he even brought some “homework” with him. Me? I’m fine, thank you. I learned my lesson on my last birthday, so last night, I only had a couple of flutes. It was a good decision because apparently, this “Hulk Champagne” was even stronger than the original mixture. *laugh* Before you ask, because this place may not look familiar to you, we ARE home. We are redecorating a bit at the moment. I think it was high time to get rid of our horrible “granny wallpaper” as the team likes to call it. Right now, only the living room is done. We even changed the sofa. We are not going to paint the whole apartment in black though (even if that’s what Bucky wanted because “it’s soothing and makes the cat stands out”), and IT WON’T BE RED EITHER (I hope the message is clear Wade?). Anyway, the love of my life promised not to draw on the walls (New Year’s resolution…but I know him, I give him 5 days) and I promised to keep, I quote, my “Disney sh*t” and my war memorabilia into a restrictive area so that the house won’t look like a “Disney store meeting a WW2 Museum”. Ok, so see you next Wednesday I guess? Excuse me, Buck? See you on your…BIRTHDAY? That far? Are you sure? Ok, your page, your choice. Happy New Year to you all and I hope you’ll be here for a brand new post on March 10th then. Bye!” - Steve  #buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3 #starbucks #christmas #xmas

Private Avengers party at the Starklub International. I know, “Starklub”, no need to tell me. He presumed once again, but when you have $350 billion, you can do all the sh*ty play-on-words you want, nobody is gonna give you sh*t. Tonight we’re celebrating New Year’s Eve AND the end of Steve’s hippie hair as he went to the hairdresser this morning. Alleluia! Dress code: “Casual, just because it’s NYE doesn’t mean we have to dress like a bunch of penguins. The person who doesn’t respect the rules will have to do the dishes!”. Nat showed up looking like the freaking Empress of Russia, but weirdly enough, Stark didn’t dare to say something about it. Thor got a pass as well, his “casual” is not our “casual” so…Anyway, Champagne for everybody (not very “casual”), orange juice for Parker. It’s only the beginning of the evening and we are already COMPLETELY smashed. It’s not very surprising though: I maybe forgot to tell you that the Champagne we are drinking is not just ANY Champagne. Do you remember the “Hulk Champagne” Bruce made for Steve’s birthday? Yes, that one. The whole team insisted on tasting it, so tonight, we are enjoying a “slightly modified” Moët & Chandon. I have no idea how we are going to end up tomorrow morning. Yeah, drunk. But HOW drunk, that’s the real question!! What? The stupid lights on our heads? An invention by Stark, the toy of the year, sold out everywhere. No headdress needed, no visible batteries, just put the stick on your head and it works right away. The balls’ color changes according to the light and the noise and, bonus, they turn red when you kiss someone (I may have already tried this feature 24 times with Steve). Apparently, according to Stark, “even T’Challa is jealous”. Yeah. I’m not gonna trust him on that one. Steve finds it ridiculous (except for the kissing part), Vision is skeptical, The “Insects Club”, Scott and Hope, like it a lot (no sh*t!), and Barton is spending his time trying to make them purple, his favorite color. Anyway, so far so good, I hope you are having a NYE party as great as mine. Happy New Year and see you tomorrow! (Photo: Ned, one of Parker’s friends. Don’t ask me what this kid is doing here!) #stucky

Brooklyn, Dyker Heights Holiday Lights, a famous unspoken competition among the homeowners of the neighborhood, in other words “a Christmas lights d*ck contest” in the middle of NYC. The place has truly become a “must-see” for a lot of people during the holidays and Steve really wanted to go there because…it’s Steve and he’s into this kind of bu**sh*t. Just look for what kind of decoration he made us stop. You’re really a Disney junkie, you know! No, I’m not getting my hair out of your face. I have to bear the smile of this creepy snow man inhabited by the soul of a serial killer, so you’ll have to deal with this minor annoyance in return. But if you buy me a hot chocolate, 5 muffins and 3 dark chocolate donuts, I’m willing to negotiate the BEGINNING of a possibility to tie my hair and let you take a decent photo.

#buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3 #starbucks #Xmas #brooklyn #dykerheights

Union Square Holiday Market, group trip with Sam, Nat and Barton. Three of us were here for the “atmosphere” (whatever the hell that means), the other two for the food. I’ll let you guess who were the three kill-joys who don’t get the TRUE essence of Holiday markets. And…oh…my god…Look at that!! Is it…? YES, it’s a PUBLIC demonstration of affection FROM Steve caught on film! A late Christmas miracle! It’s usually me who takes this kind of initiative, like in the picture we took yesterday. *laugh* That’s just how it is. When we are on the street, Cap is usually more private, but sometimes, rarely, he lets himself go. It’s in his nature, he’s never been very open in public. He still has that old habit from the time he always had to hide who he was. Things are better in NYC now, though. Not perfect, still a bit difficult sometimes, but in no comparison to the “good old days”. To be really honest, and as far as I’m concerned it’s not really a problem, you know: if anybody DARES to open their mouth, I show them the Glock and they leave right away. Steve prefers to talk, to try to “convince” people…until the moment he loses patience and starts a fist fight. Honestly, my method is far better because there’s no waste of time and nobody ends up in the hospital. No, no, Steve. I’m not saying you were wrong to break that a**hole’s jaw the other day. He totally deserved that and it was self-defense after all. I’m just saying, it goes FASTER with a Glock. Are you sure you STILL don’t want one for your birthday? *sigh* Ok, I quit…but…what about a Colt 1911, then? Believe it or not, it comes in red, white and blue. Steve?

#buckybarnes #stucky #sebastianstan #steverogers #chrisevans #marvel #comics #captainamerica #thewintersoldier #civilwar #fanart #art #illustration #artistoninstagram #photoshop #avengers #disney #portrait #infinitywar #avengers3 #starbucks #J2 #jaredpadalecki #jensenackles #spn #supernatural #christmas #xmas

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