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Jessica Lee  DEAL OR NO DEAL Briefcase Model #16 aka #SWEET16 🧳 Actress•Model•Humanitarian🤟🏼 A perfectly imperfect journey w/JLee🖤 #lifewithjlee #jlee #losangeles

WHEN LIFE GETS YOU DOWN, WHAT LIFTS YOU UP?? Taking time each day to center, contemplate, reflect & acknowledge what you are grateful for, is priceless. Giving daily gratitude feeds the soul, nourishes the heart & stimulates the mind. Giving thanks forces the mind to shift into a positive space; looking at the good versus dwelling on the bad. •

When life gets messy & difficult, I force myself to stop whatever it is I am doing in that moment & meditate/think about what I am grateful for; what makes life good & meaningful. My daily list of gratitude always consists of people, as I am very much a people person. To me life is rich & beautiful when shared with others; when choices are made to benefit & serve a greater good & cause versus being self serving. •

Giving back & volunteering are also wonderful for lifting spirits during times of pain & sorrow. .
Giving back & being grateful help lift me during difficult times & I hope it can help you too. I am so grateful for YOU. Thank you for sharing the perfectly imperfect journey with me. 🖤 Always, JLee your SWEET16 .
What lifts YOU up when you’re down???
Very special thank you to @michelemariepr @wildevertigga 🖤🙏🏼🙌🏼
Wardrobe by: @wildevertigga
Jewelry by: @nomadartisanco

There are certain things that simply break my heart. Injustice, unfairness, cruelty, malice, hatred and unnecessary tragedies, crush me.
Such acts are mind boggling, as the magic of life comes from working together, as a family, as a team, as a community. Though this momemt looks light a tragic defeat, it actually marks an emotional victory.

Seconds before this moment, the contestant had just taken the deal. When asked which case she would’ve opened next, she pointed to me and said “Sweet 16!!” I was shaking and could barely breathe. I was still terrified even though she had just taken the Deal (meaning she was in the clear; her winnings were secured)
Howie cued me to open my case and when I looked inside and saw that I held The Million (meaning she lost the million and her deal would have dropped drastically), my knees crippled out of sheer relief and joy that she had taken the deal and that I hadn’t been the bearer of dream smashing news.

I had no idea I was going to become so connected to each contestant; rooting for their dreams and sharing their excitement and nervousness. I wanted each and every one of our contestants to win, because we have truly wonderful souls on our amazing show. 🙌🏼

In a world filled with far too much hatred and anger, I can only hope that we ALL can work together, to build a better future, full of tears of joy and gratitude vs tears of pain and sorrow. Love Always, JLee aka Your #SWEET16 🖤🤟🏼

Heyyyy!!! How are you? Nice to meet you. 👋🏼🤟🏼✌🏼 #asl #americansignlanguage I am so grateful to be here and to have the opportunity to connect with each and every one of you. Thank you for making this adventure even better and brighter than I ever could have dreamed. Wishing you all a happy National #interpreter Day!! To all of the amazing ASL Interpreters our there, thank you for sharing your gift of language with the world. I ASPIRE to one day have such mastery of the beautiful language. 🖤🙌🏼
Special shoutouts to @_adamgoen @deafblazebuffaloes @rudymiyuz97 @deaf_life_ @deafinitelydope @deafinitelydopemerch

Life is rarely just black and white, as life itself, often occurs in the perfectly imperfect gray area.
The beauty, the mystery, the adventure, is often everything in-between. Not everything exists in the dark, and not everything thrives in the light. But the balancing act of dark and light is much more like a swirl ice cream cone; a perfectly imperfect blend of both. •-• -
In life, there are ups and downs. There are times of great light and times of tremendous darkness.
During the dark times, are you able to see the light?
In your life, what creates darkness? And what brings you light?
What makes you feel invincible? And what tears you down, making you feel shattered? •-• -
Kindness, support and love make me feel invincible. My friends, family, support system, and fans, shed light on my life. Malice, jealousy, disrespect, and unjust actions create a heavy darkness for me. During difficult times, reach out and connect with those who love and support you. Tune-in to those you love, and if/when you notice something off, reach out to them and make sure they’re okay. Everyone is in this together, through the light and dark. Through good times and bad. When you feel loved and supported, it doesn’t matter how light or dark life becomes, as you will always thrive when you approach life as a team effort; no man in it just for oneself, but everyone in it, together, as a community, as a family. ❤️🤟🏼❤️Love Always, JLee Your Sweet 16
Thank You @wildevertigga @michelemariepr 🙌🏼🤟🏼
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Happy National Wear Pajamas to Work Day! What do pajamas mean to you?? I know, this sounds like a silly question and in a way, it is, but pajamas seem to possess some sort of majestic or nostalgic quality. To me, pajamas resemble a sense of safety, comfort, warmth, joy, love and a feeling of home. Pajamas are something that make me feel safe; something that gives me a sense of comfort. I am grateful to have a safe place to sleep, a bed, and clothing to keep me warm as I rest aka pajamas. For these simple yet very important treasures, I am thankful. I am thankful that as an adult, I have had the freedom and ability to create a safe place. A safe space is something that I and many others have dreamed of or still dream of.
Luckily, the power of hope combined with the power of choice, gives us the ability to create a better, safer, and more nurturing environment. If we work as a team and continue to all help one another, we will all succeed on this adventure called life.
We have the ability to not only dream of a better world, but build one, together. From my dreams to yours, keep on dreaming. 🤟🏼💛Always, JLee aka Your Sweet 16

Join @bedheadpajamas next Thursday for National Denim Day, supporting the Downtown Women’s Center. Donate your old denim, receive a special discount AND @bedheadpajamas will donate your denim to the beautiful souls at the shelter. #bedheadpajamas

Time to talk about #selfcare and #selflove 🤟🏼 SNACK QUESTIONS for YOUR SOUL:
1. When you take a #selfie or look in the mirror, what do YOU see?
2. Do you solely see what’s on the outside?
3. Do you automatically look past the exterior and immediately focus on what you see beyond the aesthetic and see what lies within??
4. What does self-love mean to you? •💛•
Self-love and self-acceptance have always been a struggle for me. I have since learned that this struggle is considered to be quite common among those who were adopted, as we have a harder time solidifying our identity and struggle feeling loved, without a fear of abandonment. When I look at myself in a mirror or in selfies, I’m always a bit surprised as my exterior still has yet to match my inner being. Culturally, I grew up in Middle America, so my personality was more or less shaped as such. Genetically, I am #korean #japanese #chinese making my exterior quite different than my inner being haha I’ve always said, “Judge this book by the cover and you’ll miss half of the story!!” ❤️ Always, JLee your #sweet16

Life is but a balancing act. Sometimes, life can be messy, hectic, and downright difficult, but how can we find balance and not let the hardships, sink our ship?? How can we stay afloat during times of loss, grief and intense emotional turmoil? --
The good news is there is always a light, or a beacon to help keep us moving forward. Being human, we have the incredible ability to reshape and reprogram our mind and therefore our life. --
Making simple cognitive (mindful) shifts every day, can actually reprogram our thoughts and patterns of thinking. I have been studying neuroscience, intently, since I was a child, as the brain is a fascinating tool that we still have so much to learn about. Humans have the ability to create new neurological connections and pathways; which in turn, change us on a biochemical level. --
We have the power and ability to change our thoughts and reprogram negative thinking with positive thoughts. Making simple shifts like stopping yourself when you start being overly critical of yourself and replacing negative spirals with positivity. The brain can do wondrous things when exercised properly. --
I am a firm believer in neuroplasticity training; the art of training the brain through neural connections. Every time you learn something new or memorize information, you’re creating a new connection. Reading, reprogramming with gratitude and cognitively choosing happiness, are huge. Tai-Chi is also a great way to exercise the mind and body connectivity. Reading this, is exercising your neuralplasticity, creating new synapse in your brain!!! Happy @dealornodealcnbc Wednesday all!! ❤️ Always, JLee your #sweet16

Bringing you #balance on this awesome #internationalwomensday 🤗🙌🏼🤟🏼
Balancing life can be difficult and sometimes down right frustrating but once attained, balance can lead to wonderful things. To me, International Women’s Day isn’t about one sex/gender being superior to another but rather, it’s a celebration of unity; of a world where men and women can coexist and thrive, in a harmonious balance.
Countless incredible women have inspired and mentored me. I am profoundly grateful to know so many wonderful, intelligent, kind, funny, strong and brave, souls. I believe that empowerment comes from supporting each other, believing in each other, and loving one another. Yes, it might sound cheesy but support, belief and unconditional love are a great foundation for success. A solid foundation gives hope and encourages dreams, serving as the fuel that keeps pushing us when life gets tough and rocky. With support and love, our mistakes don’t feel as much like utter failures, and our times of doubt and sorrow, become more manageable. Words of encouragement, kindness and gratitude are always empowering. I am truly grateful to be on this journey and adventure with all of you, as life is full of endless possibilities and wonder, when shared.
I encourage you to empower someone today. Tell someone something special and unique about them. Root for the underdog. Help lift someone up. What do YOU do to empower others? What does #internationalwomensday2019 mean to you?? -
Wishing you all a safe and wonderful weekend!! 💛 Always, JLee Your #Sweet16

This past weekend, I had the privilege & honor of co-hosting @haskhair on the #redcarpet at the 2019 Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Awards aka #muahs #muahsawards with 3 time #Emmy Award winning stylist @montehair 🤗🙌🏼🏆 It was a star studded night full of the finest talent in #Hollywood celebrating their work on critically acclaimed tv shows & film. -
This was such a special opportunity & reconnecting with some of the greats like @comiclonilove & @melissamccarthy was so much fun!! I modeled a few times on @therealdaytime & the lovely @comiclonilove & her team, REMEMBERED ME!!! 😱😍
Every nominee & attendee was full of love & light, as we danced our way through the glitziest bash of the weekend!!! Thank you @stonemanagement for believing in me & thank you @montehair for being such a rockstar co-host!!! Forever grateful. Love always, JLee your #Sweet16

Happy @dealornodealcnbc Wednesday!!! THANK YOU for sharing this awesome journey with me!! Dream BIG, shine on and trust that YOU, are special and unique. Each and every one of us has the ability and opportunity to utilize our natural skills and talents, to benefit and serve a greater good.

What is YOUR special skill or talent? -

How can you utilize your talents and skills to help and/or benefit a greater good?

Trust and believe that YOU have the ability to bring goodness into this word and make it a better place. I am so grateful to share this beautiful adventure with you. ❤️ Always, JLee Your #Sweet16
#adayinthelifeofjlee #sweet16

Some say “don’t look back” but if we don’t take the time to stop and reflect, how will we learn and grow? Taking the time to look back reflect, is something that can be difficult at times, especially in times of tremendous grief and loss. However, I believe that every obstacle, every loss, can serve as a growing point, giving us the opportunity to become stronger and wiser. -
Looking back doesn’t mean dwelling or swimming in regret and remorse, but rather serves as a gauge for us to monitor our own self-growth and self-awareness. Take a minute, assess where you are in your journey right now. Where were you a month ago? 6mo ago? A year ago?
I have a pretty good feeling most of us have experienced some degree of growth and change. Every day is a chance to evolve and become even better than we were yesterday. Thank you ALL for sharing this adventure called, LIFE! ❤️ Always, JLee your Sweet #16
Photo by the awesome @dohenyphoto -
Makeup by the beautiful @bellabysuzanne

Pizza gives me superpowers!! haha jk
Relationships with food can be tricky and sometimes difficult. Just like life, balance is key. It’s important to not only nourish our body, but also, feed our heart, soul and mind. What empowers you?? My friends, family and colleagues empower me. Daily challenges and obstacles empower me. Triumph empowers me. Pain, struggle, change, growth, are also empowering. To believe in and have faith in yourself, that’s power. Listen to your intuition and learn to trust that you, yourself, are a superpower.
Journey nailed it: Don’t Stop Believing. 🖤🍕🖤 Always, JLee Your Sweet #16 •-
Celebrating my birthday with friends, is something that I hold dear and surprising my guests with a pizza party, is something I will forever cherish and be grateful for. Thank you @nohopizza for the love, for the classic pizzas, the #veganpizza and the #gfpizza 😍🙌🏼🍕 •-
I am so grateful for my friend Rez, his beautiful girlfriend (happy birthday my fellow Aquarian!) his family and @nohopizza for making this birthday, extra special!!! 🤗🙌🏼🎂🍕
Photos by @theangelofangles_

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