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Andrew Miller  Philadelphia based Industrial Designer with a car problem

I had fun after work today

I'm learning to embrace the wandering and just enjoy the process... I know what I want the car to feel like, but I'm not quite sure how I want to get there. For now, just exploring

One of my favorite design stories: The Vignelli designed coffee cups for Heller. - one one the left was the original intent (notice the notch where the handle flows into the body). The one on the right was for the American market because we as a culture fill to excess and Heller wanted to avoid a lawsuit.

A lesson on how to make a useless car...
I will never be comfortable parallel parking, making tight right turns with curbs, and basically just driving in PA and it makes me kind of happy.

I've never really liked the e39 body style, but I really like this car.

#spohning around DC

Wedding planning made a big step today- We will have food! Cause for celebration with our new champagne glasses

I need to do more drawing that isn't for work. A quick 10 min sketch between projects

All I'm saying is cx better not be cancelled in 2018.

Leader of #philadephiamarathon on the finishing stretch

@_caitlinmoser "Master of History, bitch" gets beer when she crushes goals. Thesis' bound, diploma delivered. Cheers!

Short break from work to sketch what could have been my pumpkin... if I hadn't forgotten to grab one this year. Oh and my one and only inktober sketch!

#inktober #inktober2017

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