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Andrew Miller  Philadelphia based Industrial Designer with a car problem

Porsche butts.

I love orange and blue tones.

If it's not on @strava it didn't actually happen.

When you talk about design themes and visual design language, these guys have it nailed. Materials, color, highlight control, you name it, there's a coherent feel across the entire package.

I was at the delval bmwcca lunch and took pictures of Italian things #alfaromeo #alfaromeogiulia

Instead of racing, I shot the cyclocross season opener for the #MAC's #granoguecx. Early season cross races are always hot and humid here.

The irony of me just now getting into photography is that 90% of my college design classes were down the hall from one of the best photo schools in the country.
All anyone needed to say to me was that it allows me to combine my love of cars, design, and storytelling in a neat and technical package.

Sometimes I play with toys.

This past week has been incredible. We still have a couple more days left of our honeymoon, but we're celebrating right.

A quarter of a million miles on this thing and it doesn't look a day over 20.

I had the opportunity to work on this commission a couple weeks ago. Loved the color and I really do like the front end of these cars. So pointy!

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