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Andrew Miller  Philadelphia based Industrial Designer and aspiring photographer with a car problem.

I've been spending a lot of free energy taking photographs, but this is where it started and this is still one of my favorite renderings I've done. •
If you need gift ideas for the car lover in your household, send me a message and we can talk about custom illustrations!
#bmw2002 #neueklasse #

Doing things with my camera is hard right now- Its darkish when I go to work and definitely dark when I get home. So here's a red Italian car on a tow truck (it wasnt broken) from this summer.
#alfaromeo #alfaromeo8c

Folder tabs have been a design element since the 50s! The trend that never dies!

Photos from #SFCX are live! Link in bio will take you straight there, thanks!
Here's a shot of Davey about to go full send into the mud pit and subsequent climb in the middle of a party

Sly fox CX is always a rad time. So great seeing everyone have fun on a sketchy, muddy course. |
#cyclocross #crossishere #sportsphotography

It's about that time of year. Tucking everything away in the garage...
#r75_6 #airhead #e28 #535is #bmwcca

It still blows my mind that the @simeonemuseum demos incredibly rare cars for the public. Such a neat experience.

Last week my awesome wife completed the marine corps marathon. Today she ran a 4ish mile trail race with me. @_caitlinmoser #willrunforbeer

Strava doping and setting KOMs on Sawmill... shhhhh.

Maybe the last shot of green leaves and rain for the year? Well, maybe not the rain, but all of the leaves are turning for fall like a lightswitch.

From very specific angles it looks shiny-ish. I haven't touched this car in 2 weeks since I took it out for a drive...

#e28 #bmwcca #bmw535is #ultimateprojectmachine #bbsrs

Shooting for a full day has lots of little and sometimes big challenges. @phillyciclismo 's Crossasaurus Awesome CX race was a grueling course this year, but the event went off flawlessly. Check out the link in my profile to visit my very new photo site and galleries of the race!

#crossiscancelled #phillyciclismo #honeystinger #ascendnutrition #nikon

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