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Tannor  I like beer, and beer likes me.

Stay woke.


My version of bartending is basically this.

I missed this beast so much! Shout outs to @youngpc5 & @baileyyymichell for safely returning my majestic doggo! #reunitedanditfeelssogood

I'm all about doing your own thing...but bruh - pants tucked into the socks?

I ordered a Satan dog sweater and this bullshit came in the mail. #Leroy #princeofbarkness

The tipping point was the family picture...sides were taken. The stuffing WASNT too salty and the rolls were perfection!
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@kenniswheeler I see your meeting the Hulk and raise you a Captain America. #yourmove #avenger

You guys...I'm like totally scary now.


Ball is life.