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Jaquelene/demon [depressed]  Yay welcome fucklets to my bio :3 Bff sister: @the_dead_living_girl2018 And there more people but ehh.... Single Pringle and bisexual 👌🖕💚

XD wtf is this #honeymustard

Literally my dog dragged another dog to my place and this is what he looks like :/

This is so my friend justice


*sniffs* just cause I have ears and a tail you make fun of me...

*faints with a noesbleed* K.O IN MID AIR

*is in background creeping* yASsssssssss

What am I to you?

I’m glad I moved to a new house :3 but I miss my friend that’s all

“He is kinda hot for an cultist” quote~AJ

“Oh those poor people killed by me so pathetic...”

Chill back bro... Nya

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