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Whewwww! Super excited because Question of the day is officially starting on Instagram Stories tomorrow.
A big part of the heart behind The Go Live Project is making the most of the moments with the people around you. Getting to really know the people you do life with day in and day out. Question of the day is just a quick and easy way to get to know people better. 2 Rules to follow though:
1. There is not a right or wrong answer to any question. Because the goal is to learn, not teach.
2. You can’t answer your own question of the day... Let’s be honest, nobody likes it when people ask a question for the purpose of telling you their answer to the question. This eliminates that from ever happening. It also makes people be creative if they want to ask a question back. I hope we can all learn more about each other and the people around us as we start the adventure tomorrow morning! Happy living my friends. #golive #questionoftheday

#Repost @stephenhood with @get_repost
Nothing but love and respect for @davonteanderson2 and the positive impact he has had on my life and so many others by inspiring others and living life to the fullest! It’s also cool seeing @the_go_live_project stickers out in California! 📷: @davonteanderson2 #golive

I am super excited to announce that free vinyl stickers are up on the website!!! Link is in the bio. Head on over, let me know what “The Dream” is, and you will have one of these little guys headed your way! P.S. Shipping is free too! #golive

This place called Earth is quite a masterpiece of a place to experience living. #golive #thegoliveproject

Thanks @nasa for the logo modification. Remember to capture every moment in life by being a participant in life! #golive #thegoliveproject

Sometimes "Why not?!" Is a good enough answer. Make the most of the life you choose to live. Don't settle for Average. #golive #thegoliveproject

Don't live with regret. #golive #thegoliveproject

What do you want to be when you grow up? New post is up on the website! Check it out through the link in the bio. #golive #thegoliveproject

Make the most of the opportunities you have today! #golive #thegoliveproject

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