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Nathan Greene  Joshua1:9 Pro_life👶 Trump is my hubby👌 ⚾Baseball #24⚾ R.I.P #16 Jose Fernandez  #30 Yordano Future Devil Dog🕧 Republican at heart👌 Love God❤

16 years ago today, this bundle of joy was born, gosh has it really been 16 years?! Times from my journeys so far haven't always been sunshine and rainbows, but I guess I'm doing good enough, I have 2 loving paremts, a roof over my head, I'm a God loving, Republican baseball playing machine. To those who've dealt with me the last 16 years, thank you, I'm sure it wasn't always easy! And thanks again mom for raising me😊❤ #foreveryoung #16yearsold #16yearslater
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Are we really gonna keep letting this happen? "It's OK to kill baby's because it's my choice and I don't think before I go through with it" There are plenty of options to stop the production of eggs, but this generation is so ignorant they don't wanna, because it 'can't happen to them', just remember it shouldn't be your choice, the fetus is a whole different person, with different blood type, lungs, heart brain etc... what our generation has to relise is that we need to think before we do!

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Jesus back at it against libtards, he guys he's a deplorable to! So suck it you Russia blaming pieces of sh** Follow my partners @rufussmoke1 @foxnoxness

Can't argue!

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Come at us libtards 😏

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Weird that seems oddly true...😱
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Welp...that happened @anal.snake
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Note I am not saying I'm as good as sandy kofax but I'm saying it is true that when you try to make them hit it, it works, @nicknelson_3 @cbakey10
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I mean...now a days...he isn't wrong... Follow my partners @rufussmoke1
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Ya know, people today are so Go**amn spoiled and lazy! "I don't wanna stand for the flag because my grandparents were slaves", right so you were never a slave and I guarantee you'll never meet a white slave owner. And the fact you think your oppressed pisses me off even more, "white people are so much worse then black people", did you know that an African American police officer is more likely to show an African American ha but you never hear about that on the news do you? The only reason cops are more cautious around African Americans (hey I agree give them a chance!, but don't just bash on cops altogether!) African Americans make up 13% of the American population but make up 50+% of violent crimes. And I'm not saying all black people are bad in fact I think every African American is a good person and I will give them a chance but when you pull something like this bs don't be surprised when my political side shows and it won't be pretty!
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