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Robert O'Donnell  In ‘88 I became a picture frame designer and manufacturer. In 2015 I started brokering deals for framers/ galleries w/ the best boutique frame makers!

Countdown to Vegas and some Midwest Magic! Another artisan making his @wcafexpo debut is Zach Cheetham. His Bitterroot Frames collection has been a best-kept-regional-secret ... until January 28th! That’s when attendees of the Vegas show get to see these handcrafted, custom and standard-sized beauties up close and personal in Booth 831! These @bitterroot_frames stunners are sure to turn heads!

Countdown to Vegas: Playing with Fire in Atlanta. Marlowe Hill of @blackrabbet loves to play with fire... and for attendees of the @wcafexpo, that’s a good thing! And after seeing this video, I really can’t wait to unveil his new line of charred cypress frames! Burn, baby burn!

Countdown to Vegas: Playing with Wood in Atlanta! Marlowe Hill of @blackrabbet frames has been teasing pictures of his new Stripes! line for a while now. On Monday he totally took me by surprise though when he sent me the top and bottom images of gradient wood colors with the note “Is your curiosity piqued?” YES! I suppose we’re ALL gonna have to wait ‘til @wcafexpo to see what Marlowe’s displaying in Booth 831!

Countdown to Vegas and the Return of the Best Sports Frames on the Market! With the Super Bowl coming, March Madness around the corner and Spring Training on the horizon, the @wcafexpo is the perfect place to see these @houseofmercier leather photo frame beauts up close and in person. Stop by Booth 831 and @mercierandres, @justinodon13 and I will hook you up!

Countdown to Vegas and the Live Debut of the Mercier Glass Photo Frames! Even though I heralded this new line in the fall (so, technically, this qualifies for #tbt!), I’ve been impatient to see and show these at the coming @wcafexpo! Andres and his @houseofmercier crew have been hard at work readying plenty of new items for the show but these beauties will be the centerpiece of his display in my Booth #831!

Countdown to Vegas and More Wall Street for Wednesday! My last @wsgframes post showed the “Chicken Scratch” frame over the new RuffRidges collection. Well - I should’ve known there’d be requests for a closer look at the colorful ridge frames. Thankfully, Nicole sent me this companion pic! I’m loving this set and can’t wait to show it off in Booth 831 at @wcafexpo. What do you think?

Countdown to Vegas & Wall Street for Wednesday! The crazy creatives of @wsgframes have been so busy exploring new styles and designs for @wcafexpo that they forgot to send me pics! After a little bit of begging, Nicole and Jim just sent me this incredible composite revealing an all-new ridged profile in a variety of color finishes! I’m. In. Love. Stop by Booth 831 to see these and many, many more Mayhem originals!

Countdown to Vegas with Two Exotic Wood Photo Frames for Tuesday. My friends Jess & Andy of @silverleafcustomframing have been working overtime readying for their @wcafexpo debut! They’re finally realizing their desire for top-quality luxury hardwood tabletop frames that are “a cut above’. What’s the old adage? “If you can’t find it, make it.” Stop by Booth 831 to see what all the fuss is about!

Countdown to Vegas and the Magic of Gilded Hand-Gesso’d Patterns. Sebastian and Hernan of @quattroframeworks are hard at work on a slew of new styles for @wcafexpo. When I stopped in last week I stumbled across this all-new, delicate-patterned panel frame in production! No outer. No additional carving. No muss or fuss. Just a simple panel profile with a wispy, gilded design. Simply Gorgeous!

Countdown to Vegas and Specialty Stretchers for Saturday. My amigo, Erick, of @framesandstretchers has been working overtime on client orders for his Legacy Stretchers! His high(er) quality custom stretcher bars are gaining in popularity and it’ll be easy for you to see why in Las Vegas at @wcafexpo! Stop by Booth 831 and see these custom pieces (and others!) from this discerning artisan!

Countdown to Vegas and a Sneak Peek at Another Concrete Original! My friend Josh of @formconcretestudio and I were discussing colors for his new Marbleized series. I mentioned on Wednesday that Pantone’s color of the year is Coral. On Thursday morning he emailed me this pic! Is this hot or what? I’ve a feeling that this line is gonna set the show on fire!

Countdown to Vegas and the Debut of the Modern Stone Age Framery! Every year at @wcafexpo I try to feature one frame artisan that pushes the boundaries of custom framing. Ladies and gents, I’m proud and so totally stoked that I get to debut the concrete artistry of @formconcretestudio and Josh Cogs in Las Vegas! Josh has designed a unique array of concrete picture frames from solids to marbleized (Coral! Smoke! Caramel!), smooth to textured. And you can bet that these two hand-chiseled beauts will be the centerpiece of his display. I. Can’t. Wait. Welcome to the family!

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