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Eric King 

Super pumped I finally hit a 400 pound bench. Felt good having my super hot and super strong girlfriend there to spot me @gabycedillo5553 #powerlifting #stillapussy #benchpress #strongman

You can't train yoke without listening to queen! Worked up to 800lbs on my yoke for 25ft and I'm sitting right around 210 body weight. I've never went past 750 and I wanted to get a feel for the weight on my back, I'll go for 50ft here in the next few weeks. #yoke #strongman #queen #stillapussy

I am seriously one lucky guy to have this incredibly awesome woman right here! Thank you baby, for everything. You really are amazing! @gabycedillo5553

My shoulders, both my biceps, and my traps have been pretty fucked for the last couple weeks so I went and saw my boy @team_mind_to_muscle to get worked on. This dude right here is a fuckin genius. About 5 years ago I slipped a disc in my back, and for months I could barely bend over to tie my shoes and my ass cheek would go numb and I could barely stand. I still continued to train and compete and would wake up the next morning after a deadlift or squat session and had to brace myself on the counter and walls just to take a piss. It was seriously a terrible way to live and i did that for years, then I went to see Matt and after one session I already started to see improvements in my mobility and strength. I now wake up in the morning without having to struggle to stand just to go pee. I still have a 50% slip disc in my back so I will always have some pain but if it wasn't for matt I wouldn't be where I am today. I now see him every time I get fucked up from training. Thanks brother for all you've done for me. #strongman #powerlifting #scraping

My 650 pull from the deadlift competition @thegymbarbellclub I would have went for another pull but I don't think I had another one in me and I tore the shit outta both my hands. #deadlift #powerbelly #powerlifting

I went into this contest hoping to place top 5 and that's exactly what I did. Couldn't be happier with my performance, considering this was by far the most competitive contest I've been in. These fuckin guys were animals! Next year @saltymikey @iam_joescott and myself are all taking podium finishes. #californiasstrongestman #strongman #powerlifting

Not sure how much this mother fucker weighed but it was heavy as fukkk! #ijustwantbigassquads #strongman #slomo #deadlift

Are any of you pussies down to come out and slay some heavy ass weight? We will also be shot gunning beers before each attempt... well I don't know about everyone else but I sure as fuck am!! #deadlift #deadliftparty #deadlifts #dontbeapussy

Hard to believe I had a half chub going on during this lift because a super hot chick gave me a good rub down right before this lift.... a shoulder rub ya filthy animals. #overheadpress #strongman #stillapussy #barbells and brews

My 455 front squat from #barbellsandbrews over the weekend. #squats #mycollarboneisfucked

He took his first shit when I was holding him. I feel so honored!!

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