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Wow so it’s the end of 2018!

I quite frankly can’t believe we’re here, I have spend today looking at my hits and misses for the year and am now ready to close the door on 2018 and welcome in the new year (with several glasses of fizz and a lot of bad dancing)
I haven’t spoke to a business owner this week that hasn’t felt overwhelmed by the journey ahead. I personally have worked so hard on delivering the perfect package for my clients that I have let some elements of my business and routine fall by the wayside. I haven’t posted on social media as much as I would’ve liked to, I haven’t read as much as many books as I’d of liked and I’ve not quite got my work:home balance right but I will do better next year.
Business owners are naturally hard on themselves; it what strives them to make the decision to work for themselves. Now is not a time for being hard on yourself, it’s a time to let loose, have fun and enter the new year with the passion and belief to success- from Wednesday anyway. Tomorrow is about paracetamol and pjs!
Happy New Year everyone! Thank you so much for you continued love and support 😘 #virtualassistant #pa #ea #westsussex #pawestsussex #newyear #smallbusinesssupport #happynewyear #goodbye2018 #hello2019

Do you want to know a secret?
No one is ready! As the New Year approaches everyone feels a sense of panic. Have I achieved enough in 2018? Will I achieve more in 2019? It’s only natural to be hard on ourselves for the lack of wins rather than pat ourselves on the back for the amazing things we have achieved. The only solution for this feeling is to roll up your sleeves and crack on regardless. Even a small win is a win and a small win before your ready is something else; it’s a little like dominoes it has an incredible knock-on effect. Good luck 😉

Applications for the "Class of 2019" are now open!
Follow the great success of the "Class of 2018” this service is here to stay!

Five very lucky, hand selected businesses will benefit from 121 monthly coaching and guidance on next steps for your business, from our founder Lucy, strategy expert with 13 years in commercial management "I appreciate how challenging it is to drive a business forward and do not believe businesses should be inhibited by limited budgets”

Are you a start-ups or small business with exceptional promise?
Are you a creative genius but do not know where to start to commercialise your business?
Are you great at business but wish you had someone to sense check ideas?

If so then you qualify, all you need is a desire to work hard and make progress.

As the “Class of 2019” you will receive monthly 121 guidance via Skype- together with Lucy you will set your monthly agenda. Making big dreams possible by well timed and manageable actions.
A recent mentee had these kind words... "Lucy made everything clear and focussed us, she helped us organise ourselves. We seemed to be going round in circles until we talked with her, she gave us clear instructions with steps to follow which naturally lead us on the path, in the right direction”
The "Class of 2019" runs Jan 2019 - December 2019.
So DO NOT delay email Lucy directly on with why you should be one of the lucky five businesses chosen. Remember to Be authentic, Be truthful and seize the day...
Nominees can be located anywhere in the world, will go on a journey sure to develop your business in ways you are yet to realise are possible. The Five Successful companies will be subject to a tiny fee of £20. per month- whats not to love! Applications close on Sunday 6th January. Feel free to tag and share with professional that may benefit from this great opportunity 😘

I could not be flapping more right now...
I am hoping today is my last day of work before Christmas, I am hoping to sign off later today and have some well deserved unplugged time with my family. My “to do list” is long and my distractions are high (the girls have both finished school and nursery) however this is a great problem to have. I have told the girls mummy has to work today so we can have some uninterrupted time over Christmas 🎄 Emelia adores this; she is often saying I am always at my computer 🙈 I am going to power through with the help of tea, techniques I have learn from @themindfulkitchencompany and the thought of a real Christmas break and make today ridiculously amazing! What are you doing today to make it great?

Over the last six months lots of special people have come into my life and this lot are top of the bunch! We have laughed together, cried together sweated together, collaborated, inspired and ignited. Super proud to be a @thecollectivechichester ambassador with this great gang @brightwordcomms @feed_me_momma @body_confident_bootcamp @steffwoodman_pt @shona_paffey_pt @toastfunctions ❤️ Here’s to the next six months 😘 #businessinchichester #networking #thecollectivechichester #ambassador #friendsforlife

I thought it was Friday on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week so Friday has been a long time coming but it’s finally here!
This weekend I am Christmas crafting with the girls whilst Simon photographs a wedding 🎄🎅🏼and attending The Royal Wedding exhibition at Windsor Castle, eeekkkk! 👰🏽🎩 I am so excited to see the Duchess of Sussex wedding dress and visit Windsor castle 🏰 What are you doing this weekend? Have a great one! #weekend #quote #friendsandfamily #royalwedding #makingmemories #christmas

Since founding @the_dainty_desk I have been so lucky to be surrounded by incredible professionals and have been met with a sea of power house woman, who literally take my breath away daily! Brilliant women really do empower women. Yesterday was a pinch me moment, meeting these lovely women!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Abby & Helen for inviting me to be a @thecollectivechichester ambassador- I’m loving every minute.

Thank you Gill and @mirandagorebrowne for sharing your knowledge, I have practiced today and will be forever grateful 💕 #virtualassistant #pa #ea #blogger #brand #smallbusinesssupport #bossbabe #mumpreneurs #thankful #tribe

I could not be more excited about today! I am proudly attended a private event by @themindfulkitchencompany in collaboration with @thecollectivechichester
The Mindful Kitchen Company brings people together to cook, bake, breathe and eat. Ran by the powerhouse that is Miranda Gore Browne (The Great British Bake Off Finalist and Cookery Writer) and Gillian Higgins (International Barrister and Founder of Practical Meditation) Wowzers what a pair!

Supporting busy and stressed people to discover simple ways to eat better, live better and work better by putting food and meditation at the heart of life- what’s not to love about that?! THANK YOU so much for inviting me ladies! I promise to keep you all updated on my day- check out my story when you can #pa #ea #virtualassistant #branding #smallbusinesssupport #websitedesign #brandambassador #concierge #blogger #bakeoff #mindfulness

Tuesday’s is a mix match of a day for me, working with several clients from a variety of sectors. I always feel hugely accomplished by the end of the day Tuesday. What does your Tuesday have in store for you? #pa #ea #virtualassistant #branding #smallbusinesssupport #websitedesign #newsletterdesign #concierge


The first day of the week, the month, the year is always a clean slate and often when you feel most inspired to make change and most frustrated by lack of progress.

I hope today has been filled with progress and is inspired by tomorrow’s
#pa #ea #virtualassistance #brandingdesign #smallbusinesssupport #quote

Oh my, just look at these colours! Today I’m working on a website for an artist who take inspiration from the beauty around us. I wouldn’t class myself as creative but this client totally inspires me! Happy Friday people! 😘 #virtualassistant #pa #ea #branding #websitedesign #smallbusinesssupport

Oh yes they are! 🙏

One thing very few people know about me is that I have zero competitivity (if that’s even a word) It’s not a great thing but I’m all about taking part and embracing the effort, win, lose or draw.
Not everyone will understand or relate to this however I truly believe that “mistakes are proof your trying” and that you are getting closer to the right direction and a life changing idea. Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb💡 after over 10,000 failed attempts, each time learning a little more and failing a little less, to me this should be celebrated and embraced.

If you are trying but missing the mark don’t be too hard on yourself, something wonderful is just around the corner 😘 #quotes #smallbusinesssupport #pa #ea #virtualassistant #branding

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