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Miss 🍒🍷  EastCoastMama♓️ HappyHourHero💰 McFearlessCharmer👑 &👸of perseverance 4ever fighting the good fight 🎵She never stumbles, she got no place to fall🎵

‘Life ain’t nothin but a funny funny riddle...’

JB always gives me the best birthday presents 😍🎁🎉 #wsmfp #PanicBdayNumber3 #trondossa

Happy #CincoDeMayo 🇲🇽

#chucktownbound with the lovely and always down @em_warner_ and Sir Axle 😎

‘Yeah, I caught one of his shows a few years back...’ 😏🎵❤️ #BobDylan

‘Livin' away from home on the road all the time,
All the time.
I've been up and down and back and forth,
No reason or rhyme yea you guessed right.
Makes a grown man confront his fears,
Consider options he'd normally decline.
I'm gonna find my ticket to fly,
I'm gonna fly, I'm gonna fly-high...’ #moethings @moetheband @dear_mrsphantasy25 @bms_pungo @dylanthieman @jadapatada @jaxtraw420

‘Sunday morning she fell onto the bed,
She couldn’t believe all the things she had seen,
And the pictures in her head...’
Managed to survive another illogically scheduled weekend and had a whole bunch of fun doing it 😏 #somedaysomeway #moeperiod #tourseason

‘Tis the season... and I’ll see y’all there 😜#wheresmyadult 🎶💃🏼

I may not know his name, but every few months he’s my best friend for about 10 mins 🧡

One of my favorite things about #RVA is the ability to find #artwork just about anywhere ❤️🧡💛💙 #finallyhome

If you’re not pissing someone off you’re not doing it right☝️
~My favorite things about people are usually their weird and fucked up characteristics. Seriously. I’m into it. Whatever it is that makes you that funky shaped puzzle piece, keep doing that. We need you. (Unless you’re an asshole, that you should stop.)~
#apparentlyihaveabadmouth 🤷🏻‍♀️
@raisinghavoc13 👌😘

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