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Miss 🍒🍷  EastCoastMama♓️ HappyHourHero💰 McFearlessCharmer👑 &👸of perseverance 4ever fighting the good fight 🎵She never stumbles, she got no place to fall🎵

#curious 👹👻

Ready for take off 🐡🐠🐟

Took the kids to their first proper #Umph show in Raleigh this weekend #proudmeemaw @jawn.peezy @faceyourmirror

🎵Yeah you’re a cool cat,
Comin’ on strong with all the chit chat,
Yeah you’re alright,
Hanging out and stealing all the limelight,
Messin’ with the beat of my heart...🎵
#kittylyrics from #queenFreddie
#coolcats #limelights #lyricalstudies
#queen #freddiemercury #catlyrics

Have I ever told you guys about this band I really like? Umphrey’s McGee? That ring a bell at all??? 🔔🔔🔔
#dingdong #readyforRaleigh #tminus4days #umphreysfuckingrocks #falltour #umphreysmcgee @umphreysmcgee @doomflamingo


‘She’s got a rosary and a rabbit’s foot
A black cat bone that keeps her good
A tiger tooth and a gris-gris stick
Still it don’t do the trick...’

#kittycats + #blackmagic + #tompetty = #lyricalperfection
#misskittylady #voodoowoman #ihavelotsofnames

‘... I once was dropped among this crowd...’
#umphreysmcgee #hajimemashite #asheville #uscellularcenterasheville 2/16/18

Because real friends will look like a fool WITH you😆 ‘Jess! Why is your tongue always out?!’ ‘I don’t knowww’ 😬🤷🏻‍♀️🤪 @jenacalyphornya 😂😂😂 — I love these two (mom and dad) so fucking much ❤️

‘It was cold #inthekitchen and the lights were low
as winter slowly stumbled home
the air felt different and it started to show
as every breath resembled smoke
i was short of opinions and i wanted to know
if you'd still be here tomorrow...’ It’s been 3 weeks since #Lockn and I still can’t put words and feelings together. #MaybeSomeday But for now just know that these people, here together in this place= ALL. THE. FEELS. So here’s a couple photos (ya know I had a good time cause there’s very few pics to show) taken in between my heart bursting open and me sobbing happy tears like a madman.
#seasons come and go and everything it has to change
Just like everyone around me - but I still feel the same
So I look beyond the mirror cause I know I can’t forgive
All my indiscretions I'm still learning how to live...’
#therearenoappropriatehashtags #LOVE

So wearing pjs to drop-off and sobbing like a lunatic on the way home is how you do the first day of the last year of elementary school, right? And posting pictures from last weeks final beach trip of the summer in place of a school photo because I’m in denial? Am I doing it right guys??? #momtantrum #notfair

This summer was a little quieter than usual- I didn’t live on 95 outta the trunk of my car like the last few summers- I gave myself a break. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older. Maybe cause I’m really starting to love this little life I’ve created, that I worked so hard for, and the person I’ve become. But these last two weeks, guys... I did both. I planned, I drove, packed and repacked, I walked (so damn much 😅) I danced, I sang, I swam, I laughed, I hugged, and I cried. Finally got home in my bed to realize: I’m not tired. This time I did those things out of love rather than desperation. I was exactly where I needed to be at every moment and never felt rushed to end or start another. I wasn’t searching for something like I have for so long. Everything I needed was right there with me the whole time (save a few of my favorite faces) all I had to do was sit back and enjoy. After a relaxing summer I’m grateful beyond words for the quality time I got to spend with some of the raddest people ever. Another first for me is looking forward to fall- that shedding of the old to make way for the new- when normally I’d be desperately clinging to summer. This time I’m looking forward to new routines while feeling thankful for these peaceful few months- no attachments. Here’s to learning to live in the moment 💜 #misskittylady
•Be ready for floods of photos the next few days😆•

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