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Last week's #Sundaybest was a little sportier than usual, but as comfy as can be! // Tap for deets

Sunday essentials ✨


Who makes you cheese out?! πŸ˜„ My hubby doesn't use Instagram, but if he did, I'd tag him!

There's a new birthday recap post up on tonight! In it I'm sharing 11ish fun facts. Some are about me and some are just random tidbits related to the things or places in the post. // Don't miss out on the link to my $50 @coach shoes!

Out with the old and in with the new!You know you need to replace your shoes when they smell worse than that big pack of kombucha your husband bought at Costco (thinking it was pomegranate juice). 😝 In other news these shoes are 50% off @macys and they have TONS of other cute shoes there on sale now too!

It's my birthday and I'll eat cupcakes & drink boba tea (in this AMAZING Stillwater shop) if I want to! Srsly, I just had the BEST mocha cupcake ever!!!!!! Thank you @mai_little_cakes #romwe

A πŸ‘‘ because some days you just need to feel like a princess.

Hallelujah there's a new blog post up on! 🍾 Now go back and reread that first sentence in a southern accent to get the intended effect. Bonus points if you actually have a southern accent πŸ˜… For real though, I linked 5 similar tops and dresses in my post so head there now to see more! #tiredmomproblems #loopy #sorrypeeps

Details, details! Who else is a "detail" person?! πŸ™‹πŸ» Today's work was all about tweaking the fine details for coworkers and it had me running around like a mad woman! πŸ˜‹ I always feel like "big picture" people sometimes get all the recognition because they are more front and center in collaborative situations, but it's the detail people who help everything run smoothly. πŸ” So if you're also a detail person, just know you're amazing -- even if nobody else sees what you do!

While trying to think of a good post caption I started thinking about the cliche, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" πŸ‹ and it reminded me of the sermon this Sunday and I thought I'd share because the following 2 things hit me hard... // The pastor talked about the end of Hebrews 11 and beginning of 12... and 1️⃣ he pointed out that the faithful people mentioned in chapter 11 didn't obtain God's promises in this life-- yet they still had faith. Then, 2️⃣ ch 12 reminds us to keep our eyes on the prize (Jesus) in order to keep going on the right path in life. And when the pastor explained that I thought about how often I look into other girls' "lanes" here on IG and I get distracted by wanting to be equally smart or successful as those girls instead of keeping my eye on the things that are truly important (faith, family, and the people around me). So tonight as you're scrolling through I wanted to remind you to keep your eyes on what is lasting-- even if you still would love a pair of those cute shoes that will eventually wear out 😘

Sunday best πŸ’•

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