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Andréa Benton  "What is a city but the people?" -- William Shakespeare I ❤ Cincinnati

Another obligatory cicada picture, but this time of its gross shell. They stay underground just to pop up, break free, get off, lay eggs then die. Wow.

My obligatory #Cincinnati #cicada *outbreak* 2017 photo. I've heard people ask about the Big One. Sorry friends, that's in 2021.


I think she knew I felt like crap today because she snuggled with me most of the day. 😻

You ain't keeping this dude down! #ifeelya

Sonic's other chill spot. #thatsmyboy!

I'm not sure what cracked me up here but I'm pretty goofy so it could have been anyyyythang! 📷: @amirh_n1020

Luis (third from right) and his family are awesome and he's digging Cincinnati as much as I do. Our friendship began nearly a year ago (how the time flies!) after he asked me questions about The Queen City. Now The University of Cincinnati has granted him a scholarship to study for his Master's at McM and that's so exciting but he, his wife Adriana and their daughter Gabriela need some help getting here from Venezuela. Can we make this happen for this lovely family?! I think so! The link is in my bio. Thanks for reading and sharing. Let's show them what our awesome city is all about! 📷: Luis via WhatsApp

The only other Blue Jays I saw were banners in front of the Rogers Centre. Of those that were up, I only recognized José Bautista and J.A. Happ. 😳

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