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Austin  "Love is not offensive. Awkward, doomed or ill-timed, perhaps, but not offensive." - Felassan ❤️

Wowow got blue in my hair now. Bye pink it was fun!
#gay #gayboy #haircolour #colourhairstyle #gaysnap #hairstyles

I feel like all I do is post about my friends but whatever they the best friends I could have ever asked for ❤️🥳💜 can’t wait for all the fun this year!!

Missing @twipzzz but egg squad for life ❤️💜🥰
#bestie #squadgoals #squad #drinkingbuddies #drinking #gay #gayboy #gaysnap #loveya

Some of my best friends! I’d do anything for them and they do the same for me 😊 just cuz we aren’t talking doesn’t mean I don’t think about you guys and love you ❤️

Walking home late last night and I got to take this amazing photo! Came out way better then I had hoped 😊

Having such a good time with my besties 😊

PINK! So does it look good??

🔥🌹I am the catalyst awakened, I am the reason they’re afraid 🌹🔥

Spooky spooky! But amazingly beautiful!

More pretty pictures

Throwback to London trip!

I’m just in a constant state of boredom lately. Boo 😐

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