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DARREN & PHILLIP  🐶🐶 Just two dogs who share an iPhone and do our own instagramming. ✌🏼 We don't do food photos. Jk, we totally do 😛

Started writing my goals for today but then accidentally made this grilled cheese instead LOL. It's funny how things happen like that! The goals can wait til tomorrow but the grilled cheese is only hot for so long. #priorites #Philly

When you match your jammies with your human 😂😍 (she totally copied us) There are more photos of our Jammies on mums account @jennifer__jane if you'd like to see them. Going on sale on @darrenandphillip next month!

Look at this beautiful little darling in her hoodie! @littlebluechunkymonkey Asha looks a dream in this! And that face OH the face! 😍 •

Announcement for people who have ordered an item from @darrenandphillip
The pre order that opened in January is very close to arriving! If you ordered any clothing from our website between January and now this information will apply to you.
As with everything to do with making our clothing brand, we have not been able to do one single thing smoothly without something not going to plan. I definitely didn't expect this many 'lessons& #39; 😂 but I am learning for the future with every single step. Something that we have been extra careful with is making sure the quality of our clothing is right, so with every step we are delayed because I'm a stickler for the absolute best quality. We have also had the wonderful experience of learning how international customs is handled in different countries, (it's not wonderful that was sarcasm 😂) and also learning the differences between air and ship freight, all of which has added time. So we are a little behind schedule for our expected delivery but we are hoping to make up for it with the loveliness of the clothing when they arrive. ☺️🎀🛍💖 We are hoping to have all clothing delivered by the end of April at the very latest. Some will be sooner depending on where In the world you live. We want to thank everyone for ordering some of our beloved collection, we really hope you love it when it arrives. I really hope that when you receive it and open the lovely little bag, you smile and say to yourself "this was worth the wait" that's all I want. If you don't feel special when you open it then I have still not made it perfect enough. But I'm hoping you will. ❤
If you have emailed us in the past week, I will respond I promise. There's about 200 sitting there right now that I'm trying to catch up on. I've been at the hospital all week with the boys Nanny (who is home now) so I've not been seeing to business as usual lately. Please use email (not DM or FB message) if you need to get in touch, as it's much easier to make sure nobody is missed this way.
Sending love to all of you. ❤️

When you wanna wash all of your darks in one go so you wear no pants to do the laundry. #dontactlikeyoudont #nopantssaturday

This boy is ADOPTABLE!! For #phillysfridayfeature this week we choose the handsome Bruce! Bruce is in care at Stafford Rescue Victoria right now and desperate for a loving home of his own! If you think you could give Bruce a second chance at life read below about him and then contact Stafford Rescue Victoria.

Hi, my name’s Bruce. I’m a happy go lucky fella, and I’m looking for love… could it be with you??
I absolutely love people (you can tell that by my helicopter tail when I meet people!), and, for this reason, I’ll need to go to a home where someone’s home a lot of the time. I’m ok to be left alone inside for up to around 4 hours, but not much longer, as I miss my people too much and can start getting a little anxious. I love all the usual… sleeping, long walks, playing with you, yummy food, lots of cuddles and kisses. I need to live somewhere that I’ll be the only dog, so I can get spoilt to the max! I’d be best off going to live with someone who’s very experienced with Staffords, as I need to go to obedience training to help my manners and help me become the best dog I can be! It would be best too if the home I went to had only older children, as I jump up when I get excited, and would unintentionally knock little kids over.
So, if you think you can offer me a good forever home where you’ll be able to give me all the above, and, in return, I’ll give you all the love and loyalty you could ask for! Please go to where you’ll find the Adoption Application. ❤❤❤

My bro looks so cute when he sleeps 😍 -Darren

I'm not always a derp, but when I am.... actually I really am always a derp. #fruitbatorsealyoudecide

Eating cheese rings in my activewear. #balance #activewearisntjustforbeingactive

Any body else see what's wrong with this picture? 👀😴😴🙄🙄🙄🙄 #forevernappingwhilstimworking #tobefairimnotreallyworking #iwaslookingatcatvideosandgotbusted

Goodnight to our down under Friends 😴🌙☁️
Good morning and Happy first day of Spring to our overseas friends 🌻🌼☀️
We had so much fun with you all today, (see previous post) You guys made our day with all of your fantastic tales. We're very lucky to know you all ❤
P.S ... scuze my roast chicken arms, I'm always awkward with my arms in photos 🙄Darren
EDIT: My fat paws must have gotten in the way last night and turned off commenting!

Today on @darrenandphillip we want to know what your dogs quirkiest personality trait is! We have some very interesting (😂) traits that we've shared about us but we want to hear what yours are! Go to @darrenandphillip and let us know we can't wait to have a giggle at them all!

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