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DARREN & PHILLIP  🐢🐢 Just two dogs who share an iPhone and do our own instagramming. ✌🏼 We don't do food photos. Jk, we totally do πŸ˜›

Everything was fine until he came along πŸ™„πŸŒ½πŸŒ½

When u got that tail wag workin for you and the eyes are just the icing on the cuteness cake.

Hey Everyone! We're taking over @thedodo Instagram story! Go check out what we got up to! Just go to @thedodo and tap on their profile picture! ❀❀

Hey you. You've had a hard day? dis smiles for you. You're feeling down in the dumps lately? dis smiles for you. You've not been well or someone in your family hasn't been well? dis smiles for you. Dis smile also comes with a warm hug and a whisper that everything is going to be ok. ❀❀❀

Pamper night πŸ’†πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜ŒπŸΆ

Dear diary: Today is cold and dreery. I can see Dad getting ready for our run out the corner of my eye. On Saturdays we go for an extra long run and usually I love it. But today, I don't know it's just so cold and I'm so comfortable right here. I really don't want to hurt his feelings... but I'm also considering just pretending to be asleep.. No. sleep won't cut it he'll just wake me up. Maybe I'll put on a little limp and let out a little cry. But not enough of a cry for him to get scared that I'm sick.... it's so hard. Crap, I think he sees me awake.. looks like I'm going for a run. #darrensdiaries

Cold night, warm belly. πŸ”₯❀🐢

Hello Mum. It's Friday, when do we get to go to the cafe? When's our walk? Do we get to go on the long walk today? What's for lunch? Do u have any treats for morning tea? #SoManyQuestions #SoLittleAnswers

Hi everyone, my name is Darren. You may have forgotten who I am recently since my brother has been taking up all the screen-space. I'm the other half of the Blueboys, I'm Phillips older brother and I really LOVE the camera. Remember me yet? He's feeling better now so finally you get to see me again. #finally πŸ™„

Daddy and Son in the same clothes omg aren't they both so handsome 😭😭😭😍 These are coming soon to @darrenandphillip and we are so excited! Lachlan didn't need too much persuading to wear this hoodie because it's such a cool hoodie haha! He still needed a tiny bit of persuading bc well he's matching the dogs πŸ˜‚ but I think he secretly likes it!
We've been wearing ours all weekend and absolutely love them! .
Philly is feeling much much better today, he's been for a little relaxing walk out on the street this morning, (all in our matching hoodies yes we got a few πŸ‘€looks haha) and now he's chillin on the couch looking pretty happy. He's not having too much tramadol, and today we are going to be making some tumeric paste to put in his dinner. We've had some great suggestions from our lovely friends on here for the things we can give him/do for him now that we know he has arthritis, and we are really grateful for you all helping us out ❀

For all the Mums, even if your baby has fur and four legs, you're appreciated more than you know and more than they can tell you. Happy Mothers Day ❀🐢🐢
Full version on our Facebook ❀

Thanks for watching our live video ❀ Philly is feeling a little better again today. He's not vomited since early yesterday and he's a little more mobile today. We've been to see 4 different vets, he's had 3 X-rays and a bunch of blood tests and they've determined that he has arthritis in his neck. They said that the vomiting could be due to the fatty bone he had and perhaps whilst yanking away at the bone he's hurt his neck in the process. He's definitely super sensitive around that area. We've given him some tramadol and will be starting him on an anti inflammatory diet including tumeric paste etc as soon as his tummy is fully back to normal. They said it's best for him to be restricted movement wise for a few days so we're going to be laying low. He's got the family coming over for dinner today so no doubt he will enjoy all of the attention. Poor Dazzy hasn't had many runs this week so his daddy is about to take him on a nice big run now. ❀These beautiful flowers were a get well present from our lovely friend @lorrainekreuzer ❀ and Philly is snuggled up nicely with his bro and his favourite ducky slipper. ❀❀❀

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