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Last week I asked if you prefer to read and save recipes here on Instagram or on the blog + Pinterest, and the last one won - for a little. You can find the direct link on my profile - no linktree or other stuff, you simply reach the recipe! You’ll need a small bunch of ingredients and you’re ready to cook, in 15 minutes, your amazing vegetarian carbonara ✌🏻
You can thank me later.

In case you missed them yesterday, these vegan and gluten-free chocolate muffins topped with an avocado-cacao frosting are on the blog ready to be baked in your home and offered to your Valentine - or to yourself! Link in profile 😊

Are you ready for S. Valentine? These vegan and gluten-free chocolate muffins are awesome as a gift to your significant other or to yourself if you’re not in a couple! You can find the recipe on my blog (link in profile) or on @naturalmentebuono ‘s cookbook 😊
Have a wonderful week ♥️

Have you already checked my latest blog post where I share the recipe for this amazing SPICED SODA BREAD from the new @golubkakitchen ‘s book? You can still find it in my profile and I’m gonna give you a suggestion for its use today: break a slice into pieces, spray some avo oil and bake for 10-15 minutes at 400F. You’ll have the most amazing croutons to add to salads or soups (I added them to a roasted kabocha and baby spinach salad and it was gorgeous!). You’re welcome.

Hey guys, happy Thursday! 🤗 Today I share with you an amazing recipe from the new Simply Vibrant cookbook written by Anya aka @golubkakitchen 💗 Follow the link in profile to discover the recipe for this wonderfully scented and foolproof loaf 👆🏻

Did you get your nuts and seeds this morning?

New post on the blog! I promise that some recipes are coming soon (I know you’re mostly interested in food 😜), but sometimes it’s worth it to talk about amazing (beauty) products. Check the link in profile or jump to my journal from your desktop 🤗
Have a great Monday!!

Good Friday everybody! After weeks, I’m finally back on the blog with a new look 🎉
The new post is quite long, informative and probably a little boring, but I thought it was important to talk about that, because you may have the same mutation and not being aware - since it’s not a popular subject online, one of those you can read on the main wellness websites. This mutation causes different symptoms and health issues, and I believe that it’s crucial especially for those women who want to start family and have some of the symptoms to get tested. Well, grab an adaptogenic latte and go check the blog post!

I can’t describe the feeling when I’m surrounded by plants 🌿🌵🍃🌳

Today was perrrrfect: warm and sunny and slightly windy as I like. And the @ucgarden was just the cherry on top 🌵🌿🍃
Ps: I’m coming back soon on the blog! (Next week, hopefully)

I just had my perfect kind of Saturday: lunch at @lamedfillmore, shopping at @credobeauty and dairy-free ice cream at @gardencreamery. And btw, we finally bought cabinet for our bathroom - it only took us 17 months... - and I took advantage of the products’ relocation to declutter. A lot! So now this is my whole skin care batch, almost completely green 💪🏻 I used to have a ton of different acids and anti-aging serums, but right now my routine is kinda minimal - you know, da budget. Do you have any recommendation for natural anti-aging/detoxing/brightening products that work? The discovery of a short grey hair on my head today freaked me out this morning 😅 - and I’m turning 30 this year 👵🏻

3 months ago I ordered a little @jvskincare set with @joinpalm and it arrived today. In the meantime I started to pick only natural and green skin care products so, going back, I wouldn’t purchase this again. BUT, the brand is not so bad either, it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, it’s just not clean as I would like it to be. I’m almost surely going to try them, so let me know if you’re interested in a review on my blog in a few weeks! I’m quite uncertain about the soap bar, I was supposed to receive a charcoal one, but we’ll see...it may be even better for my skin type, but I really wanted some charcoal stuff to remove as many toxins from my face 😢
First impressions? The packaging is beautiful and the bar smells A-MA-ZING!

My diet may change again due to some recent discovery about my health. But I really hope that I’ll be able to eat as much as possible from my current pantry 🤞🏻

First post of 2018 😬 ops! The first week of the new year was kinda anxious for me and then I got sick - again, for the second time in less than 30 days. But today I’m finally feeling myself and I really missed publishing something other than stories! Btw, I just shared a few suggestions for #followfriday there👆🏻 I wish you a wonderful weekend - especially if it’s a long one 🤗🇺🇸 Ps: would you be interested in a detailed blog post about homemade kombucha? Let me know in the comments 😊

If I had to give a title to my 2017, it’d be “Self-discovery and change”. I started getting passionate about something else than just food and changed my blog to follow my path. Lately, my health issues became pretty bad right before leaving for our first vacation in more than 2 years. And then Kauai gave me a lot of answers. I spent the latest 2 months researching about green beauty, sustainable fashion and living, and started approaching to life with that idea always in mind.
2018 will be a year devoted to my body and Mother Nature. It will also be the year that will change forever our lives, one way or the other. But anyway, I have good vibes 🤗
I wish you all the best for the new year! ♥️ Ps: sorry for being a little MIA, especially on the blog, but I’ll be back soon with some...changes 😉

I usually have really dry skin, but with my period my skin becomes pretty oily and pimply. This @oseamalibu blemish balm is really changing the game! It’s now my period-dedicated moisturizer 😁 it’s so refreshing on the skin and keeps at bay any excessive oiliness - goodbye shiny forehead. I even had a big pimple underneath the skin, right in the side fold of the nose - you know how much it hurts - and it completely disappeared in only 2 days using this balm. Completely reabsorbed! 🙌🏻 That’s magic ♥️

Still trying to fight a cold, so I needed a diversive to spending my third day in front of YouTube - I ♥️ YouTube - and I decided to finally try @elenoreearth’s rye sourdough bread! My starter is not in its best shape, but I hope it worked anyway🤞🏻I’ll try it tomorrow for breakfast with scrambled eggs and ghee...can’t wait! I’ll let you know how it turned out 🤗
Ps: if you have any advice about healing a cold/flu/fever naturally, let me know! I’m drinking tons of propolis tincture and ginger tea but they don’t really help! Oh, and I should’t have honey or other sweeteners (or can I, in this situation, @unadietistacontrocorrente ?)

This week started with my period (which is a great news for me) and a sore throat. Therefore, my skin feels super dehydrated and I really need to pump up my hydration intake, both internally and externally. I’ve never talked about that, but my skin is very picky about oils! Even the most loved ones, they don’t work for me. The @oseamalibu essential hydration oil is totally different! My skin really absorbs it and feels nourished by it. If you struggle with oils like I do, give it a try!

Since so many of you asked me “what do you eat now?” and “what do you avoid?” I decided to run through my whole pantry (and fridge and freezer) to answer to them. Find the link in profile!
#bayareablogger #whatsinmypantry #healthychoices

First thing first, thanks so much to @oseamalibu for sending me this beauty ♥️ Second, as you may know, my trip to Hawaii reminded me how much I believe in nature and love using green products, so I started switching (back) to them. Osea is a great natural and vegan brand, with a mindset that’s just on point 👌🏻 I’ll try most of these products tonight for the first time - maybe the blemish balm too, because, you know, it’s that time of the month 👀
I’ll keep you updated in the next weeks...on YouTube maybe? 🤔 #staytuned

Lorenzo and I, we’re sucker for unique and artful pieces. I spent so much time looking for dainty pieces, those that are so trendy now, but anything has ever called my name. Then I saw this amazing necklace by @johannaspraguedesign at the @urbanairmarket in Oakland this morning and we both fell in love with it. Johanna is an amazing artist - and a stunning woman, let me say that - and her creativity goes way beyond her beautiful jewelry. Check her website. You’re welcome.
The earrings caught my eye immediately. Those are Italian pearls. Perfectly funny right?

I’ve never eaten French toast before but I thought it would have been a perfect following step to the paleo waffle. And it’s so easy to make! I’m really liking this new diet 😅

The post some of you were waiting for. All the truth about my long journey, the explanation on how the vegan diet never worked for me and why my new diet is completely different. Link in profile! Oh yes, and there’s also the recipe for this paleo(ish) breakfast waffle!
Ps: we had issue with my blog, but my amazing husband was able to patch it up. Only the comment section doesn’t work ☹️ but you can do it here!

Apparently my blog has issues - wtf? - so you’ll have to wait to read the recipe for this waffle and the whole story about my diet and health. I spent an entire morning writing the post 🙈 fingers crossed that my husband is gonna fix it soon 🤞🏻

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