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The Bloody Butcher  Scumbag, Barber, Lord of the Lard, Single dad, Professional Fuck Up, Always In Trouble


The way we spend our time defines who we are... .
Photo: @david_raccuglia_photography, hope to see you again real, real soon my friend, I’m in desperate need of one of our inspirational pow-wows... Suit: @vlasmanrotterdam #quotestoliveby #timeflies #everygirlcrazyboutasharpdressedman #suitdafuckup #peakyblinders #aldraagteenaapeengoudenring #fatbastard #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher

Tradition is often used as an adjective, in contexts such as traditional music, traditional medicine, traditional values and others. In such constructions tradition refers to specific values and materials particular to the discussed context, passed through generations..
Here’s some fckn tradition for ya

Butcher+Asia+Booze=Axl Rose+Karaoke+Getting Naked...
Photos (swipe to left): @jelleinmyear

@schorembarbier did pretty good the last six years... Wanna know the reason of that succes...? The foundation is a solid friendship, we build the shop WE would want to go to, cut away all the bullshit and build a home away from home, the rest is history... #memoriesbeforeassets #homefromhome #thirdplace #heysailor #fishermansfriends

Remember the video of the haircut I did on my buddy, pretty boy @d.yildiz1996, the one with the big pomp, no guards...? Well, he wants to grow his hair and although I’m not known to be a big fan of long hair on guys, being his barber it’s my duty to help him out and keep him handsome throughout the process... I use different blending and texturizing techniques on the long top layers and combined it with a low drop fade and a razor faded nape area... Buttered the whole thing up with @reuzel fibre... You can find the complete video on our @schorembarbier Facebook page and YouTube channel this afternoon... Big piece of raw meat for the wolf @jelleinmyear for taking care of business as usual... #cuttothechase #razorfadedpompadour #greaseupandgethigh #lordofthelard #livinglavidalarda #reuzelkop

You know how we found our first apprentices? We looked for them in the right places, in bars and back alleys so to speak, we wanted boys who went to “the school of hard knux” who learned to hussle and had a few stories to tell but more important know hów to tell a story because we (still) believe that storytelling and barbering go hand in hand... I talk a LOT on stage, I want to entertain the crowd with a big bag of bullshit and some tacky jokes like we do @schorembarbier, I want to make people laugh like we do @schorembarbier and next to me, my best fckn friend is throwing out insane haircuts that make look me like a dick which makes the worst hairshow even better, I know some people might call us posers for acting like we do on stage, but that’s the whole point IT’S AN ACT, we’ll do everything to show the people a great time and make em leave a little inspired and with a smile on their faces, it was NEVER just about the haircut @schorembarbier or any barbershop in the world... Before we went on stage in Fukuoka our brothers of the smock @mr.brothers_cutclub and @barbershopapache showed the crowd how it’s REALLY done and of course the pretty and very fckn talented @trends.by.taylor made us look like silly drooling grandpaws.. We miss you guys SO much already... .
SWIPE to the LEFT to see more photos by the wolf himself: @jelleinmyear
#travellingfreakshow #templeofgroomtour

I’m a HUGE, HUGE fan of @hairbrained_official so I’m very fuckin’ stoked to take over their Facebook page next TUESDAY at 19.00 (7 P.M.) local time for a live broadcast from @schorembarbier I’ll be doing a long trim Pompadour and you’re free to ask all the questions you want, I’ll try to answer all of em, even the tacky ones... #live #videokilledtheradiostar #butcherbusiness

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”
Oscar Wilde

Nothing’s impossible, not even impossibles with a dirty, old, rotten body like The Butcher’s... Man... Playing a game of S.K.A.T.E. With my bloody daughter @puckwietveld’s boyfriend @mosiopanderedingen was SO much fun... He whooped my ass but he had to work for it... #ollieimpossible #skateanddestroy #scetchyasfuck #gettinpiggywithit #oldfart #pinksnowdad #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher #noschoolliketheoldschool

Every barber or hairdresser that ever did shows or photo shoots knows that having a good model is half the work (actually even a lot more) When I was in Osaka at the @mizutaniscissors_official headquarters and this fella, my man @entrust_kunimoto walked in I grabbed him and asked him to be a rockstar on stage for me, I mean, yes, he’s got great hair, but look at that face, I just wanna make a gangster movie with this bad ass... SWIPE to LEFT!!

Photos by that other bad ass @jelleinmyear #travellingfreakshow #templeofgroomtour #gettinpiggywithit #badassery #noprettyboys #realhaircutsonrealpeople #Iwannagoback #Japan #kampai #domoarrigatogozaimashita #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher

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