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Last week gave me a 1000 new memories... A 1000 laughs... A 1000 goosebumps... A 1000 different emotions... And about a 1000 photos to post on Instagram and Facebook... So the smartest thing to do is just post a photo of that what started it and binds us all: A haircut...
Cut by yours truly @theoldschoolbarberacademy groomed with @reuzel pomade.
#rootsbloodyroots #dreamsneedfoundationstoo #itallstartedwithahaircut #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher

They're gone... 😢 Last week was one of the best in my whole life, I can talk about it for hours but my buddy @mattyconrad said it best "Sometimes the heart speaks louder the the mouth ever could" It might sound slightly over the top but this group of people have changed the way I look at life, I'm very, very emotional today now that I realise the dream I had came true, more powerfull then I could have ever hoped for... Thank you... You guys mean the world to me.
And off course the whole team that made this happen... #projectX #Xmen #friendsforlife #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher

Can't thank my old friend @honest_als_barbershop enough for being my model in #projectX We're not gonna give away to much but soon you can buy a DVD WITH 12 haircuts done by some of my talented friends from around the world and by buying it you actually help giving a kid a chance of an education... #projectX #friendsaroundtheworld #bestweekever #Ihadadream #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher #flattopwithfenders #flattopboogie

Too much sexy going on in this video... My handsome buddy @mikeyyyyyyy_ and yours truly cruisin' the streets of Rotterdam... #wellyoucantellbythewayiusemywalkimawomansmannotimetotalk

Dress like it's your last day on earth... Hanging with my friends @mikeyyyyyyy_ and @joth_davies after a day of interviewing all of our guests... I keep trying to find the words to describe the last two days but they haven't been invented yet... #bestweekever #friendsaroundtheworld #evenbetterthanIhoped #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher #everygirlcrazyboutasharpdressedman #biggerthanRonJeremy

Ok, sometimes there's just to much imput to process... I'm bouncing up the walls from excitement, to see all my friends, the excitement of the @schorembarbier and the @theoldschoolbarberacademy team, there's so much energy in the air... Yesterday I got this AMAZING gift from my old friend @joth_davies, owner of @savillsbarbers, a eing that symbolizes our friendship. It says "TONSORUM AD VITAM" Barber for life... For me it's so much more now that I got it on the night one of my dreams came true, it will always remind me of how grateful I am to have once chosen the trade that brought me so much... Being surrounded by such great people... Sorry for being a sissy, but MAN, I'm excited... @volsted_uk did a beautiful job, amazing craftmansship #friendaroundtheworld #grateful #TONSOREMADVITAM #staytrue

I don't have the words to describe today... I had a dream, gather a group of friends we met around the world, barbers that inspire us on a daily basis and work together, make a tutorial DVD to raise money to send less fortunate kids then us to (barber) school... Tonight we had the model call and all of our friends were there, it waa a meeting of minds, some of us don't speak a word English and it didn't matter, the love for what we do was enough to make friendships for life. I'm overwhelmed, it was so much more then I could even hope for, we're gonna show the world what we're all about and with "we" I mean all the barbers and hairdressers around the world that share our passion... I go to bed with the biggest smile I ever had... Keep you posted. I fckn love you guys.
@farzadthehappybarber (Canada)
@sidsottungacademy (UK)
@beccaemay (US)
@boscolobos (Italy)
@barbershopapache (Japan)
@moraleswilly (Brasil)
@nastynelis (Holland)
@mikeyyyyyyy_ (US)
@savillsbarbers (UK)
@mattyconrad (Canada)
@mrpotatohead59 (Japan)

Doing a biggie-wiggie on my model during my weekly demo @theoldschoolbarberacademy Man, it's HOT today but not too hot for the pink @reuzel pomade... I'm so damn excited, today 10 barber friends from around the world are flying in to make a new step by step tutorial DVD to raise money for education worldwide... #hewhoopensaschooldoorclosesoneinprison #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher

Now, that's actually a supernice Butcher tattoo, look at me being all serene and zen-mode shaving a patron... Thanks @paul_the_barber204, I'm more then honored... Artist: @jacobredmond #namaste #zen #humbledbuthonored #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher

I made @the_house_of_blood Instagram page just because I love this place SO MUCH... I realize to the fullest I’m a lucky motherfucker being able to travel to the world doing what I love but the most rewarding thing about touring the globe is coming home... I never realized how important it is to have a place you can call you home, but after 25 years of squatting, rambling and crashing on couches never knowing when you’d have to look for another place, dragging all your stuff around owning a house turned out to be freedom instead of the prison I always thought it would be... This is the place where I’ll die, this is the heritage to my kids, I love her and I can just feel she loves me... This is where the always growing collection of music, art, books and oddities will grow and I’ll be spreading the love and tell stories about every little gem I can get my hands upon... It’s NOT going to be page about barbering though, so just follow if you’re interested about the Temple of Tacky, The House of Horrors and The Creepy Caverns...#thehouseofblood #welcome #hoarderalert #homeiswherethethroneis

Ready to host the @barberqfest organised by my friends @cherry_chop_barbers in Mierlo... Brought the pretty @stephanie.mertens as my sidekick... #monkeyonmyback #travellingfreakshow #thewonderfulhorriblelifeofthebutcher

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