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The British Heart Foundation  We’re the UK's leading #heart charity, funding research into heart and circulatory diseases. See #boughtatbhf, @bhf_ebay & our Snapchat (the_bhf)

Today is #WorldDiabetesDay, and a chance to talk about a condition affecting an estimated 4.6 million people in the UK.

Thanks to your support, we have funded #diabetes research ranging from large clinical trials to discovery basic science.

Heart hero Freddie has had a difficult start to life.

He was born with severe coarctation of the aorta and was in heart failure when he was just two weeks old.

Now he’s happy and healthy at 7 months and recovering well from his life saving operations.

Shop and do good! Buy with us and help reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing new textiles.

Wren has just celebrated her 1 year ‘heartiversary’ – 12 months since her open heart surgery, and the day that saved her life.

Wren was born with a congenital heart condition called ventricular septal defect. This meant that she had a hole in the wall between the lower left and right chambers of the heart which causes extra blood flow to the lungs.
Thanks to your support, we are continuing to fund research to help babies like Wren born with congenital heart disease.

7 month old Cadi Lois was diagnosed with pulmonary stenosis when she was just three weeks old.

She had a balloon valvuloplasty at 8 weeks and she’s now enjoying life as any toddler should.

This Halloween we challenged three crafty BHF shoppers to create costumes using clothes they #BoughtatBHF – and the results have been spooktacular!
Feel inspired to take on your own project? Pop into your local BHF, and don’t forget to share your creations using the hashtag #BoughtatBHF!

Rocco was born with double VSD and a number of other problems with his heart.
He has since been through three heart operations, but has made a good recovery from each one and is now enjoying life as any three year old should - playing and having fun with his brother, Benjamin.

At the BHF, thanks to your support, we fund research to help tiny hearts like Rocco’s.

Today is #WorldStrokeDay, and we’re raising awareness about a condition which still causes 38,000 deaths in the UK each year

Stroke changes lives in an instant, but for the majority of people there is no proven treatment to limit its disabling effects.
Thanks to your support, our researchers are working hard to change the story for stroke survivors.

A big thank you to @jackwhitehall for surprising guests at a recent comedy show organised by Professor Iain Greenwood at St George’s University.
Other comedians such as Suzi Ruffell, Matt Simmons, Olaf Falafel and Carey Marx played to a sell-out crowd while BHF Young Heart Hero, Laura Honeyman, assisted with the raffle.
It was a fantastic evening with over £3,500 raised for our life saving research!

Throughout October we’ve been asking you to join our Makeover Challenge, by heading to one of our furniture stores and transforming your home.
We’ve loved seeing all of your amazing finds so far, whether you’ve upcycled a sideboard, spruced up a bookcase, or found the perfect mirror!
Here’s a selection of our top picks that you’ve #BoughtatBHF this month.

Searching for some recipe inspiration?
As today marks the start of #NationalCurryWeek, why not give our tasty, heart-heathy curries a go?

They're delicious!

Little Tomasz was born in January this year with a congenital heart defect - Transposition of the Great Arteries
When he was just 16 days old, he underwent a life saving ‘arterial switch’ operation – a procedure pioneered by BHF Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub.
Tomasz has since recovered well and was allowed to go home at seven and a half weeks old.
His mum, Sophie, said: “We cannot begin to describe the joy we felt walking through the front door as a family that day. Tomasz is now a strong, healthy nine month old. He shows his gratitude to the team who saved him on a daily basis, by living life with a big smile on his face.”

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