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Dylan Gaylord  I find myself the most stoked in high places ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ„

Happy 70th birthday to one of the biggest legends out their mr @bobweir 50 years plus of DEADdication so I felt it only felt right to post a picture of myself walking a highline with a bertha cape on to show the love for the dead :) zoom in and you'll see a bertha body having blast flowin in the wind thanykou to @_b_i_b_i_ for the epic photo!!!!!!#highline #fruitbowl #bobweir #gratefuldead #hippytree #52weeksofnature #balancecommunity #cherishyourstoke

This past week has been nothing short of beyond amazing , I left to go to a beyond amazing gathering for highlining in beyond beautiful northern Arizona it was put on by some of loveliest people such as @flagslack @visualsanctuary & @slacklinegreg & along with help from an awesome volunteer team , I went with a injured knee with knowing I couldn't walk I rallied down the trail on crutches to check out the beautiful & SAFE rigs I missed out on the first half of the gathering but came just in time to meet some really amazing people that helped mold and change my life forever , we laughed cried shared deep stories shared dances Louie my โค๏ธ even picked me up when I couldn't dance and took me to dance so thankful for the beyond people I call my friends and not only that but for being allowed to be vulnerable & open where it brought us all together so much in such a short amount of time it was so amazing to be open in a safe place with so much support from some of the best people I know on this planet cannot wait until we can all rally again and next year I'll be walking!!! Not only did I get to experience all of that within a couple days I got to take some awesome photos of some damm hippies in their natural state climbing on rocks & such not only did I get to have the best time of my life in flagstaff Everyone got hosted by some super amazing People and we got to have a massive cuddle puddle every morning it was too great:) but after flag I journeyned the road to moab for the first time in my life!!! from staying off my knee it has inproved ever so much to the point I decided to climb , I'm so grateful and spoiled to have gotten to climb my first real outdoors climb on a beautiful tower in moab. The stoke was beyond real , later that day I got to learn some Acro yoga which I have been dreaming about for awhile!! met some of the beyond awesome community that surrounds moab & have had such amazing hospitality on my travels , so beyond words of excited excitement to play on some Highline's in the fruit bowl my knee is feeling pretty damm good so its only about time to get back to doing what I love #highline #slackline #stoke #hippytree #52weeksofnature

Soooo much stoke this weekend so many great & inspiring people doing amazing things , thankyou to the humbolt crew for putting on this beautiful gathering in the most beautiful of places I wanted to share with yah some of the playing since there all so beautiful , I can't wait for my knee to get better so I can get back to doing what makes me the most stoked in life which is playing on wiggly bouncy ropes in the most beautiful of places :) #balancecommunity #hippytree #52weeksofnature #stoke #slackline

Enjoying walks in the redwoods at THC so much stoke and so many amazing people doing amazing things this weekend I was having a blast got my first full man on a 30m line & then went to turn around again & got super tangled up in the leash with my legs and took a whip & ended up doing something super weird to my knee which felt like I dislocated it super bummed on hurting myself doing something I love & the fact I can't play on the last day of THC but super stoked on the progress this weekend and the amazing people that made it that much better & for reminding me it's ok & that this stuff happens just have to heal up & get back to walking as fast as I can cause ahhhhhh too much fun ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“ , sun flares with myself on the line :) thankyou to @ericgio for the stoke and for this beyond epic photo!!!!! Now time to find some way down to the lines to hangout without hurting my knee anymore ๐Ÿ˜œ #balancecommunity #hippytree #52weeksofnature #stoke #thc

One of my favorite highline photos of free your mind it looks like it was token with a drone with this amazing angle mr max got ahhhhhhhhhh can't wait to get some solid exposure very soon:) #hippytree #52weeksofnature #balancecommunity #stoke

Last time I post this and if Instagram deletes it then wasn't meant to be lol stoked on yesterday's mid line the sound effects make it that much cooler I โค๏ธ slacklines & I can't wait to play on highline super soon :) #stoke

Poseidon was one hell of an ocean highline the approach getting up is the real deal the beauty is there & oh so mesmerizing just wish I had more time to play in such a beautiful place after driving from Portland to the northern coast of California I was super keen to play for a long time but sometimes you get there and the de rig is about to happen so you just gottah ask as nice as you can if you can get out and play for 15 mins (thankyou to garret and eric for the involved beautiful & beyond amazing rigging job on T18) I had a blast but couldn't cross the whole thing due to my time restriction in my head I kept thinking ahhh no you have to go in you have to go in I felt so defeated for not crossing but sometimes that's not what it's all about just getting out there and having fun is!!! I was just beyond stoked to get the opportunity to get out on this beautiful ocean highline and take a solid stroll up above the ocean truely a moment where dreams have came true!!!!!:)))) I โค๏ธ highlines and slacklife #slacklife #humbolt #balancecommunity #hippytree #52weeksofnature #stoke #oneinchdreams #slacklifebc

This past weekend was beyond amazing my life has been forever changed I broke through some huge mental Barriers that I never thought I could i set a new pr on a 47m line called aggro gulley where I crossed with 8 falls then sent it on the way back to set my first pr so beyond stoked!!!, one of the most beautiful experiences in my life so grateful to get out and play in the middle of the sky where most people would never think to walk for four continuous days it was beyond amazing and beautiful sending free your mind and crossing it once in a day with 4 falls & then sending it on the way back along with crossing it another day with two falls to playing on cold turkey a awesome line getting 3/4th of the way on a 48m line across on my second day & then getting my first onsight on dog fight a beautiful 23m highline but meeting some truely beyond inspiring people that changed my life truely forever that was the best part it's so truely beyond amazing to think that walking on wobbly ropes 400-500 ft up in air can bring people together in such a short period of time from all over the world so grateful for all the inspiration this weekend at the gathering and the people that I met that all truely changed my life in millions of ways I cannot wait for the journey to continue it has only begun!! #highlineoregon #slacklife #balancecommunity #52weeksofnature #hippytree #stoke

Missing the candain Rockies & someone else very close to my heart some days just have a way of making me miss the only person to understand me or make me smile when I'm as blue as this water mother I know your up there & in my heart & soul but fuck let's just get real this shit sucks I miss my mom my nubs(my childhood cat who was there for everything) & the way I felt when I was 10 when I had a dad who cared what happened & would help & I had my mom , I am beyond grateful for my brother for always being there even through fights , we always have each others back same goes to mister @braden_johnson thankyou Braden for literally always having a ear & being there when it's something heavy & just reminding me life is worth smiling & being stoked over , still with that being said I miss you mom I wish this got easier but it never fucking does & some stuff can happen to you & bring you right back to all of my old feelings of life , trying hard lately to be the only thing that makes me feel comfortable & outrageously stoked is being completely alone on a 1 inch piece of webbbing really high up in the air , strange but it's all I can think about & truly what I'm fighting for no matter how blue I am when I get on a slackline it all goes away for a brief second I dint feel as shitty I don't realize how much I miss my mom everything is good but then all the feelings come back like flood gates pouring out , can't wait to get out on some lines this weekend & get my mind off how I feel the exact color of this water not its beauty but blue , but hey maybe that's why I can play & sing the blues you gottah hurt to play it right I sure wish mama could if told me that before she left & left my hurting only with a guitar to sing some songs to you , sorry to anybody if any of this stuff is too sad or whatever I use this platform to rely how terrible I feel cause in the past I barely did & ended doing worse things to myself it's always better to let it out then to just let it tear you apart or even worse you tear yourself apart depression is very large role in my life I understand it know just wish I didn't have it but the first step is communication & not staying in the dark

Got worked on this line yesterday stood up 9 different times each time I found my balance but couldn't fight it enough to get my feet to move sometimes it's not all about walking for myself I'm just stoked I got out and stood up as many times as I could until I got worked on my foot and the back of my calf failure is never bad with this sport I embrace it and can't wait to keep pushing past the heavy whips and eventually take some steps and cross some lines one day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully soon cause it's all I can think about #slacklife #slack #highline #highmidline #hippytree #52weeksofnature #balancecommunity #pnwwonderland #cascadiaexpored #nextadventure #washingtonexplored #artofvisuals #stoke

Oh Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ your just way too beautiful I cant wait till the next time I get to see your beauty & for all of the people who follow me for photography sorry life just has changed so much I still get the chance to shoot but instead of beautiful nature it's of people doing extremely beautiful things on wobbly ropes๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผeven more amazing is that a iPhone took this photo #amazing_shotz #artofvisuals #traveljunkie #artofvisuals #pnwwonderland #peytolake #untoldvisuals #adventurevisuals #wildernessculture #adventurescolors #morainelake #briskoutdoors #candianrockies #hippytree #alberta #seekingtheoutdoors #ig_thisworld #52weeksofnature #nomadiccreators #earth_shotz #northwestcreatives #majestic_earth #adventurescolors #lostfam #visualscollective #travelbanff @majestic_earth_ @explorebanff @cascadiaexplored @earth_shotz @travelalberta @briskoutdoors @adventurescolors @pnw_compass @majestic_earth_ @artofvisuals @visualscollective @nomadiccreators @agameofportraits @world_shotz

Forest mid lines the other day were quite beyond ridiculous amounts of fun i even took the longest walk I've token on a mid line so far not even that far but it was three steps that where actually placed and I felt the line under my feet super well I felt calm and collected it was the best moment of my life so far and I can't wait to keep on pushing through the Barriers of sport it's so hard but so rewarding it makes you feel so humbled at the end of the day thankyou to mr @kylelovett for taking this beyond epic photo and for walking on some wobbly ropes with us Portland folk #balancecommunity #slacklife #midline #stoke #beauty #hippytree #52weeksofnature

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