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Vedic Inspired Perfume Oils.  Worldwide Shipping

Golden oils - a range of 7 Vedic inspired scents; from floral through to citrus, fresh and earth based aromatics, filled with botanical extracts and Ayurvedic herbs. Available online now.

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• Samadhi: A Sanskrit term in which the body, mind and consciousness are superbly balanced as ones individual awareness is merged with the ultimate presence - into pure existence.

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In good company at @covenshoppe with @anamundistudio - A sacred space for wildflowers, botanicals and the cultivation of all that is intuitive and magic about the natural world.

Discover our range of Ayurvedic beauty and wellness products with perfume oils, therapeutic massage oils and our new range of facial mists. Each formulated with natural flower, herb and plant extracts and formulated with traditional Vedic philosophies in mind.

Starting the week right: Veruschka by Richard Avedon

Ojas - that which dwells in the heart, Ojas refers to the subtle essence that is responsible for vigour, immunity, radiance and life. The element of water, Ojas is extracted not only from the food we take in and it’s healthy digestion, but from the sensory impressions we take in and are conscious of.

Warm, soothing and slightly spicy, Tulsi is a revered and sacred healing herb used in Ayurveda to purify the body, mind and spirit. Our Tulsi facial mist is perfect to use before or after meditation or yoga practices. Available online now.

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Nature’s elixirs - essential flower, plant and herb extracts fill every bottle of our wellness beauty products, steam-distilled to preserve precious extracts and provide an abundance sensory pleasure.

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