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Þorsteinn Örn  🇮🇸 Sharing photos from Iceland 🇮🇸 Apache. Sales manager for a hardwood company. Horror movies, animals and nature. Leiknisljón. LFC supporter YNWA

This is Vigdísarstofnun. My latest big project. We made all the wood handrails, wood stairs, the deck on the balcony and the wood seats out in the sunken square. The inside handrails and stairs is American white oak. The deck out on the balcony is Itauba and the handrails and seats outside are made of Sipo mahogany.
#handrails #NewBuilding #Architecture #oak #itauba #mahogany

Just came home from the vet. I found a lump on his back leg last night. And he's going to have a surgery on wednesday to have it removed. Hopefully he will be alright.

Finally!! After stalking, and A&E entertainment for 5 months. I finally found a company that released season 10 of Ice Road Truckers on dvd!! Big shoutout to the Aussies for this release, they have never failed!
#HailAustralia #BestCountryInTheWorld #IceRoadTruckers #RipDarrellWard #IRT

Paying a tribute to my grandfather. He passed away on march 4th 2017.
He was my hero growing up. Played for ÍA Akranes his whole career and won the Icelandic Premier league multiple times. He played as a defender and he was tough as nails, from what I read and heard. He had 20+ caps for the Icelandic national team and captained Iceland 4 games. He put a full Idrætsparken stadium to silence when he scored the 1st goal against Denmark in 1959 in the Olympic playoffs.
He attended most of my matches when I played, one summer, he told me he would give me 100 ISK for each goal I scored that season, I ended up scoring around 30 goals 😂 And when I played against his old club in the playoffs for the title in 1989, he supported my club against his old club.
He had so many stories and he loved telling his grandkids his stories. I remember when I was young, visiting grandpa was highlight of the week.
He finally gets to rest in peace now.
Thanks for everything.
Sveinn Teitsson 01.03.1931 - 04.03.3017.

It's the annual bun day here in Iceland!! I only ate like 5 yesterday. Not planning on eating more than 6 today! Happy bun day!!
#BunDay #Iceland #🇮🇸

We made a fort!!! I know what all of you are thinking, this is snow, not cocaine!
#SnowFort #SnowCat #CatsOfInstagram #gatto #katzen #cats

"Transilvanian Hunger" Darkthrone.
It snowed just a little bit last night. 20"+ or around 50+ cm.
#snow #snowy #sun #sunny #beautiful #iceland #🇮🇸 #TimeToMakeAFort

"The Somberlain" Dissection.
As you can see Brandur is so excited to watch the new TWD episode tonight! He's so excited, he just can't hide it!!!
#cats #CatsOfInstagram #Brandur is #TeamNegan 😈 #gatto #katzen

"Where Dead Angels Lie" Dissection.
Went to work today, caught a fever on top of the flu 😤 So I was sent home. So Brandur and I made a fort! We love forts!
#CatsOfInstagram #cats #fort #FortBrandur #gatto #katzen

"When The Stillness Comes" Slayer.
2nd day spent at home in bed because of the flu 😡 I just want to be at work since most of you know I'm a workaholic. At least I have time editing some old photos.
#sunrise #sunset #sun #clouds always #sunny in #beautiful #Iceland #🇮🇸

"We Have Arrived" Dark Angel.
Beautiful sunrise on this cold sunday morning. Been a horrible month so far. Liverpool has only won 1 game, losing 3 in a row at Anfield. And my old club Leiknir lost an important game last night, so we will not be defending our Reykjavik cup! So come on february!!!! #sunrise #sunset #sunny #snow #Iceland #🇮🇸

"Spill The Blood" Slayer.
State of the union address
Counting the days until TWD. Lucille has to be very thirsty after this break. Bats all folks!! #ThankYou #Lucille #VampireBat #TWD #Negan #tattooed #TattooedMen #tattoo #MenWithTattoos #SorryNotSorry

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