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Greg Griffin  Artist & musician based in Manchester

Today was not such a good day, i fucked a lot of stuff up
But I imagine my improvement to be portrayed in the format of a 90's training montage. Perhaps to the tune of a popular anthem like Eye Of The Tiger

Thinking of doing more videos, just chatting about things on my mind

I must've been telling one hiLARIOUS joke.

Just remembered I never thanked you for the overwhelming support I received when making this huge decision to focus on what I love!

Honestly, thank you so much for every comment, message, email and carrier pigeon that was sent- your ongoing support means the world to me❤

Especially the type of support that coo's.

Howdy🌵 things are going well, felt a bit shit today because relearning old lessons is taking longer than expected & my self-esteem takes persistent knocks
I'm aiming to get more of a solid foundation in my understanding of anatomy & colour composition before being able to move onto the flashier, more postable content that people tend to enjoy. Basics and foundations aren't the most impressive, however I have faith that the investment will pay off... eventually.
I'll post some more hand studies tonight 🤙🏼👊🏽🖖🏼

You should see my camera roll, its looking like American Horror Story had its budget slashed
Recently I've spent time looking at exactly what it is about a facial expression that makes it so emotive. I'm finding which muscles, tendons and characteristic contribute most to the holistic emotion that you end up communicating by knocking out features that I think could be important to see if it has any notable consequence

Im finding that having to pick out both the darks and the lights is much more useful when planning a painting
However the proportions are still off, I've gone and given myself an even mightier shnoz

Ay this is long however I'd appreciate you reading x
Very early in the process, I'm pretty happy with how things are looking BUT ALSO people I have an announcement!
Recently I dropped out of formal education for mental health reasons, deciding to instead pursue a career in the things that make me happier as a person in Manchester, the place I love.
Im making the reckless and irresponsible decision to be an artist, a musician and my utmost passion... serve coffee in a café.
I suppose you'll just have to put up with me performing the boring task of growing as a person.
How revolting.

Big boooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiis (ft @jeddibear) @macdemarco
Full homoerotic credits & creative inspiration from @joshuatownrow @joshuatownrow @joshuatownrow

King Gizz and the Wizz Lizz was the absolute BIZZ(ness) 🔝🔝🔝incredible musicians

Nothing tastes sweeter than gluten free democracy

Goddam finish the year tomorrow fuk yeh x

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