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U N I Q U E 💞 Never lose your unique style baby girl. We love the crazy character you’re becoming #outfitbylottie

E A S T E R 🐣 I hope you all had as wonderful an Easter as we did celebrating with our little bunny. Who loves a good Easter Egg hunt. I think we all loved watching this little one running around so excited to discover all the eggs hidden all over her Nanny and Poppy’s beautiful garden 🌷

P R E G N A N C Y 💞 I’m definitely enjoying it so much more this time around. It’s amazing how quickly it’s gone and how little stress I’ve felt in comparison to last time. With Lottie I was constantly told she was really tiny and not growing and I spent a lot of the pregnancy really worried something was wrong with her. She ended up just perfect. This time around I decided my last pregnancy was filled with so much unnecessary stress that I’d try my best to avoid it. It hasn’t been all smooth sailing and there was a few weeks worrying Lottie’s little sister might have Cystic Fibrosis which of course any parent-to-be would be concerned about. Once again though after a couple of weeks waiting for the results things seemed totally fine. A little over 9 weeks to go and I’m getting so excited to meet our little girl ✨💕

D E V A S T A T I O N .... when your babycino runs out well before you want it to 🙄🤣

#throwback of me and my wee little Easter Bunny exploring the Barrosa two years back. Such a little cutie! 💞 🐰

R I D E T H E R A N G E 🚲 Best of luck to @k1eronsm1th doing the 100 Mile Ride in today’s Ride the Range event!

House Hunting 🏡 The hunt for a new little rental house in Toowoomba has started and we’ve already found our new fav coffee ☕️ shop @groundupespresso - we’ll definitely be popping back for a spot of breakky soon. Lottie loves the little banana 🍌 couch we were all sitting on in this photo - although overall she seemed more interested in making sure she didn’t miss any calls from Peppa Pig 🐷 House Hunting with a toddler in tow is not recommended: she just didn’t get why she couldn’t take her duck umbrella (swipe left to see) into the viewings 😏😂

I C E C R E A M 🍦She has definitely developed her Mummy’s love of the good stuff. Poor thing was so disappointed to realise it wasn’t actually icecream 🤣

K O A L A 🐨

S E N D H E L P 😳 Lottie’s new favourite place to fall asleep. That is, after she’s completely destroyed her room 3 times, covered the carpet in sudacrem, removed her pants 👖 and driven her Mummy totally insane.

Weekend burns around the driveway again with Frankie 😍😍💞 @bmwau

Daddy’s little copycat or is it the other way around 😍😂

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