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Danielle Smith  Reading, CrossFit, Life & insanity. All with the help of my 2 crazy kiddos. In my spare time I'm a literary agent/owner at Lupine Grove Creative.

So definitely not my favorite pic of myself, but those scores...I'm standing by those suckers. My first #crossfitopen complete! I've only been doing #crossfit for going on eight months and when I started I couldn't get through the @crossfitinferno warmup. In fact, I'm pretty sure @billgrundler thought I was going to die that very first workout day that I showed up and thought I could even attempt the Grundler Mile. Ha! Well, I've come a very long way. Today I knew I could RX those thrusters, but I'd never been able to do double unders. Thanks to the help of my great coach, Bill Grundler, and some awesome help from Savannah and Alan, I managed to get through not only one but 109 double unders for a total of 145 reps. Maybe I didn't finish, but it felt awesome to achieve such a great goal! Thank you to everyone for all your support and for continuing to be a part of this journey. I'm hooked! #crossfitforlife #17point5 #doubleunders #crossfitgirls #rise #riseup #bepresent

One of the best, most relaxing, energizing, renewing weekends I've had in a long time. Thank you so much to all of the incredible creative folks at @thewritingbarn this weekend for putting together this retreat and inviting me to be on the faculty. My heart and mind are full to bursting. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable, and for returning the favor...each and every one of you. Now go #rise ! ❀ #writers #kidlit #picturebooks #picturebook #childrensbooks

You know you've made it when the incredibly talented Jessixa Bagley (@jessixabagley) draws you as a #crossfitting hotdog lifting #books ! This illustration made my weekend. πŸ’™ Danielle "The Wolf" Smith πŸ’™ #kidlit #thewritingbarn #writers #retreat #crossfit #crossfitgirls #crossfitlife

So spoiled this weekend @thewritingbarn with so many incredible writers including this fabulous lady @kkdot. What a wonderful time being inspired by the likes of @jessixabagley & @sfrank0411. So much love. Shout out to @mwinne2 for connecting me. ❀ #thewritingbarn #writing #kidlit #retreat #austintx

Traveling, but there is always time for an incredible announcement months in the making. I'm over the moon for this new picture book deal for @deborahmarcero with Putnam editor Jennifer Besser, best known for her work on a little book called LAST STOP ON MARKET STREET. I'm so thrilled for Deborah! And couldn't be happier for her, she's a writer, illustrator, creator of the @lupinegrove logo and a cherished friend. I'm so so happy to see her career truly taking off in big ways. πŸ’™ And, there's more to come! #kidlit #kidlitart #childrensbooks #inajar #picturebook #illustrator

Did you know that 4am comes really quick when you head to bed at midnight? Wow. Attempting to make the trip to Austin, TX today with only my @kingkongapparel backpack this trip and I'm eager to see how it goes! Can't wait to get back to my old stomping grounds and see the beautiful bluebonnets that I hear are in bloom! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ #austin #jetplane #lovemywork #agentlife

Sometimes I'm hesitant to put so much of myself out there, I fear misinterpretation and judgement, but I also hope for the best in all. Above all I share my most transparent and honest self in hopes that it will reach another, connect, lift or help them to know that this road may at times seem lonely but it is not truly alone. These past few weeks I've been buried with work, life and pretty much every other thing that could pop up. You name it, it's happened in the last few weeks. I get the sense from a lot of friends in publishing that it's more busy than usual. I have so many thoughts on this, but the one that rises to the top is that we are all every one of us on a path toward creating good. There is a sense of urgency about getting goodness out in the world, especially for kids and for those that are seeking a better path. Because of this I think it naturally pushes us all to put our engines into overdrive. Is it sustainable? I'm not certain. What I do know though is that no matter how impossible it seems, I've always accomplished my goals when I've set out to do something with the support, love and drive of other creatives surrounding me. This past week I've been fortunate to be buoyed up not only by friends here local to me, but also by clients and fellow agents. Phone calls of support, direction, energy, love, encouragement, congratulations and more, to and from we have each helped one another. I'm forever grateful. I know this path still seems very long, I'm building a business one that I want to last and be truly successful in important ways, but it takes time and even at the finish line there will be another finish line. Yet, I can't wait to get there with each and every one of you. πŸ’™ #bepresent #riseup #rise #lupinegrovecreative #love #lovemywork #grateful #creative

What do I love more than the fact that Eden smashed her #17point4 #garagegames #crossfitopen workout? The look of pure joy on her face at the start of the workout. She loves every single minute of this; every day. Of course, I'm so proud of her, but I'm more thrilled that she's on a path to a lifetime of healthy living and moving. Not only that, a life of moving that she loves because despite getting to the end of these workouts and being wasted, hangry and ready to strike out at the person nearest with fury -- she truly does love and is honestly addicted to working out. Yay!! She has said, "if I could eat and workout all day life would be perfect!" Ha! Love it! #crossfitlife #crosfitgirls #crossfitkids #activekids #activegirls #bepresent #love #balance #crossfitinfernonipomo #crossfit #deadlifts #wallballs #rowing #pushups

Lest you all believe Alan is the only one in the family that can his request, from scratch chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Just don't ask me to decorate and actually make it look edible. Hahahaha! Happy Birthday Alan!! Love you to the moon and back! I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished this year! β€πŸŽ‚ #happybirthday #tastesbetterthanitlooks #chocolate #chocolatecake night out with this beast of a man to celebrate not only his birthday tomorrow, but also his slamming the heck out of #17point4 ! So proud of him for improving his score by 37 from last year! Now, time to enjoy a little #wolverine #logan action! β€πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ #crossfit #crossfitguys #crossfitgirls #happybirthday #datenight

Didn't wear your green today? T-bird has got yah covered. πŸ˜‰πŸ’šIt helps that it happens to be his favorite color. This dude was one happy lad this St. Patty's Day! πŸ€πŸ’š #stpatricksday #green

Poor Alan...I'm not quite there, but he better watch out! Ha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I'm so kidding, Alan's a beast! There's no way I'm catching up to his #Deadlift goal this year! #Repost @powerliftingmotivation #crossfit #crossfitgirls #crossfitinferno #deadliftsftw

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