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Danielle Smith  Reading, CrossFit, Life & insanity. All with the help of my 2 crazy kiddos. In my spare time I'm a literary agent/owner at Lupine Grove Creative.

One of the highlights of our trip to see my sister and hangout watching the #californiaregionals live was getting to see this sweet guy in person. Ozzy is gettin' up there and is just about the same age as Eden, which actually means he's great for cuddling and just generally lounging around. He's so lovable and just the absolute sweetest bulldog! It always takes Eden about three days to warm up to him and then we are just about to leave, which makes me so sad because he's really the best!! Here's his best lounging model pose...hahaha! #bulldogsofinstagram #bulldogs #englishbulldog #crossfit #crossfitregionals #regionals2017

The one and only Dane McLaughlin with Eden at #californiaregionals today! She had been dying to see him all weekend and wanted a picture with "her" athlete. Of course she was her usual shy self and could hardly ask him, even though she sees him every week in our box @crossfitinferno. She's star struck and so proud, we all are! Keep on rocking it @returnofdmac25!! You're making everyone at CrossFit Inferno and beyond proud!! #regionals2017 #crossfit #crossfitkids #girlswholift #crossfitregionals @crossfitgames

So grateful for this weekend and this time with my sister and her hubby. It was just what I needed...if not maybe just a bit more time. Love her and my other sister so so much. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #sisters

Eden catching a quick chat with her favorite #crossfit partner from back home @crossfitinferno @billgrundler at the CA #crossfitregionals this time with none other than his co-commentator for this Regionals @captamericaxfit! I don't know if she gets how big a deal it is that she just knows these guys and gets to meet them, but her dad and I are stoked that she loves #crossfit as much as she does. She said, "one day I'll be competing here won't I?" #loveit #competitor #crossfitkids @crossfitkids @crossfitgames @thedavecastro #girlswholift #junkbrands @doughnutsanddeadlifts #regionals2017 #californiaregionals

Sending all the good thoughts to the athletes competing today, but most of all those from @crossfitinferno! Go kill it #teamcrossfitinferno and @returnofdmac25! So proud of all the work they've put in! Fun to see them live and in action! #crossfit #crossfitregionals @crossfitgames

One of the benefits of road-tripping as opposed to flying...pit stops! Stopped in Santa Monica to try a new bakery, BSWEET, because well, come on when someone tells you there is an ice cream filled warm donut, red velvet bread or salt-caramel bread pudding do you pass up the opportunity to try it? NO. Just no. So yeah, macros...ummmm...oops. @bsweetdesserts #sogood #love #desserts #donuts #icecream #breadpudding #vacation #crossfit #crossfitregionals

My handsome lunch date. How did I get so lucky? Every Wednesday Alan and I meet at the same BBQ place here in SLO. We know the owner, they know us, we have a regular meal, it's perfect. Best of all is the company. ❀ #love #bepresent

BOOM!! πŸ’₯As @billgrundler said as I beat my previous deadlift PR by #50lbs to make it a #275lbsdeadlift @crossfitinferno! Also, look at @apsmith227 with a #deadliftpr at #465lbs! Today both the kids got PRs in their @crossfitkids class too with Jace getting #85lbs and Eden with a one armed #kettlebell deadlift at #53lbs @crossfitinfernonipomo! Yes, the Smith family is a DEADLIFT family! Haha! #loveit #crossfit #crossfitlife #crossfitgirls #crossfitfamily #girlswholift

Made it all the way out to my car, dropped the kids off at school, came back in to work and realized I had my #unicorn magnet stuck to my keys. This clearly means it's going to be a magical day, right?! #damnstraight #magicintheair #mondaymotivation #magical #wolves

Found after drive home post #wod @crossfitinferno with big thanks to the Birthday guy himself, @billgrundler! Eden has been super bummed about not being able to workout due to her fractured elbow but we made an exception today because it's the weekend and she could have time to recover. Bill was awesome and obliged by scaling the workout to accommodate her one arm and she rocked the one arm #dumbbellsnatch, #reverseburpees with #boxjumpovers and a #100mrun AMRAP with four full rounds! Oh, and did I fail to mention she also did an eight minute #tabata of sit-ups and #airsquats? This little athlete never ceases to amaze me! She loves it! And I love her example! Thank you to everyone at @crossfitinferno & @crossfitinfernonipomo for always cheering her on and encouraging her. Eden continues to love it in part because of your support. πŸ’–πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’– #crossfit @crossfitkids #crossfitkids #crossfitgirls #girlswholift

Why am I just now discovering Halsey? Seriously! This song. πŸ’œ There is something about music that has always stirred my soul and helped me remember who I am at my core. It's something I feel deeply and part of why I've played in bands, recorded albums, done the orchestra thing and the punk thing, all ends of the spectrum because music speaks to me when nothing else will. It will find what was once lost. When I might feel like I'm wandering without a place or time it grounds me in place. Much the way books take big feelings and shape them into words and sentences that help us feel less alone, music weaves a chord around those words and feelings - experiences, to make me feel whole. It's something for me that is both out-of-body and within. Maybe this all sounds a bit out there, but it grounds me, reminds me of who I am and what my goals are and most importantly to not get lost in the sweeping deep pull of so many demanding my time. #music #bepresent #rise #love #halsey #soul #meaning #purpose

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