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Danielle Smith  Reading, CrossFit, Life & insanity. All with the help of my 2 crazy kiddos. In my spare time I'm a literary agent/owner at Lupine Grove Creative.

Watching @billgrundler'S MASTER EXPERIENCE @precisioncrossfit as he doles out a wealth of knowledge about the world's largest growing group of athletes, the #mastersathlete. If you have the opportunity to hear Bill in person give this seminar DO IT! • • •
He talked in depth about his seminar with coach @mtromello & his brother and #crossfitgamesathlete @jamesgrundler on @breakingmuscle. And he's looking to come to more boxes across the country! Bring him to your box! • • •
#crossfit @crossfitgames #crossfitathlete #fitnesscompetition #mastersathlete #fitness #training #crossfitcoach #crossfitter #jamesgrundler #ageisjustanumber @crossfitinferno

Spots are still open for tomorrow's seminar! Join us and learn from a legend, @billgrundler! Excited for this and to see Bill share his years of experience and training for the benefit of Masters Athletes!

#Repost @breakingmuscle
Check out the podcast with @billgrundler, masters champion and coach, on The Masters Athlete Experience And A 2017 CrossFit Games Preview. Follow link in our bio
Bill is a beast at 48 years old and knows what it means to compete at the highest levels while dealing with the typical things that everyone deals with as they age
Bill will be holding a seminar @precisioncrossfit hosted by coach @mtromello. Tomorrow, Saturday, July 22, 2917, between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm
It’s a great opportunity to learn and train with Bill as he discusses topics such as aging, recovery, training for competitive athletes, general fitness, long term adjustments, and keeping the right mental mindset
#crossfit @crossfitgames #crossfitathlete #fitnesscompetition #mastersathlete #fitness #training #crossfitcoach #crossfitter #jamesgrundler #ageisjustanumber @crossfitinferno @mtromello

When @crossfitinfernonipomo kills your child and you decide it's a better photo op moment than a real concern. 😂💪🏼 #crossfitlife #crossfitkids #gothisdeadliftPR #deadliftsftw #deadlift #crossfit @crossfitinferno @changed_it_again #crossfit #kidswholift #hesreallyok

There are some stories and some people so near and dear to you that it's hard to speak about them. This book, MY HEART IS A COMPASS, and this author, Deborah Marcero, is one of those situations. Deborah has been with me for a very long time and this will be our ninth book sold together. Though it feels like we've worked together for minutes it also feels like we've always known each other. She is a delight. A rare soul and all who have the pleasure of working with and knowing her know what I'm talking about. This book took almost a year in revisions for it to come to this place of finally being announced to the world. So when someone tells you not to give up, to try something different, to look into the depths of your imagination and discover hidden gems, much the way her wonderful editor, Mary-Kate Gaudet did, than do it! Don't lose hope. Never do. So proud of Deborah and so grateful to Mary-Kate and Little Brown. You are all going to fall in love with this blue haired little girl come Fall 2018! 💙 #love #agentlife #lupinegrovecreative #bepresent #kidlit #kidlitart #kidsbooks #childrensbooks

Some days...
#justthis #life

Up early this morning to take Alan's parents to see the tide pools at Montana de Oro. They've been here all this week and have never been to see the tide pools before, so we knew we needed to go! We saw sea stars, sea urchins, crabs 🦀, muscles and so much more. It was so incredible! There was a wonderful state park representative who helped us to hold one of the sea urchins and talked to the kids about the different types of sea life living in the tide pools. Again, how did we get so fortunate to live somewhere so incredible?
On the way back, and perhaps as a payback for missing today's @crossfitinferno #WOD, the kids traded off having me carry them on my back on the trail back to the car. Talk about a workout! #greatday #ocean #bepresent #love

"FAKE NEWS!!" - Eden's basic response to this meltingly adorable photo I found of her three years ago at age five. Ha!! She didn't believe it could possibly be her, that small and different. But yes, it was indeed her.
How is it possible she's gotten so big before my eyes. Time really is fleeting. And no matter how present I might feel at times it still feels slippery, seeping through my hands more quickly than I can grasp it. For now though I will cherish what I have and remember that life is what we make of it. ❤️ #love #bepresent #life

Reminded of this from a new cover by @kinagrannis of one of my favorite songs from my high school years, THE MIDDLE by @jimmyeatworld. If you haven't heard either the cover or the original I highly encourage you listen to both!
Some times things feel like they aren't moving fast enough (or maybe that's just my emailing/typing ability?), maybe your friends are "doing better" than you, or possibly life is simply tough and feeling like it's falling apart. I have always found the lyrics to this song not only comforting, but encouraging. "It just takes some time
Little girl, you're in the middle of the ride
Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything will be all right"
Everything always does seem to work out and you know what? It doesn't need to be good enough for someone else, just good enough for you. What are you trying to reach for? Where are you trying to move forward to? Don't pay attention to the herd, focus on your goals and dreams and remember to be kind. Love. Be generous. Most of all, with yourself. Always. Be yourself. #love #bepresent #life #music #jimmyeatworld #kinagrannis #themiddle #enough #live #beyourself

Ash's preferred sleep position. Though usually his arms are sprawled out as well. Such a silly kitty. He's keeping me company as I catch up on a little work I missed during an afternoon nap to knock out a sudden migraine which is thankfully gone. I'm grateful for the company. 💖 #kittens #agentlife

The kids, back from a picnic with grandma, found the kittens new hiding spot under mom and dad's bed. Wonder why the kittens might go under there... 🙄😹 #kittens, Ash, this really isn't a helpful place for you to sleep while I work. I know you just love that we're back after a day away, but this is really less effective for my work. #kittens #agentlife

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