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Danielle Smith  Reading, CrossFit, Life & insanity. All with the help of my 2 crazy kiddos. In my spare time I'm a literary agent/owner at Lupine Grove Creative.

A morning filled with all the things my heart needed...a dear friend, warm drinks, chocolate and good conversation. So grateful. Thank you @asab204 for this morning and your friendship. πŸ’™β˜•οΈ #love #friendship #bepresent @libertinecoffeebar

Putting spring break week behind me and laying down a fresh week ahead full of unknown goodness. I'm not necessarily one for clean slates or 'starting on a Monday' kind of deal, but I do love having goals and things to shoot for. This week with a kiddo needing a tooth removed I could easily look at a number of scenarios where I may not get much done for at least a day or two, but instead I've recently picked up a new task list system to help me keep track of what items are high/low priority as well as those just general to-do's. I used to be much more effective at doing things like this and it really helped me feel much more accomplished. Generally just looking forward to being more productive and kicking ass and taking names...Who else is with me? ・・・・・・・・・#Repost @huntinglouise
Monday hustle.. ✌🏻

For some reason this tree always reminds me of the one in the movie What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams. Tonight we took the kids for an evening picnic at Lopez Lake and despite freezing winds, my mind kept going back to this tree and the movie. In my life I've lost far too many loved ones and those not too far from me at their own hands. When I think back on this movie and all it was about, the main actor and his life struggle, and now reflecting on those I care for deeply, I can't help but wish there was more I could do.
I know that nearly everyone's immediate response will be, "but there isn't more you could have done. You did everything you could. It was their choice." But I don't know that that is always the most comforting thing to say when so much of my heart simply wants/ed to take that lonely empty feeling away from them. To take the pain on myself. To be with them. To sit with them. Now as I embark on a journey into the unknown with my own daughter who is now struggling with her own depression I can't help but sit with these things, ponder them, stir with them and let my soul wonder on what could and might be. Life is so precious, so fleeting, so joyous, so heartbreaking and fulfilling. Let us not forget to take moments to cherish the small quiet times where we can 'just be' with one another and care for each other's hearts. ❀ #justbe #enough #love #bepresent #depression #twloha #whatdreamsmaycome #trees #heart #loss #lopezlake

What craziness Eden got herself into today... replicating the most recent edition of #Snappsy πŸ’š Quoting her, "Its not my best work, but it'll do." Ha! This girl and her creativity never ceases to astound me. She's incredible! Also, love this book so much! I cannot wait to have everyone read it! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š #picturebook #kidlit #kidlitart #kidsbooks #kidart #creative #creativekids #love

Playing on repeat currently...Paper Hearts feat. Bailey Jehl by Silver Trees. Some times, no most times a song and music speaks for me better than I can myself. #paperhearts #silvertrees #music #story #heart #love #soul #broken

And then this happened...seriously?! Spring break. I took a 45 minute conference call for work and during that time they broke a bowl and made this contraption which consists of melted chocolate chips, chopped up peeps and my madeleine pan. Alan found it in the freezer just shortly after arriving home. Now the real question is...will I survive the week or become a chopped up peep frozen in chocolate? 🐰🍫 #ack #imagination #creative #creativekids #springbreak #peeps

As one does on spring break...we are playing Jace's CLUE which he created this morning. Some new and old characters as well as new and old rooms/weapons. Both kids made their own boards and versions, I'm so impressed with the creativity! #cluegame #springbreak #creativekids #creativity #imagination #bepresent

Love this. Happy Easter everyone! #Repost @wodordieapparel
"He who has God and everything else has nothing more than he who has God only". -- C.S. Lewis

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

Please don't tell my required large amounts of ice cream. I rarely do this anymore, but the struggle to overcome emotional eating is something I don't think will ever go away. Today I feel spent from head to toe. There are things I want desperately to heal, care for and repair in the world. People I want to feel love fully and deeply, hearts that need a reminder that hope and light remain tucked away waiting to be discovered and nurtured again. Beyond that, kiddos, work, life and more. Today was a rest day from #crossfit and that doesn't typically mean bowls of ice cream, but boy am I grateful for rest days some times.

Back to the #grind...both #agentlife and #crossfitlife. My weekend in WA was a whirlwind, but filled with moments of brilliance, LIGHT, creativity and hope. It was just what I needed to dig out of this pile of emails...hahaha! If you don't hear from me in a few hours or days someone please throw me a life raft or maybe some food? Ha! Here goes nothing! Also, great is Eden's #frontsquat getting?! She's now up to a #55lb PR and climbing, just working getting a bit better on her depth. So proud of this Littlebug!! #crossfitkids #crosfitgirls #crossfit #kidlit #childrensbooks #books #workfromhome #dailygrind #love #lovemywork

Oh California, how you spoil me this time of year...#strawberries are one of my favorite treats. Honestly I could eat flats and flats, but my stomach would not be happy (or Eden for that matter HA!!). For now, I'll sit back enjoy the simply delicious beauty of these delightful treats. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ #strawberry #strawberryseason #favoritefood

It's not everyday that you get the opportunity to sit down for over an hour and have an incredible thoughtful and insightful conversation with none other than Kazu Kibuishi @boltcity, author and illustrator of the AMULET series among other many great books. So grateful to the @scbwiwwa for bringing me out to Seattle and giving me the opportunity to meet so many talented creative people and have these phenomenal important conversations because as I was quoted earlier saying... "Writing for children is a huge should be something that you feel deeply." #scbwiwwa17 #kidlit #kidlitart #reading #amulet #amuletseries #kidsbooks #graphicnovel #agentlife

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