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The World Inside Number 27  Chloe▪️25 year old obsessed with my little 1 bed apartment◾️Moved in August 2014▪️Living in my little bubble in Peterborough, Cambs▪️

\\.Let It Glow.// \\.Day 13.// I’ve got a few nights to myself this week with the OH away for various festivities so the Christmas decorations are twinkling and I’ve tripped up totally with the diet and fallen flat on my face into a pizza...oops! So here’s my pretty little contribution to today’s #myhousethismonth

\\.Pretty lights.// How gorgeous are the decorations at our local shopping centre?! So twinkly!! ✨

\\.Chair.// \\.Day 12.// We had to sacrifice our table and chairs in order to have space for the Christmas tree so December has been spent eating from our laps. But at 4 foot nothing I need a chair close to hand for when James isn’t around which means that when I’m not reaching for the top shelf, it can be used as a pretty little Christmas display. #myhousethismonth

\\.Starts with a ‘D’.// \\.Day 11.// Dressing table!!!! So wine on the table at last nights Christmas meal meant that all thoughts of yesterday’s #myhousethismonth went out of the window when I got home.....oops!! It may be a few hours late to the party but here’s my little glam station. I love this dressing table as the top lifts up to reveal the mirror and a secret storage compartment but as it gets hidden away, it spends 98% of the time a smeary powdered makeup destruction site so I’ll just show you the exterior this time.

\\.Cushion Crush.// \\.Day 10.// I love that this weather means I can keep this pegboard caption for a while longer. We never get snow here so it’s been super exciting to spend the morning out in it acting like children. All the excitement has worn me out though so I can’t wait to climb into bed before a crazy busy week.....hairdressing life is a cut/sleep/repeat loop this time of year!! So before I throw this lovely lot on the floor and climb in, I thought I’d better get my shot for today’s #myhousethismonth Ok Monday....let’s be having you!

\\.Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.// I was going to get a wicker base and then I thought about a faux fur rug and I even went hunting for mirrored disco balls....but finally I settled for the faithful good old fashioned gifts under the Christmas tree and after a morning in the snow and an afternoon wrapping *some* of the presents (so many more to go!!!) I’m feeling even more Christmassy than I ever thought possible! Hurry up Santa!!!!

\\.Bathroom details.// \\.Day 9.// Because if you have to climb into your bath to get the shot for #myhousethismonth then you do it 💁🏼‍♀️

\\.Candle.// \\.Day 8.// The number of candles at Number 27 *almost* exceeds the number of fairy lights we’ve got going on. Here’s my newest Christmas addition....Olly the festive owl. Perched happily next to my festive candles....so much festivity!!! So now I’m just waiting for the 6 foot of snow to come in on Sunday. If it’s just a pathetic sprinkling I am not going to be happy...we rarely get any decent amount of snow in Peterborough but the Met Office has got my hopes up with their predictions (that I’m checking hourly!!) ❄️❄️❄️ here’s my entry for today’s #myhousethismonth

\\.Vase.// \\.Day 7.// A week deep into #myhousethismonth already! I’m well aware that fairy lights seem to be the main focus point of my posts these past few days but it’s December and so fairy lights seem to be the main focus of my life right now! And what better way to display them than in this cute little glass vase?! Bring on the next electricity bill!

\\.Reflection.// \\.Day 6.// Aren’t my shiny baubles pretty?! I’ve got so many fairy lights scattered across the apartment that there’s reflections wherever I turn and I’m not going to lie, I like it a lot! So here’s today’s #myhousethismonth from Number 27.

\\.Pom-poms!!.// How have I only just discovered that paper pom-poms make life so much better?! Best £1.50 of my life! These will now be an unashamedly regular insta prop...I’d apologise in advance but I’m unashamed 💁🏼‍♀️

\\.Green.// \\.Day 5.// Ten green bottles sitting on the bath (ok so one but who’s really counting?!) 🌿 I debated a Christmas tree reveal for today’s #myhousethismonth but today is protect ‘dress the underneath’ and I know once it’s finished I’ll bombard insta with tree posts. So I thought for now I’d mix it up and step away from Christmas and show my little bathtub set up. I’m off for a girly day of shopping today and I’ve finished all my Christmas gift list so wish my credit card good luck! *I do not need new clothes, I do not need new candles and I definitely do not need any new plants....and repeat*

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