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The World Inside Number 27  25 year old blonde, obsessed with my little 1 bed apartment▪️Moved in August 2014▪️Living in my little bubble in Peterborough, Cambs▪️Chloe & James

I saved this spikey fella and his 4 little offspring from a life of peril in my parents window sill....he was all curled up with dangerously purple/brown withered leaves but after a few months living at Number 27 we're very nearly back to full health for all 5.....so much so that I really don't want to hand him and the little ones back! In other news we had our first stew (with dumplings....obviously!) of the year tonight. That's what dark Sunday nights are for isn't it....food and your favourite people. Happy Sunday!!

My favourite thing about city living? The cathedral bells on a sunny Sunday morning. How can you not be happy when you're waking up to this beautiful music?!

Today is the last of my 10 days annual leave and it's been super productive. Washing powder has been sprinkled like fairy dust and @lovezoflora has been thrown around like holy water at a baptism. I love it when you can sit down and EVERYTHING is done! And I've somehow squeezed in a conditioning treatment on my hair and multiple phone calls chasing up various boring subjects. Can you believe I started the remortgage procedure in July and I'm still waiting for completion....I don't remember it being so complicated the first time around! So as it's grey and miserable outside and I don't fancy venturing too far, I'm going to sit down with a celebratory cuppa and watch trashy tv before hyping myself up for my return to work tomorrow.

Oh no spiders, not this year! I've been on the hunt for a conker tree ever since our first giant beast of the year crept into the wrong side of the walls at Number 27 a couple of weeks ago. So after visiting the beach with a school friend today, we were driving through our childhood village when I remembered the huge horse chestnut tree we used to forage from as children that stood in the middle of little old Elm. I'm not ashamed to say I stopped the car in the road, left said friend sat inside and went on the hunt with bag in hand....and explained my intentions to a passing dog walker that found it amusing. I'm taking no risks this year.....I might go back tomorrow to fill it to the top.....maybe even fill the glass flower vase while I'm at it! 😜

How absolutely gorgeous has this weather been today?! Just when I'd switched the heating on and thought the flip flops and sunnies were going into hibernation and I've spent the afternoon at Rutland Water worrying my arms are burning! In other news I nipped into Aldi on the way home from the gym (first time in weeks....I am going to hurt tomorrow!!!!) in search of number 1 and 2 of their reed diffusers. Unfortunately to no avail (I KNEW I should have picked up 1 when I first saw it!!) so you can understand my total confusion when I saw a lone number 4 sat on the shelf......I blinked to check it wasn't a mirage/reminder to probably wear my glasses more often, had a *subtle* glance around to check it wasn't some kind of sick joke, slid it into the basket and shimmied on off to the tills, all the while wondering if this was going to be a rerun of the time my brother got our sister a faeces scented candle as a joke Christmas gift. (It was worse than you could ever imagine!!) I'm yet to open it and check the smell as I've seen no mention of English Freesia and Pear anywhere and I'm still afraid it may be a dud with it being the only one sat there.....times like these show me I am most definitely a sheep as opposed to a shepherd 🙈 I've also got to do it on the sneak to avoid a deja vu debate with the OH regarding the overpowering smells that are making him feel ill.....oops!

New PJ's, bubbles in the bath, bubbles in the glass and the heating is officially on....all kinds of chills going on at Number 27 tonight.

Thanks for the #widn tag @primrosecottage_ How frustrating that you can't keep your little find! It's always fun picking out the news things though isn't it! I'm just sat enjoying how wintery these cosy evenings feel. I've got the candles lit, the curtains drawn and a cuppa perched on my knee....bliss!! (I won't shatter the illusion by admitting I'm being forced to watch old boxing videos from at least the 90's on YouTube and willing the OH to fall asleep so I can pry the remote from his hand.) How's your evenings going @haven.cottage @ourchurchrenovation @project_20__

It's not normal how excited this kettle makes me. Kettles have been a topic of discussion at Number 27 as I continue to wage war on the battle of limescale (yes I've seen the little wire balls and believe me....I am trying to hunt one down!) The OH is of the opinion that we'd be better to buy a cheapy £5 Tesco bargain that we can just throw away every few months so you can imagine my horror as I fear for my beloved DeLonghi's safety. But then I saw this little fella and fell in love. Another @bm_stores bargain and with the B&M price tag I won't mind if I need to replace it every few months! (Although hopefully the wire ball will secure its place on the hob) Tea anybody??? ☕️

So I'm basically ready for Christmas now (this is not true.....I'm one of those 'Christmas doesn't exist until it's December' people but I did however pick up the first Christmas gift of the year this week so I feel like I can pretend to be organised.)

I got me one....well actually it's 3. I've heard number 1 doesn't smell the greatest and they didn't have 2 so I stood studying the boxes deciding whether to risk getting 1 and stinking the apartment out just before the OH's mum arrives tomorrow, didn't want to risk it, got home and instantly regretted the chicken move. So tomorrow no doubt I'll be heading of to another one of our three Aldi stores in the city to track down 1 and 2......this is normal right?!

Thanks for the #widn @inside_house_of_b I hope there's been no more soggy dog walks today for you....looks like summer is officially over doesn't it! After my car park faux pas this morning and failed shopping trip, I've had a productive afternoon of a Sunday roast at the parents house with my sister who was home for the weekend from London, followed by 4 loads of washing (does anyone else feel completely victorious when the wash basket is empty...it's such a rare phenomenon!!) and all the boring Sunday chores. I'm now tucked up on the sofa with my blanket catching up on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls smug in the knowledge that I only have tomorrow's alarm to battle and then I'm off work for 10 whole days! How is your Sunday evening going @home.of.four @bradyhome11 @myflatmyhome

I went out to get some bread rolls for our sausage sarnies at 10am this morning and after I came out of the supermarket I stood for a good while panicking that although my car was clearly locking and unlocking, my drivers door was not opening.....I locked and unlocked, locked and unlocked and could hear the mechanisms clear as day but the door was jammed. Then I noticed the parking ticket on the dashboard that I had not paid for (naughty) and realised my car was 2 spaces down and I was trying to get into someone else's white fiesta. And that's pretty much how my day continued.....unsuccessful shopping trips and grey skies. There's only one way to sort it.....to head off for a roast at my parents. (Let's hope I don't break down/hit a pheasant on the way!) P.s. I LOVE this Ikea spotlight lamp. It's a perfect addition to my ladder shelf.

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