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Stephen Smith  I'm a Christian, Actor, Voice actor. My profile's dedicated to posting/reposting pics of beautiful things, and my fascination with yoga/contortionists

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I've only known of her profile for a short while, but to know it...is to love it. Case in point: see the picture.

Regrann from @jl.yoga - ✌️ #casualfriday 🌼
Happy Friday everyone!

If you've followed me for a few months now, then you already know how I feel about @nazaret and her work.
I'm sure you can guess after seeing this photo, that my opinion hasn't changed.

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Regrann from @nazaret - The way to the sea.

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I always tend to fight myself when I want to repost from Taylor's profile, because I'm so addicted to it AND her gorgeous spirit/personality, that I'm always afraid I might wind up reposting literally EVERYTHING she posts, lol! And I'M NOT KIDDING!
She's an ASTOUNDING natural athlete, with an incredible ability to take on the most IMPOSSIBLE poses.
More importantly, she cares about her followers, always relating her lessons learned from her health issues
to them in case they can benefit from her.
She can also do yoga on water...which means she has supernatural powers.

Regrann from @taylor_munholland - Embrace the magic of our world ↠ The Big Island of Hawaii 🌞 #Wanderlusting Wearing @miramarswim 🍑

What an awesome shot, from the model to the background.

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Regrann from @redhead.yogini - ¡ATRÉVETE! Las cosas increíbles están fuera de tu zona de confort.
Fotógrafo: @difredcolina
Lugar: Distribuidor La Araña.
Pantalones de: @iogy_yogapants
Mención especial: @jmalejandro
#yogavenezuela #instalovenezuela #yogacaracas #yogagirl #elnacionalweb

OK, I guess it's obvious now, that @ellegrover is EASILY one of my favorite places to go to when I want to see some mind-blowing physical poetry. It seems like I'm ALWAYS reposting from her page... ... but she's just so TALENTED.

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Regrann from @ellegrover - Dreaming in yoga ✨😊
#loveandalliscoming #onebreathatatime #yogaphotography standing #grasshopperpose

One of my new favorite profiles; and her poses look so effortless. She makes it all look so...FUN. I believe you can even see the JOY in her face when posing.

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Regrann from @gabriella.dondero - Flying through the week and through your feeds like.... 💫🧚🏼‍♀️🦅🕊 #isitfridayyet

Got ups in my @aloyoga

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Regrann from @arnarkristjans_photography - The endless search highlighted by the moon #iceland #highlands
@beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography


Just when I thought there was a limit to what the human body could do... Visit and follow @khongoroo5

Regrann from @khongoroo5 -

Visit and follow @bensimonrehn ... ...as if this picture wasn't already commanding you to do that, anyway.

Regrann from @bensimonrehn - The lonesome fall hikes. #iceland #alphaaddicted

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