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The Sean Ward Show #movieclub #deadpool 2 edition! This movie was awesome. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was hilarious and anywhere I thought it was about to suffer from sequel-itis, it instead delivers surprises and thrills. The focus is on the comedy even more than the first one and that’s one of the reasons it’s awesome. You wouldn’t have thought this would be the one that delivers the most sympathetic and relatable villain since Black Panther, but here we are. I think this is going to a great one for re-watching, and will spawn a bajillion memes. Thank you to my awesome show family!

It's finally here! Our #avengers #infinitywar EPIC PARODY MOVIE. This one is the biggest we've ever done at over 12 minutes! Share this image for an extra entry in our big giveawayWatch it all to the end for your chance to win a huge prize pack including a $100 gift card to @fandango (U.S.) or @cineplexmovies (Canada) plus a Sean Ward Show t-shirt shirt and swag pack. THANK you so much to everyone who took part in making this video! It was more hours than we've spent on any of these and I hope that YOU, the fan reading this, think it was worth it. LINK IN BIO

Just a couple days away before we drop our HUGE Avengers Infinity War Parody video!
In the meantime, here is an outtake of Thor and Rocket hanging out!
Maker sure you subscribe to The Sean Ward Show on YouTube for a TON of epic superhero parodies!! Thor is @comikonrad
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Our first video shoot in our new studio is our #avengers #InfinityWar parody video! It’s in the editing room right now and it’s definitely going to be the longest and biggest video we’ve ever done. We have a cast of 19 for this one, and still didn’t get to all of the characters! Here’s me with @comikonrad as Thor and the vivacious Ms. Terry Lee as Mantis! Video coming this weekend!

(Half) the gang's all here for our epic Infinity War Parody shoot! You're not gonna believe this video when you see it! Our biggest cast gathering yet! If you haven't subscribed to The Sean Ward Show on YouTube, DO IT NOW!
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THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! But now is the walking on eggshells to avoid spoiling it for anyone else! Well screw it... anyone here would have seen it already so let us know what part you want us to include in our Epic Parody Movie coming Friday May 11!!!

#avengers #infinitywar was hype! Such an insane amount of visuals, and it was crazy how they were able to go deep with the themes and the action with so many characters, only because they’ve done so much hard work developing all the characters across a bunch of different movies. I need to see it again ASAP both to absorb it all, and to get it all straight so we can get to work on our Epic Parody Movie. Thanks again to the whole #TeamSuperFunny crew and extended family for making this all possible!

#icymi Spider-Man and Lady Deadpool went out to talk all things #infinitywar and #deadpool2 in our most recent video. Huge #SpiderVerse video coming this weekend! Watch Spider-Man vs Lady Deadpool - Link in bio!!

Check out the new SPIDER-MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA suits by @opposuits !!! Here’s @seanward and @leehoward_art trying them on and coming up with ideas for a video. Watch for us wearing these and the whole line of @marvel suits on The Sean Ward Show and on our 2018 comic con tour! Next stop: @megaconorlando

SPIDER-MAN and LADY DEADPOOL are back together, just in time for Deadpool 2. The new video is live on our channel right now! We’re giving away a prize pack at the end, just let us know where Spidey and Lady D should go on their next date. The always brilliant @makenziesmith and @iammarriott star in a video by @seanward !!! Link in bio...

When real life and real life superhero movies collide! The power couple of the century is back together in this week’s new video. Watch for the link tomorrow to see @iammarriott and @makenziesmith in a new video by @seanward when Spider-Man and Lady Deadpool return... #youtube #superhero #cosplay #deadpool #spiderman

This Day in #superhero history - On this day in 1938, #superman makes his debut in Action Comics #1 @dccomics #dc #comics #cosplay

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