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I wanna live in a world where women dish out compliments daily with the same enthusiasm they have on a Saturday when they are drunk in the club bathroom. #35mm #contaxt3 #filmphotography 📸 @son.of.garry

Everyone close your damn eyes - It’s a woman’s body on your timeline 🙃 #35mm #filmphotography #contaxt3 📸 @son.of.garry

Over the fence and through the trash to the abandoned resort we go. I will never know why I’m obsessed with sneaking in to abandoned buildings. #35mm #filmphotography #contaxt3 📸 by @son.of.garry

Find you a man that loves taking pictures of you as much as you love taking pictures of you. #35mm #filmphotography #contaxt3

#filmphotography Proud of myself because 30 minutes before we took these pictures I was browned out off the tequila and jamil was yelling at me cause it was our last night there and we didn’t get our nighttime beach pics. So yeah I pulled it together. Questionable application of the eyeliner but let’s not get in to the details. #35mm #contaxt3

When I was in Cancun someone said “Yo quería morderte el trasero”. I smiled at him cause I thought he was saying have a good birthday or some shit - turns out he was saying he wanted to bite my ass.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” -Jamil Owens #kiraswim

I thought my ass was gonna be sad as shit when I turned 28, but bitch, I feel good. ❤️ Happppppy birthday tooo meeeeeeeee 🎂

Watches ‘The Craft’ once.... 📸 @son.of.garry #35mm #filmphotography #contaxt3

Tagging @evanescenceofficial so they might consider this for their next album cover. Wish me luck, guys......lol.jk. #35mm #filmphotography #contaxt3 #artsofenigma

I wanna take a moment to thank the man upstairs for putting more effort in to my ass when he realized he forgot to give me boobies. Good looks, bro #35mm #filmphotography #contaxt3

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