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My ass exceeds the legal size and/or weight limit for these jeans.

Don't say shit about my swimsuit post cause I'm out here tryin real hard to get paid to travel.... or at least get photos for my sugar baby profile.

Don't do coke in the bathroom...
But y'all can do it off my friends ass
#35mm #filmphotography #contaxt2 📷@jamilowens_ @omweekend

When I travel I choose a different alias each day. This day I was Ms. Makenley Rae. Southern Belle, sorority sister, and lover of Mawmaw Ruth's sweet tea. #filmphotography #35mm 📷 @jamilowens_

You don't get a second chance with film. It took me 9 days to find out if this pic was gonna be a banger or not. #filmphotography #35mm #contaxt2 📷 @jamilowens_

30% of the people seeing me in this suit rolled their eyes the other 70% broke their necks. #siempregolden @siempregolden

If we're moving in the right direction, our obsessions with how we're perceived by others begins to trickle away. Instead of living in fear of what others might think - we live in celebration of who we are. More self love, y'all! #omweekend

HBD to this hot piece of ass. I'm so glad you decided to come up to me and let me know I have a nice ass cause then I decided if you got sweet compliments like that all the time we should probably date. Love you Bb ❤️ #35mm #filmphotography

In 2017 I decided to stop hoarding my money and travel more. So in 6 days I'll be double fisting rum punches in Mexico again. #minimaleanimale #cancun

The sexiest thing that happened that weekend wasn't these shades... it was a stripper letting me motorboat her boobs while she danced to pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard. #35mm #filmphotography

Happy birthday to the most down-to-have-a-good-time girl I have ever met. I appreciate you so much. I love you so much. Round two of the champagne showers at rhino room tomorrow?? actually I'm sure I already know your answer ❤❤❤❤🍾🍾

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