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The Naked Soul ✍  Welcome to my beautiful world of deep, calm thoughts. Food for your soul. Hugs for your heart 💗 Co-founder @travel.wanderlust.adventure

Our #ego (which is natural and present from our birth) always plays the #gameofwords in terms of superior/inferior. It is as much a survival machine as much material and #earthly.
Ego is the #motherofarrogance. It likes to pass judgment. It’s biased to the #self and critical of others. It sees merits in #selfdefects when there is none. Ego is our #blindspot.
The ego and #enlightenment can come to the same conclusion (in terms of words and remember, words have limitations) but with profoundly different consequences and meaning.
One is the state of #sleep while the other is the state of #awakening. It’s awaken-ing because it’s a continuous process.
We sleep. We awake. We sleep. We awake. Staying spiritually awake is our ultimate weapon to turn our ego into our dutiful servant.
#Namaste #nakedsoul #nakedthoughts #thoughtoftheday

First we must experience & embrace our path, our struggles, our pain, our bliss; only then, and afterwards, we qualify to speak about it. #nakedsoul #nakedthoughts #thenakedsoul #howtowrite #howtowriteabook

Where there is no #fear of #rejection, there is no fear of #judgment. If you own yourself and have a loving community behind you, you do not have to worry about how society in general would judge you. Judgment is a form of approval/rejection #tribalism. #nakedsoul #nakedthoughts #loveyourself #loveyourjob #lovewhatyoudo

Social media, real life, school, jobs, sports, career, writing, music, #gender, dress up, food, spirituality, anything...the best thing that you can do is empowering the “real you”. You are the best thing that has ever happened to you. Your originality is the only unique thing you posses and can perfect and share with the world. ❤️ #nakedsoul #originality #beyou #thoughtoftheday

Happiness is not found but cultivated. We are content when we are not counting or constantly comparing ourselves with others or what we have or not have. #thenakedsoul #nakedsoul

like a fantasy dream on a long night
all things are impermanent
all prosperous eventually decline
the proud do not endure for long
the mighty fall hard at last
all things are dust before a strong wind
-- The Naked Soul #nakedsoul

What do you think!

For this #Valentines Day, something to think about. ❤ @fiitness_daily Love you baby. You are my best friend! 🥂

Our time in Aruba 💑

Think about it. Sometimes what we need to do is the exactly opposite of how we feel. Don't feel like talking, then talk. Don't feel like going out of the house, go out. Feeling like hopeless, then go live, attend an event. Feeling like quitting then don't. Feeling a particular craving, then write about it instead of indulging. The list can go on but the truth and strategy is the same.

Do you like this? Me too. You are interested in..., me too. You like pink, me too. You want to travel the world, me too. You feel like you have known me from a past life, me too. You feel we have some connections, me too. You like me, me too. 💑 @fiitness_daily

You should never assume people need your help (unless they explicitly ask for help). Those who are in pain or need some help usually find a way to either ask or drop hints. Yet, do not push or force your solution to their problem. Do not assume your solution is the "best" for them. (Specially, if the receiver is not ready to receive help and feels uncomfortable with your proposal). They know their situation better.
Another thing is, unless someone truly wants to overcome their problems, you can't really help them. Help is offered with compassion and love. Genuine help is offered in the terms of the asker fitting to their timing and with their willingness.

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