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Haley Estes  #LDS-Police Wife-Mother of 5❤️ 💕- Lover of all things home and decorating #farmhouse 🏡

I love Chippy furniture and I cannot lie!! What I don’t love is Chippy furniture that keeps chipping 5 years after I painted it👎🏻!! I finally found the best top coat ever for fixing this problem I shared the whole process of sealing this piece and my new favorite furniture project in my bio link! Also quick update on Tristan’s appt! His appt went really well and he is cleared to resume regular activities. Unfortunately he has some extensive testing to still undergo and will start that in August. Several more scans of his spine were ordered at his appt. These tests will tell us if he has additional issues with his spinal cord and give us a some more information on damage caused by his tethered cord. He is in great spirits! Enjoying his first few days back to school this week and totally back to his happy self telling me all about his favorite dinosaurs and peokemon like it’s his job to know everything about both topics! I sure love him soo much! And I’m glad that his circumstances rarely ever get him down! We will keep on pushing forward! #spinalsurgery #baddaysdontlastforever #farmhousestyle #cottage #furniture #furnituremakeover #paintedfurniture #milkpaint #ourattitudeisourchoice #tetheredcord #tetheredspinalcord

My kids are back to school today! Seriously the fastest summer ever! Tomorrow we head up to Phoenix for Tristan’s post OP appt and then hopefully he will get to join his brother and sister Wednesday! I’m working on some cute girly prints after a board game and watching Pokémon with him! The babies are asleep and he’s enjoying the peace and quite as am I! ❤️ it’s been a good day! I hope yours has been wonderful as well! #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #livingroomdecor #cottagestyle #cottage #cottagedecor

I started reading “Girl wash your face” by @msrachelhollis this week! My biggest takeaway I gleaned from the first few chapters and that was to quit breaking promises I make to myself. I’ve been working on small things like making my bed every morning, nightly scripture study and actually kneeling on my floor to pray. Simple promises that I want to keep and often break. Her words have been so encouraging. If you’re looking for a pick me up and some beautiful motivation to change things in your life and work towards your goals I’d say this book is for you! I’ve been enjoying it on audible since that’s really the only way I consume books anymore! #dailymotivation #farmhouseflowers #farmhousedecor #cottagedecor #cottagestyle #summerdecor #diy

Dreaming of a day when I have a house of my own again to decorate and diy! I am sure there are many of you in a rental situation that can relate!! It’s taking everything in me not to paint and start putting holes in the walls here!! #someoneholdmeback! But in truth our rental is awesome and I know we really are so blessed! Learning lots of patience in this season of my life! I have however been dreaming up ways to make our front porch more inviting that’s rental friendly! I hope to start working on a fun diy for that next week when my kids go back to school! EEK how on earth is summer already over I swear if flew by faster than ever!!!! Check out my stories later today and I’ll share a cute diy with floral wrapping paper! #farmhousestyle #cottagestyle #farmhousedecor #romantichome #elegantliving

If you’ve been following my furniture painting series there is a new post and video all about chippy furniture and distressing! Also today on my stories I ashared how we’re getting into a groove at our house for summer! And my tips for managing having 5 kids at home and still working from home and keeping a clean house! #cleanhouse #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #furniturepainting #milkpaint #milkpaintedfurniture

Spilling the beans on how to get a chippy furniture look on the blog and YouTube today! We’ve had busy and fun first week of summer at our house! Just as I was heading out the door to Tristan’s weekly PT appt yesterday, we got a call from the neurosurgeons office and they had a cancelation and so unexpectedly we are on our way to Phoenix to meet with his new doctor right now. We could use some prayers that this appointment goes well! he was diagnosed with a tethered spinal cord a few weeks ago which I shared in my stories. Feeling very grateful to be getting into the neurosurgeon months sooner than we expected and anxious about what information we’ll learn from today! #paintedfurniture #chippypaint #chippyfurniture #milkpaint #furniture #furnituremakeover

The first time I painted a polyurethane top coat on anything I FAILED miserably! 😂 harsh brushstrokes and drips that dried in place! Thankfully I didn’t give up and those mistakes helped me figure out a lot of what not to do! I still wouldn’t consider myself an expert but if you would like to know some of my secrets to avoid the drips and brush strokes today’s post and video is for you! This also wraps up the first dresser in my intro to furniture series! Are you guys enjoying this series?! Next week we dive into he world of milk paint! one of my favorite mediums for so many reasons! #painted #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeover #furniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #chalkpaintedfurniture #chalkpaint #polyurethane

This was one of the first dressers I ever painted! I originally painted it in milk paint 4 years ago but it was time for a facelift and a new look to better suit my twin boys current room decor! If you want to learn how I tackled re-painting this piece I have a new post and video up sharing all of the painting process! #furniture #furnituremakeover #furniturepainting #chalkpaint #chalkpaintedfurniture

Documenting this moment with Hudson. If he is awake his hands are in his mouth 90% of the time 😂 also thank you so much for all the anti thumb sucking tips! The more I encourage his pacifier the less he goes for his thumb🎉 Let’s see who’s more persistent though! Also this darling blanket is from the shop @agreatbaby I cannot tell you how much I love it! From the customized name and fuzzie little chicks with blue eggs, to the amazing quality and silky soft texture! It’s one I plan on saving forever! And would be such a beautiful baby shower gift if you’re in need of something extra special! #babyessentials #babyboy #boymom

I’ve come to the conclusion that flowers are my favorite items to decorate with I needed a little somethin somethin for a dresser I was styling today. The neighbors tree is currently blooming over our fence into our yard. So naturally I did what any good neighbor would do and helped give it a little prune ✂️✂️and in the process a few yellow flowers may have just jumped into a vase and hopped onto my newly painted dresser! 🤷‍♀️#secretsout #farmhouseflowers #farmhousestyle

If you missed it my 3rd video & post went live last Thursday for my intro to furniture painting course sharing all my favorite tools and products I use to paint furniture. There are few unexpected items on there and why I love and or use each one! #howtopaintfurniture #furnituremakeover #furniturepainting

Our weekend just flew by! You too?!!!! I spent part of my Saturday editing videos, I sometimes wonder why I decided to do this series an intro to furniture painting, that will live on my website forever during a time when all my hair is falling out #postpartumhairloss and I certainly am still working on that post baby weight loss🤷‍♀️ I reflected on it while I got ready for church yesterday and realized you know, how often have I held back in life and in my business because I felt imperfect? Surly I'm not the only one? Waiting to really go for it because circumstances weren't ideal and I wish I were thinner😬 and at this point in my life without a balding hairline ❤️😂😂 Jesus loves me in all my imperfections, and my potential is not defined by my jean size or the clumps of hair that are falling out of my head!! I decided that instead of holding back and being embarrassed by these things to just accept and embrace them! Perhaps a year (or 5😉) from now I'll look at back at this time in life and lovingly miss that post-partum body of mine! The one that carried five babies and was up all night and then showed up and painted a crap ton of furniture and worked her booty off to share her love to create and teach, despite not being her best physical self❤️ #foodforthought #blogger #postpartumbody #livingmybestlife

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