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Be different! You will NEVER reach your maximum potential by imitating everyone else.
You are on Earth to do amazing things and you have to find your own path and be your own person in order to dominate!

Tag the most unique person you know and double tap if you're different.

You only have one life to live so what are you putting your time into?
Are you making your dreams come true or spending your time working for someone else and making theirs come true?

Now is the time for you to start chasing your dreams. You can do it.
Tag someone who needs to start now.
Like if you already started.

Climbing to the top takes 100% of everything you have.
90% is not enough. That's why you're not going to slack.
Wake up. Make today yours.
Tag someone who gives it all they have.
Like if you are giving 100%.

That's an important word to remember. You can either view something in your way as something just too big to overcome or as a challenge you will conquer.
How are you viewing those things standing in your way right now? Conquer them! Today could be the best day of your life... And so can tomorrow.
Double tap if you want to make today the best day of your life.
Tag someone who you wish a great day to.

"Anything the mind can conceive it can achieve." That's a very famous quote and it's very much true, so what is stopping you?

Today is the day you stop making excuses and start getting things done.
Today is the beginning to the rest of your life.
Double tap if you agree. Tag friends you want to bring along for the ride.

Nobody makes it to the top by themselves.
Make sure you pick those you surround yourself with carefully because they will make or break you.
Surround yourself with likeminded individuals with a hunger for success and you will have success yourself.
Double tap if you have a team.
Tag your team members!

What are you waiting for?

Now is YOUR moment. You've been sitting on the sidelines long enough and you know what needs to be done to take things to a whole new level.
Get up and make things happen TODAY. You can do this!

Double tap if you know you can make things happen.
Tag someone who inspires you.

An important aspect of success is achieving your goals.
Remember to set smaller goals so you can gradually see progress. Also, and perhaps more importantly, set goals way into the future to keep yourself on track and focused.
Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

Double tap if you're all about having goals.

Tag someone who has achieved their own milestones.

What's your passion? What do you focus on? The answer to these two questions will decide where you're heading in life.

While everyone else is focused on partying and watching TV you are going to focus on your goals. Let your passion drive you to change the world.

Hit the like button if you agree.

Tag someone who is focused on getting things done.

Always remember you have endless potential.
Not only do you have the abilities you already know about, but you also have abilities hidden within you that you will only find when tested!

Put yourself in uncomfortable positions so that you can grow. Don't shy away from any situation!

Tag someone with endless abilities.

Double tap if you are always growing.

People often view women as less able to run things.

They couldn't be further from the truth. Why? Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.

Don't forget that women are the rocks of every family and every corporation. Often times it's women who are able to lead the best and diffuse the most hostile situations.

Tag the women in your life who are BOSSES.

Double tap to show your appreciation for boss women.

Don't give up!

Some people focus on today. You won't. You're focused on the bigger picture. Success takes effort and time.
What if we could see how many people would have changed the world if they had just stuck with it another year, month, or day? YOUR success could be a few days away.

Double tap if you're not going to give up.
Tag someone who you know is going to make it!

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